April 2, 1997
Starfish Room, Vancouver BC

Vancouver. April 2nd.

Review and photos by Andrew Nicholson. Check out the setlist.

Vancouver, BC - Rasputina started the show at about ten past ten. A fairly decent choice to open for the Cranes. Their sound being a bit dark and gothic, and most unique. The sound at the show was really decent from the audience point of view . It's pretty hard not to get a good sound at the starfish room, being as it is so small. Although, Alison mentioned to the crowd that she was having a hard time hearing anything from the monitors, and throughout most of the show she sang with a finger in her ear, unless she was playing her bass.

It was a very good turnout it seemed like the venue had hit capacity, although I have seen them really pack people in at new year's. I really enjoyed being in this audience. Everyone was really polite unlike some of the other shows I have seen at the Starfish. I didn't see people many people dancing though which was dissapointing. During the pause between the first set and the encore the audience was encouraged to applaud louder and louder. When the audience was found worthy of the Cranes return, Alison alone came onto stage and explained that they had broken a string on their only guitar and the rest of the band was backstage replacing it. Alison seemed a bit nervous being on stage all alone, but handled it very well, and said how nice it was to be back since the Cure shows a few years ago. She seemed extremely shy but was very gracious. I was lucky enough to get really close to the stage, thanks to a nice girl who helped me push through by telling people I was the official Cranes photographer. I was a bit embarrassed, but I think I got some nice pictures of the band.

After the show my friends and I waited outside to see if we could meet the band, after about twenty minutes my friends got really hungry and convinced me that if we went to get a slice of pizza we'd for sure be back in time to catch the Cranes coming out of the club. When we returned all I got to see was Jim getting on the bus and then driving away to the next town. Next time I'm leaving my friends at home.

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