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May 9th, 2002 Thursday
Seattle, WA

to be
shining road
future song
flute song
pale blue sky

far away

Review by fuchsiagrl1

Seattle, WA - The perfect end to a wonderful evening. (That is until I found out that my car was locked in a parking garage, but thats another story.)

My first Cranes show ever in Seattle, a city over 1500 miles from my home in Phoenix. At 11:00 pm they finally took the stage. My heart was racing so fast that I thought I was going to have a panic attack. It was unreal to hear the first note come out of Ali's mouth. To have them standing in front of me was a dream.

To be honest, I think Ali was sick, because she could not stop coughing between lines and her voice seemed quite strained. As a result, the show did not take off until the evening's version of "To Be". After that point, she seemed to find her voice. One of the most intense moments of the show was the altered vocal patterns on "Lilies". Definitely much more passionate and aggressive, which presented the true mood of the song. Another high point was the intense version of "Adoration". Her voice was so sweet, and when the music kicks in toward the end, I was almost brought to tears.

Two encores made the crowd quite happy as well. Jim seemed to be in a little bit of an altered happy state (ie drunk). I could tell he was having fun up there. What I can say is that I was not at all disappointed with the setlist or their performance!

The best part came after the show, however. A guy from the club, Graceland, took my Jewel box set backstage to be signed by Jim and Ali. When he brought it back out, he said that they were shocked to see it. We waited around to see if they would come out, and before we knew it, out pops a drunken, happy Jim. I thanked him for signing my records, and he actually thanked me for having them. After exchanging nice words for a moment, he floated away to the next set of people that were waiting for him. A few minutes later, Ali came walking out, and I thanked her and got a picture with her. I thought my heart was going to beat out of my chest. So again, it was the perfect conclusion to my first Cranes show. Now my dilemma is getting my car out of the garage in time to make it to Vancouver tomorrow!!!

Review by fuchsiagrl1

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