All pictures photographed and edited by Marco Maas, Tilburg, Netherlands ©2002

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October 13th, 2002
Tilburg, Holland

To Be
Future Song
Flute Song
Shining Road
Far Away

E.G. Shining

Paris and Rome

Review by Sabine Bevers

Tilburg, Holland - On a very cold evening it was great to see that so many people from Holland (lots of familiar faces from the night before in Amsterdam), Belgium and Germany had travelled to see Cranes again. People waiting outside to go in enjoyed a lovely impromptu performance by (without doubt) a local. He gave us an interesting mix of Britney Spears on crack and any other songs he could come up with, hence his "hit me baby with your penguin". Tilburg certainly won't qualify as one of the more exciting places in Holland, but the very friendly 013 staff all made up for that.

Jim Shaw was admiring his own handyman skills after setting up the merchandising stand when we came in, and the shirts on display were excellent. Be you a skinny girl or an xl guy, there's something to be found for everyone! And don't miss out on obtaining your copy of the brilliant Submarine remix album.

Again there was no support act, but that didn't do any harm to the nice atmosphere in the venue. Just like in Amsterdam people were happy to see Cranes again, and I talked to some people who'd been following the band to every show they played, which was great.

Just before the show Jon Callender was spotted filming again (and "totally whack" Ben Baxter followed closely to comment, during which his finger got caught in a fan on stage, resulting in a perfect manicure, according to Ben that is). Shortly after, Cranes jumped on stage for another brilliant show. Old and new songs were played and, although there were a few minor hiccups with the sound, the audience really let their hair down. The band were visibly enjoying themselves, trying to escape from lightman Paddy's smoke canon (which was "accidentally" set off every time anyone came near it on the right hand side of the stage).

Songs played...cloudless, fragile, to be, everywhere, future song, submarine, flute song, sunrise, shining road, loved, lilies, jewel, far away, adrift (and again two encores.) Hearing the new songs played live just adds another layer to them, and they fit in so well with the older tracks.

After the show Alison came out to the merchandising stand to talk to fans and sign stuff, and the last "Future Songs" cd of this night was sold (not by auction, or to the most gorgeous girl as proposed by some band members). Afterwards Paul Smith came up with a lovely bottle of Tequila, Ben found some slices of lemon, and odd but lovely fake Margaritas were mixed, after deciding that cauliflower wasn't going to do anything for a good drink. Bottle openers were nowhere to be found and it was hilarious to witness the nifty (and most of the time not so effective) attempts to open bottles of beer. The next stop was the 013 bar, closing when we got there, after which the band said hello to (and thanked) all the volunteers working there.

A couple more drinks and convos later I heard about Jon and Ben's band Carmen Rosa, and got a copy of their excellent EP. I'm sure that you'll hear more about them soon! The rest of the evening has gone a bit blurry, Jim (who managed to get cokes all around from a closed bar) turned out to be a member of a very secret Intelligence department, Ben was seen looking through a pink comforter, Jon was photographed "en profile" and could smell the tequila, Paul was making sense amidst all this and Alison was looking forward to a well deserved rest after the start of the European tour. Photos were taken, goodbyes were said and the band went back to the UK the next day, to prepare for their shows in Vienna and Italy. See you soon, thanks for another lovely night!

Review by Sabine Bevers

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