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May 4th, 2002 Saturday
St. Louis, MO
The Galaxy

To Be
Shining Road
Future Song
Flute Song

Far Away

Angel Bell
Paris and Rome

Review by Glenys Ngaire McGhee / Mike Dare

St. Louis, MO - Both bands arrived late tonight, so fans were in for a slight wait to get in this show. The crowd waiting outside the Galaxy was a nice surprise and an interesting mix. Apparently it had a higher Goth count than previous shows, but not everybody was garbed out in black. It was heartening to see all the different people putting up with the rather authority-driven doorman. Definitely a lot of hardcore Cranes fans in attendance tonight too. Met quite a few people that traveled some long distances just to see this gig - Nashville, Kansas City, and Virginia to name a few. But the two guys in front us waiting in line took the cake. They drove 1,000 miles all the way from Orlando FL just to see the Cranes. Even the doorman checking id's looked at them like they were crazy.

The Galaxy, itself, is located in a warehouse district in a converted warehouse space. The stage set up is quite awkward, with two large support pillars on either side obstructing a good portion of the view from the back.

For Stars hit the stage around 8:30 pm and put on an admirable performance, with an impromptu lighting arrangement done by Jim Shaw himself. He did a good job working the lights despite his claims of utter cluelessness. Check out some photos from the For Stars set.

Cranes hit the stage shortly afterwards. They played well and the sound was appropriately noisy at times which only highlighted Alison's voice when she came through with no small amount of sincerity. They mainly stuck to the set list they'd been playing for much of the tour, with crowd pleasers like 'To Be', 'Jewel', and 'Lilies'. The insanity of 'To Be' live is something to see; it was the most energy-injecting song of the night. Unfortunately, though, 'Pale Blue Sky' was omitted from tonight's set.

Though it was a solid performance, it was probably not the Cranes' best show ever. But when one considers they haven't had a day off for awhile, and Jim and Jon were fighting the flu, it is understandable if the show was, perhaps, a little lacking in energy. All the same, they came across very well. We had two encores from them, despite some weariness, including the rarely played, but popular, 'Paris and Rome'. Before the encore, Ben came on stage alone and told everybody in the crowd to wish Ali a big happy birthday when the band came back out. Everybody gladly obliged, which brought a big smile from Ali as she walked back on stage.

After the gig, all band members came out to chat a little and mingle with fans. And to everybody's surprise, Jim and Ali's mum was in attendance tonight! I'm not sure there is a nicer lady on Earth. She was happy to regale us with stories about the Cranes and their fans. She told us the funny story of how she flew all the way out from England to surprise the band in Detroit a few nights earlier. Nobody knew she was coming. She waited at the hotel in Detroit before the show, and proceeded to shock/baffle each and every band member as they walked into the lobby and saw her. The flabbergasted expressions she described everybody had were hilarious.

So maybe not the best Cranes show performance wise tonight, but it was still a fun night for everybody. The backstage was more like a dungeon, decked with props the Galaxy keeps for their Monday fetish night. Jim gave everybody a good laugh while experimenting with some of the club's S&M and bondage equipment set up around the dressing room. What night - with Ali's birthday, Mummy Shaw in attendance, and S&M props - who can ask for more?

Review by Glenys Ngaire McGhee / Mike Dare

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