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May 25th, 2004 Tuesday
Zurich, Switzerland

Shining Road
Light Song
Avenue A
Future Song
Flute Song
Vanishing Point
Far Away
Particles And Waves


Angel Bell

Review by Alex Pradervand

Zurich, Switzerland - After a 2hr drive, I finally arrived in Zurich. The weather was really nice with lots of people outside enjoying the sun. I found the venue quite easily as I've already been there a few years ago. I was the first one to enter the place which wasn't that cool because you always feel a little stupid. Anyway I got myself a beer and waited near the stage. Finally people started to arrive. Unfortunately the show wasn't sold out and there could have been some more people. I was a bit disappointed that such great musicians like Cranes can't gather a bigger crowd. The first show started a bit late to make sure everyone was inside and not sunbathing somewhere in the garden.

The opening band was cell division. A woman fronted band that played some classic gothic rock. The lead singer had some nice curled hair just like Alison but otherwise they had nothing in common. I didn't enjoy Cell Division's set very much: too much noise, not enough melody but a good attitude. The whole Cranes watched (part of) the show from the balcony or the merchandise store.

When Cell Division was done, I started to feel very excited. I knew that in a few minutes a Cranes concert would start. We had to wait 30 min but it was well worth it! They entered the stage, had one look at each other and "Everywhere" started! I don't exactly remember the setlist but I guess it was the same every night since they didn't have any sheet with them.

My favourite period being 1993/1994 I was delighted with the first songs ("Shining Road", "Loved"). It couldn't start any better. I missed "Reverie" but I guess you can't ask them to play everyone's favourite! Then they did some of the most recent songs, these from 'Future Songs' and from the new album 'Particles and Waves'. Everybody seemed to enjoy discovering the new songs live for the first time. Back to the past with two major classics: "Jewel" and "Far Away". Thank you for playing so many songs off Forever! After "Particle and Waves" they did the best version of "Lilies" I have ever heard. They put so much energy into it. Of course, then we all screamed for more and we had more! The first encore was amazing, another two favourites of everyone: "Cloudless" and "Adrift". It was very kind of The Cranes to come back for a second encore. I was surprised that they came back on stage (although I knew they still had to play "Adoration").

After the show, all the Cranes stayed to sign cds. Lots of people bought the latest cd and the live one. Both are not available in the shops in Switzerland. They were very friendly as usual. It was a pleasure talking with them again. It was one fabulous night, thanks a lot for coming!

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