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June 5th, 2004 Saturday
Utrecht, Holland

Shining Road
Lights Song
Avenue A
Future Song
Flute Song
Vanishing Point
Far Away
Particles And Waves

Here Comes The Snow

E.G. Shining
Paris and Rome

Review by Sabine Bevers

Utrecht, Holland - We all congregated in the hotel restaurant for some quick hangover cures (many involving alcohol) before heading off for Utrecht. After trying to follow Ben's driving (Ben, meet Indicator, Indicator, Ben.) we arrived and set out to find the venue and a legal parking space. The venue was more concerned by their newly painted walls than their sound, which resulted in a looong soundcheck, especially for Stu (you rock) despite the sandals. Everyone missed Paddy's lighting as he left to see to Spiritualized in Macedonia and we left the soundcheck with spots in our eyes. Everyone was pretty worn out and concerned about the sound, so we all chilled out, snoozed and drank for a while.

Unfortunately, Carmen Rosa couldn't support Cranes on this night as the venue arranged their own support, a band called Greendive. The night was sold out and the venue was quite small and filled up quickly. Cranes came onstage at 9:30 with a strict curfew to stop at 11.

Despite the worries of the soundcheck, the band sounded great and was one of the best we saw in a long row of many shows. The crowd was fantastic all the way to the back and rightly so. Everyone really gave it their best and it showed. It was a perfect way to end the tour - everyone viewing it as the last night. The band squeezed in as many songs as possibly and finished right on curfew despite the crowd demanding more.

A DJ set began in the auditorium and in the bar where the band came out again to sign. Former member Mark Francombe attended the gig and was spotted signing a few posters.

The band had to get their gear out through the middle of a venue down a grape-sized passage way, so whille getting some air, we guarded the van while Ben confused the doorman. It was needless to all try to fit in to the shoebox sized dressing room, so after huddling in a dark corner (ie. cupboard) everyone spilled out to the bar. We took a few photos for ourselves, but after a while everyone took the opportunity and the photo session went on for some time. After trying to communicate for some time in a loud and messy bar we made our hour long goodbyes and made our way back home past the Miffy square.

Ben (Maureen: driving school) - keep spotting them ruffians/loons, I can get you ANYTHING!!! Stu (Flying Jesus) - keep the team in good shape til the dutch are back - all 5 of us muwahaha. Jon (spotlight hair) - you've passed the well ard drummin test even with them shortlegged tumbledried trousers. Jim (the mysterious acapulco travel agent) - the pidgeons will get there no worries. Paul (mafioso extraordinaire) - Halloween came early this year! Ali (mean cuppa maker) - well done, the cold didn't get the better of you! the bar was yours. Paddy (bagel fan) - you'd look so great in pink towelling. cheers for the recipe.

Thanks everyone. See ya soon.

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