WUK - Vieanna, Austria
October 23rd, 2002 Wednesday

Photos Copyright © Markus Unger 2002

Review by Markus Unger

In a time where pop music still grows more and more stupid through tv shows, casting events and dead-dull cover versions it feels good to know there are still bands out there who are 'real'. So I was really happy to hear that the Cranes would make their way to Vienna to introduce 'Future Songs' live. With about 120 people in Vienna's WUK I felt it was a quite intimate show (what Cranes-show wouldn't be?), almost the gathering for a secret conspirancy. The set varied calm and furious songs (as one would expect) and, compared to my former concerts (Munich 92, Munich 97), I had the feeling that the Cranes became 'surer' now. The idea with the light bulbs flickering on the stage is great.For the fotographers: it is mostly useless and ultimately nerving to use the flashlight all the time.

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