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June 4th, 2004 Friday
Leiden, Holland

Support: Carmen Rosa

Shining Road
Lights Song
Avenue A
Future Song
Vanishing Point
Far Away
Particles And Waves

Here Comes The Snow

E.G. Shining
Angel Bell

Review by Sabine Bevers

Leiden, Holland - After a hilarious cab ride with a driver who'd been going for 12 hours without a break, we ended up at the venue (LVC). Carmen Rosa were going to be the support act this time. We arrived during the sound check, and were greeted by an exhausted bunch of Cranes. (dr evil hahaaa!). We procured ourselves a few beers and waited for the crowd to arrive. Leiden still seems the place to be for people who favour black lace and leather. Lots of familiar faces from the past two shows and previous tours.

The night started with some typical goth music, until Carmen Rosa came on around 9. CR played a good set despite a few glitches. Members had been flown in on the day before and everyone was pretty tired from a night out in Berlin. However they were still very very cool, and deserve a listen if you haven't already. We would especially recommend their track "a senior summer" of which they did an excellent nearly 9 minute version. Rock on we say. The crowd responded well, and we spotted many a new Carmen Rosa listener with one of their EP's in hand after the show. For those familiar waith Carmen Rosa, they are Ben and Jon's other band when they're not playing for Cranes. All Cranes fans should definitely check them out!

Cranes came on at about 10 (forgive time messups here, it's the beer). Ali had not quite recovered from her bad cold, but the band played a great set. Old and new songs were well balanced on the setlist. The venue was hot and very crowded, resulting in one fan fainting during the show (thankfully she recovered after a few minutes and received a free cd from the band as she was unable to stay for the remainder of the show). Paul, dressed in mafioso suit complete with a rocking fedora, played great and looked completely cool. Despite having played in the support band too, Ben and Jon kept the energy going during the Cranes set.

A while after the show, the band came out to talk to fans and sign. One guy tried to sell their own cd's back to them but settled for some autographs and presumably ebay. Everyone retired to the dressing room (huge!) for great sandwiches and weird liquorice. Unfortunately toilets were situated halfway round the block (hard to reach when certain people wearing jesus sandals can only shuffle.) A few drinks later, a cab ride and litter bin later, we finally got some rest for the drive to Utrecht the next day.

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