Photos by JD Perez (1-4), fuchsiagrl1 (5-8), Autumn Bellman(9)

May 15th, 2002 Wednesday
Los Angeles, CA
Amoeba Music

Future Song
Tangled Up
To Be

Review by J.D. Perez

Los Angeles, CA - First things first. I'm sure this is a shock to no one, but PARKING IN HOLLYWOOD SUCKS! I got to Amoeba Records a few minutes before the scheduled 8pm start time, then proceeded to circle the surrounding neighborhood for the next half hour. I finally drove into a behemoth of a parking garage which, alas, was also stuffed to the gills -- prompting me to scream at a hapless valet, "Jesus f***ing Christ, are there any f***ing spaces in this town??" Amazingly, this charismatic tactic worked and the valet let me park in a restricted zone without getting towed.

Thank goodness for that, because I cruised into the store right as the band were taking the stage. Good sized crowd, though it was hard to get a head count because people were crammed between aisles and aisles of used CD's. The band got a nice welcome as they launched into 'Future Song'. Afterward, they had to take a pause as store personnel used the PA to locate a lost kid. The band waited patiently as everyone waited for "Jennifer" to raise her hand so her mother could find her!

Next up were Sunrise; 'Jewel' (crowd was especially fired up about this one); 'Tangled Up' (beautiful, haunting guitar & vocals); and 'To Be' (slow, melodic guitar intro followed by an insane jet-engine sounding guitar break that drew a loud cheer from the crowd). Everyone let out a disappointed 'awwww' when Ali said that was the last song, so she added apologetically, "but we're playing tomorrow!"

Afterwards, the band stuck around signing CD's, etc. As I was waiting in line, I finally got a chance to look around the store. It's a huge, bright, warehouse-like structure with everything you can possibly imagine. The store had the "Submarine" EP playing the entire time, and the remixes sounded fantastic in that wide-open space. "Donít Wake Me Up" (track 6) is a personal favorite.

But back to the band. Nicest folks you'll ever meet. Ali made sure she spelled my name right when she signed my CD, Jim drew a little picture on it (suitable for framing), Paul & Ben saw a woman with a baby waiting in line behind me, so they came over to say hello. They even cleared a little path between the amps so the kid could wander around the stage. Maybe this was the elusive Lost Jennifer.

If the crowd tonight was any indication, tomorrow's gig at the El Rey should kick ass!

Review by J.D. Perez

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