March 31, 1997
The Bar and Grill, Salt Lake City UT

Review and photo by Ryan McCalmon. Check out the setlist.

cranes Salt Lake City, UT - This show was held at the Bar & Grill and was a 21 and over show. I, being only 20, wasn't sure I would be able to get in. I had talked to Lauren (the tour manager) at the Denver show and he had told me to show up for the SLC show at least an hour and a half early, so I showed up 2 hours early.

I pulled up to the bar and noticed the tour bus sitting outside. When I walked inside, there sat Alison reading a local paper while Jim was talking on the phone. I noticed Lauren so I walked over and we got everything cleared away with security at the bar so I could attend and review the show and take pictures. After that I hung around with the band for a while and watched the soundcheck. Took a few pictures. Alison went up and started doing vocal sound check. Even though she was having a hard time because she had a sore throat, she was still singing beautifully. They took a small break where she went and sat at the drum set so I walked up and asked if she minded if I got a picture of her sitting there. She was for it, so I snapped off a few.

After that, Rasputina came out and started getting ready to do their soundcheck. When I was talking to Melora (the singer), she seemed a bit worried about the tall slamdance wall they had in place in the front of the stage making it hard for the audience to see them play. Then they did thier soundcheck. In the end it all turned out pretty good. Even though it was a small venue it got really packed. Both bands put on a really good show. With it being a small venue the sound was really good and the audience got really into the show. Alison kept on smiling and laughing in surprise at the how much the audience was into the show. They played their standard set. I was having so much fun enjoying the music and singing along while taking pictures that I didn't get a chance to note what they played for the second encore for sure, but I believe it was Adoration.

During the show Steve, the drummer for Rasputina, was out in the audience, so I talked with him for a while. He mentioned that he used to drum for a band called Alice Donut. We talked for a second while I was loading another roll of film. At the end of the show, Mark stage dived into the crowd and then exited out the back door with the rest of the band. Alison and Jim went and got on the bus while Manu and Mark stayed around and hung out with the remainder of the audience. I have to admire Manu. He played excellent despite the fact that he was feeling so bad.

Even though I loved Denver, I would have to say I am biased in loving the show here more. The atmosphere was so much more intimate than in the large theatre they had in Denver. Alison just seemed in a really happy mood while she performed. I have to admit that Alison has the type of power that she can lift the audience with the power of her smile. It lifted my spirits everytime she turned and found me taking a picture and she would smile at me. I am still just too awestruck by the whole experience. I am sure that everyone that has seen them live will understand. And for those that have not, get out there and support this great band and be prepared to be amazed.

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