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April 28th, 2002 Sunday
New York City
The Knitting Factory

To Be
Shining Road
Future Song
Don't Wake Me Up
Flute Song
Pale Blue Sky

Far Away

Angel Bell
Paris and Rome

Review by Mike Dare

NY, NY - The 2nd NYC show of the weekend, and one of the "big gigs" of the tour. Not "big" as in the venue, but big as important for the band. As always in NYC, all eyes were watching - a lot of industry and media types would be in attendance. But after all was said and done, I don't think anybody left the club disappointed tonight.

Due to a prior commitment, I couldn't attend the previous night's gig, but from what I gathered talking to those who did attend both shows, Saturday night was good and Sunday was even better. Once again, a small venue with a seated balcony, and a good sized crowd in attendance. "14 tickets short of selling out" I believe is the number I heard. Not sure of the capacity of the Knitting Factory, but I think that puts attendance around 150 - 200 people. A lot of diehard fans too.

Things got started around 9pm. Another new opening band tonight - For Stars. They'll be touring with the Cranes up until the San Francisco (where they are based out of). For anybody planning on going to any of those shows - get there early and do not miss this band! I had never heard of For Stars before tonight, but I soon found myself totally immersed in their set. Kind of hard to describe their music, but I guess the only slight comparison I can make is that their sound sort of reminded me of old Radiohead (Pablo Honey circa). They've all been Cranes fans for years and were very excited to be on tour with them. And they're all very nice down to earth people. Frontman Carlos Forster and guitarist Mike Young are also both avid surfers (and anybody who knows me, will know how cool that is in my book.)

So, definitely check out For Stars if you can. I enjoyed them so much, I even took some pictures of their set.

As for the Cranes - I'll say that this was one of the best performances I've seen them play. The sound was tight, all band members seemed rested and in good spirits, and the crowd was really into it. A group of girls right in front of Jim were flirting with him in between songs all night, but he seemed to enjoy it rather well. Only obvious mishap of the night was one of Jim's amps blowing out after Sunrise, but a replacement was quickly set up by 5th member Ben.

Highlights of the night - definitely "To Be". Always a crowd favorite, but maybe the best performance I've seen of this song yet. Strobe light behind the drum kit going off madly during the rattling climax, with Jim getting down on one knee, wailing on the Fender facing Jon in pure rock god style. The crowd ate it up.

A new song added to tonight's set was "Don't Wake Me Up". Great song to watch live, and so much better than the studio version. Jim plays slide guitar throughout, which adds a whole new dimension to the song.

Two encores for the evening. You could tell there were a lot of old time fans by the reception of the Forever songs - "Jewel", "Far Away/Adrift". It looked like "Angel Bell" was supposed to be the last song of the evening, but everybody was begging for one more song. It took a bit of discussion by the band to think of what they could play, and eventually decided on "Paris and Rome" to everybody's delight. Good choice too - a definite crowd favorite, which was never played on the last US tour.

Afterwards, all band members came out to chat and mingle with the mass of fans waiting to meet them. A lot of autographs signed, a lot of pictures taken, and a lot of happy people leaving the club tonight. A great way to end a perfect evening.

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