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January 29th, 2005 Saturday
Meryrin, Switzerland

Future Song
Flute Song
Particles And Waves
Vanishing Point
Shining Road
Light Song
Far Away

E.G. Shining
Here Comes The Snow

Tangeld Up

Review by Alex Pradervand

I really didnt expect the cranes to come back to switzerland that soon. I usually have to wait three years between each performances (1998, 2001, 2004). It was a really good surprise when i found out about this concert. I drove 90 minutes to arrive in Meyrin, a small city near Geneva (close from the airport). The weather was so cold, i've never been to siberia but now i know i'll never go there. Hopefully, the venue was nice, a small club but with a very nice design, a good stage (i mean you could easily see the performers from almost every corner).

The Cranes started playing around midnight. The club was full (but it was a tiny club). Lots of goth people, much more than in zurich last year. I noticed a few heads that were at past shows. Our fave band started with two songs form Futre Songs : Subamrine, then Future Song. The sound was really bad as they started Submarine. It seemed like the first song is always needed to adjust the sound (my impression after several cranes shows). Unfortunately, the sound did not improve. I know i was standing too close (1st row) and that the sound would have probably been better a few steps back. Anyway, it was the only annoying thing during that evening and it was nothing after having to listen to Velma (who had a worst sound). Then we had the delight to hear two old songs, Everywhere and Loved. After these two "hits" (at least crowd favorites), we were back with Future Songs tunes : Fragile & Flute song. This album must be very special because they play lots of songs from this one. They dont play much of Population Four in comparison. Then, we finally heard some new songs : Particles & Waves followed by Vanishing Point. During one of these songs, Jim had a break (no guitar parts needed, so he enjoyed a cigarette). Just before another (excellent) new song (Light Song), the Cranes played Shining Road. Personnally this part of the show (Vanishing Point - Shining Road - Light Song) was probably the best one. Then they did some of my favorites songs : Jewel and Far Away from Forever. There are lots of emotion going through my mind/heart everytime i hear these songs, they both have very special meanings to me. The journey through old songs went on with Lilies and Adoration. Then they left the stage, Ali said a few words in french (" bientot") that happened to be true as they came back for more. I dont remember exactly what the played for the first encore, but they did three songs, including at least a new one.

And there was a second encore that night, one of the most special and beautiful i ever heard. We werent that many but we screamed enough to have the both Shaw back on stage for a special acoustic version of Tangled Up (just Jim on guitar and Ali on Vocals). I loved that song and it's shame that they dont play more songs from this one (anyway it's a shame they they dont play all their songs twice! ;-)

After the show i couldnt stay long so i didnt wait to talk to anyone. I noticed that Paul & Jon were already among the audience talking with fans. I'm really sorry for what happened in Geneva with the bus. I sincerly hope that you had fun visiting Switzerland again.



PS: Thanks to Sophie for coming with me, you know i love you !

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