Saturday May 16, 1998
Dynamo. Zurich, Switzerland.

Review by Sabine Bevers. Check out the setlist and photos.

Alison Shaw After a long journey and a lovely ride through a very warm Zurich (with Valerie who very kindly picked me and my friend up from the train station) , a long search for parking space and a walk, I arrived at the Dynamo, where Cranes were to play. A good meal (it was ravioli verde Val :), and a couple of drinks got me back on my sea legs before entering the club, where the audience were weaving their way in, trying to get used to a sauna-like heat inside.

The doors opened around 8:30 and it was quite a wait till the band hopped on stage. A support act would have done the trick nicely before the Cranes show started around 10:30. But as always, it was well worth the wait.

The show was excellent, and you could tell that people had really been looking forward to seeing Cranes on stage again. The place was packed (my guess is that there were about 250-300 people) and there was a good atmosphere in the audience. The Dynamo staff however, were less friendly.

Cranes played a set similar to the Population 4 tour which includes such favorites as Reverie, Jewel, To Be, Breeze, Let Go, Shining Road, Far Away and Adrift. After they had left the stage the audience started calling for Starblood and Paris and Rome.

A wonderful Tangled Up, Paris and Rome (a brilliant version of the song, thanks to Mark :), and Lilies were played as an encore. After the show Mark explained how that hilarious P&R happening had come about. He sort of went wrong with his keyboard bit because there hadn't been enough time to practice that song before they all went off to Switzerland. Half of the audience never noticed, whilst the other half looked very surprised before they laughed :). I bet that no one in the audience missed Jim's brilliant guitar bits in between songs either. (Where those connected in any way to his change of hair colour?) Some people were actually wondering if that were to be new Cranes tracks!

The band left once again and came back to play ...... and (yes indeed) Starblood came to an end with a lovely wrestling match between Mark and his guitar, while Alison, Jim and Manu were trying to make their way to the exit through clouds of smoke (not connected to the heat in any way).

Overall it was a great Cranes night yet again, everyone had enjoyed themselves (some had the stamina to do a bit of exercising on the gothic dance floor afterwards, some tried desperately to replenish their fluids) and people were already looking forward to another show and the chance to hear some new Cranes stuff. The night went by too fast, hopefully it won't be a long wait till the next one!

Thanks again Ali, Jim, Mark, Manu and Paul for a lovely evening. Do abuse that Gonk!

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