June 2, 1997
Nighttown. Rotterdam, Holland.

Review and photos by Sabine Bevers. Check out the setlist.

Scared Jim!! Rotterdam, Holland - Having arrived in Rotterdam after a long and very warm drive I decided to have a couple of drinks at the bar next to the basement where the Cranes would be playing that night. After a while I noticed that a table was being set for a group of people and the next thing I knew everyone was enjoying an Italian meal, prepared by an Italian pyromaniac cook (who tried to persuade me to try some of his spaghetti too).

Everyone was looking forward to the show, Jim was a bit tired and Mark was knackered and worried about his foot. Something happened to it during this tour when he was on stage on bare feet (and no, this did not involve any door kicking experiences, unlike a certain Frenchman we all know). A couple of aspirins did their job :). The band went off to prepare for the show and I went looking for the entrance to the basement. Four doors, all locked (?). I couldn't help but wonder how all those people that I'd seen outside got in. Anyway, I found another main entrance and entered the basement.

There was a band (about ten people) on stage, trying to entertain the audience. I noticed that Jim was doing their stage lights (he was wondering what buttons to push, with a big smile on his face), and when I asked him who they were afterwards he couldn't remember. I couldn't either...This band was somehow connected with a guy from Rotterdam who had done or did the Cranes lights.

Silkscreen came on. They did a good job tonight, and sounded different and a lot better than they did about a month ago! Unfortunately the audience sort of gave them a hard time. None the less, Silkscreen has enjoyed themselves during this tour; it being their first big tour ever.

Cranes had a good time on stage tonight, everyone was joking around, really enjoying themselves. During the first two songs the sound wasn't quite what it was supposed to be, but that was fixed soon enough. The place was quite packed, I guess that there were about 250 people there..quite a good turnout. The audience was really into the show, and Alison said that she actually recognized most of the faces up front from previous shows, and thanked everyone for their support. This was the reason why she decided to play some old songs and flushed the setlist down the toilet :). This is why every now and then there was a silence between the songs. Manu took care of this problem. At a certain point he decided that it was time to let the world know that he was 'slightly pissed'.

When there was no need for Manu to be on stage, during Tangled Up, the audience went really quiet (but a few people I should say) and Manu broke the silence shouting 'Alisooooooon, I love you!!'. It was hilarious and most people in the audience didn't know what to think of it. By the way; JOHN; Alison loves you ;).

Paul offered to take pictures for me on stage, unfortunately they didn't turn out, but still, thanks Paul!

Cloudless, Reverie, Jewel, To Be, Can't Get Free, Breeze, Let Go, On Top of the World, Shining Road, Angel Bell, Far Away, Adrift, Sixth Of May (!!), and Lilies were played. I hope I got everything, as there was no need to pay attention to the setlist anymore at a certain point, and afterwards everyone sort of had trouble remembering what they had played.

After the show Alison came out to talk to people and sign things. The place turned into a madhouse and I was happy to be able to escape and go backstage. Jim gave me a Tuuli tape (thanks Jim, & I like it Jen!), called 'Refried Teens'. Definitely worth a listen! Ali came back with a present (necklace) and we blabbed on about all sorts of things. The band were sorry to hear that some people did not get in at certain gigs, even though they were on the guestlist.

All of a sudden some Nighttown staff member decided that he wanted everyone to go, even though the stage wasn't cleared yet. We decided to move to the bar again and just when we came in, the staff was calling for last orders (!). Lovely. Nevertheless, we had a nice time and a couple of drinks till everyone really had to go. The band was driving off to France for their Bordeaux show. As this was the last show in Holland I couldn't help but feel a bit sad. A couple of days later I decided to drive off to France for the last gig.

Alison, Jim, Mark, Manu and Paul, thanks for a great time and wonderful shows! Hope to see you again soon.

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