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May 17th, 2002 Friday
Phoenix, AZ
Big Fish Pub

to be
shining road
future song
flute song

angel bell

far away

paris and rome

Review by fuchsiagrl1

Phoenix, AZ - When we arrived at the club, I was surprised at how small and run down it looked compared to the other venues that Cranes played on this tour. When we pulled into the parking lot, I had a scramble of feelings and emotions running through me. I was excited, nervous, scared, and sad all at the same time. Knowing that this would be my last stop on the tour with them made me want to ball my head off. However, we knew we were on the guest list and that we were going to hang out with the band afterwards, so it was a bittersweet kind of thing. Before the show, we had quite a nice chat with Jon (the drummer) and Jim even came up to us and shook our hands, telling us that this would be the best show that we've seen. Imagine this in his English accent: "Not the posh gig from last night, but more the exclusive club gig." I was already floating by that point.

The band took the stage after what seemed like an eternity. Once again, they opened their set with "Cloudless", which mesmerized the crowd from the start. This small area was definitely a more intimate setting. The crowd seemed more enthusiastic than the previous shows, but maybe that's just due to the enclosed area, which seemed extremely loud. Whatever the case, they were certainly excited to be seeing Cranes again.

The show took off after they played the noisy "To Be", and "Everywhere" was a nice treat for everyone as well. Once again, Ali's altered vocal patterns on "Lilies" was powerful and amazing, but even cute at the same time. The best part came when they played "Reverie" again, at our request. Ali even said, "Here it is again", as the other band members all made eye contact with us. They are so humble and genuinely happy to see the fans enjoying themselves.

By far, the most emotional part for me was when they played "Adoration". The combination of the music and the vocals brought me to tears, which made me feel like a baby, but oh well. The intention of the music is to have an impact anyway. After huddling together on stage, they decided to play an encore, which included the song "Jewel". All I could think about was the fact that the song was very true for what was going on in my head at that time. I did not want my Cranes experience to ever end, but I knew that it was approaching too fast, and that also made me cry.

The evening did end on a very positive note, however. After the show, Jim invited us back to his hotel room for drinks. I got to play Ali's guitar in front of Jim!! It was so amazing to be sitting in Jim Shaw's hotel room, playing songs for his listening ears. It was so surreal!! Jim is such a fun and hilarious guy, and he's super nice as well!

After exchanging emails with the band, we finally left the hotel room with hearts full of fond memories and stories to tell our friends. It was thee perfect way to end our Cranes tour. Jim was right, it was the most memorable night of the tour for us. I miss them already.

Review by fuchsiagrl1

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