Geneva Setlist

Sunday June 24th, 2001 - Geneva, Switzerland - Fete de la Musique

Review by Alex Pradervand

First i'd like to write a few lines about the festival. Geneva celebrated the Fete de la Musique during three days. Hundreds of free shows took place in many spots within the city. Cranes were invited to play at the urban music festival which is part of La Fete de la Musique Festival. The concert took place near the skate park of La Plaine de Plainpalais. First bands to play on Sunday were Tim's A Good Dog and Sinner Dc, both local bands. Tim's A Good Dog sounds a little like Morcheeba meet Tricky (but not as good) and Sinner Dc is a nice experimental rock band but not gifted enough to be interesting more than 10 minutes. After three weeks of bad weather, the sun had come out, making for a very hot day, with lots of people enjoying the outdoor festivities. At first it seemed that many people came for the skate contest, not the concerts, but more and more people started to arrive as showtime neared. Not so many goth people but lots of Cure t-shirts and girls dressed in black.

The show started around 9:45pm (scheduled for 9:30pm) with "Cloudless" opening the set. Next we had the opportunity to hear three news tracks (the three first tracks off Future Songs). I knew the first one because I downloaded it months ago ("Future Song") and I discovered the two others ("Submarine" and "Flute Song") live. I liked them a lot, even better than "Future Song". Most of the crowd didn't know the new songs (the album is not available in switzerland yet) but everyone seemed to be delighted and listened respectfully. Next came 3 familiar songs we all know. "To Be" from the Population 4 disc (the only song played from this disc), "Reverie" and "Jewel", both live classics that can't be avoided in the setlist. The audience was very happy to be here and it reflected on the Cranes' stage attitude. They were smiling all the time, with Ali was saying "thank you" a lot between songs. The new drummer, Jon Callender really rocks ! He has a lot of energy and a visible pleasure to be performing with three other cranes. You can definitely see his skills during the climax on "To Be". As Forever is my fave Cranes album, I was really happy to hear three tracks off this disc to close out the main set - "Everywhere", "Far Away" and "Adrift". Everybody screamed for an encore, and 2 minutes later they were back. They played another future song "The Maker of Heavenly Trousers" (aka - Slide Song) and "Lilies", before closing the night with the all time classic from Wings of Joy, "Adoration". Perfect way to end the concert.

After the show, Jim and his girlfriend and Jon were selling the new cd to fans. I was very happy to get a copy since I didn't order mine through the internet. A few minutes later, Ali showed up to meet and talk with all the fans too. One of the best thing is that they all seemed to be here on holiday. There was no tour stress, no need to be fit for the forthcoming shows, no pressure, etc. When you listen to Cranes records (especially the older ones), it's hard to believe that they are really such funny people to meet in person. Jim promised to come back in October. The fall tour should end in Switzerland with two dates (Yes! yet, he said it's still to be confirmed) Thanks to Cranes Fan Forum for the concert info, to Oliver, and to all the Cranes for a wonderful evening. Please never stop! See you again soon! - Alex

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