August 9th, 2000 - Portugal
Arcos de Valdevez Festival

flute song
to be
future song
shining road
slide song
far away

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Photos Copyright © Francisco Cruz

Review by Francisco Cruz

It has been almost 8 years since my first Cranes experience (during The Cure’s 92 Wish Tour). Since then I've been an addict to their music and tried to collect everything I could from them. I always hoped they would play here in Portugal and when I read about the Arcos de Valdevez Festival on the news and on the net I was ecstatic to see that our moment had finally arrived.

I arrived at the festival just in time to see their soundcheck (don’t ask me how I managed that), so you can imagine what my feelings were. Especially when Ali looked at me, saw my Cranes T-shirt and waved. I stood there till they finished (they played a bit of “Cloudless” and “Everywhere”) then went to the backstage and asked Jim and Alison for their autographs. They were all very nice. We chatted a bit and they told me how they arrived the previous day and were very excited to finally come to Portugal.

I too couldn’t wait to see their show. I met some Cranes fans before the show (One of them was from England and during all set he just shouted “Inescapable”). Even though the Cranes were not the headling band that night, most of the people in attendance were there to see them. We were all looking forward for a perfect evening. The lights went out and someone introduced the band and the first sounds of “Cloudless” filled the atmosphere.

It set was a very good mix of old and new material. I especially enjoyed all the new songs (Slide Song being my favorite), so I can’t wait until the next album is out. Backstage after the show, Ali told me that she was a little nervous because of some initial technical problems. I asked about upcoming Cranes gigs, and she mentioned that the festival promoters intend to bring them back to play in Lisbon and Oporto soon. I told her that everyone wanted them to play longer tonight (I was personally hoping to hear “Paris and Rome”), but she told me that they were only allowed to play one hour for the festival. I asked Jim about his solo project and he told me that he has recorded some instrumental/orchestral music over the past few years and plans to release it soon, perhaps through the internet. I congratulated them for a perfect evening and went back home wondering if it all was a dream!

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