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May 21st, 2002 Tuesday
Austin, TX

To Be
Shining Road
Future Song
Flute Song
E.G. Shining
Far Away

Driving in the Sun
Paris and Rome


Review by Cuauhtemoc Keer

Austin TX - We arrived at the Steamboat early. The traffic quieted down and the city became tranquil. There was a cool breeze blowing and the city seemed to have the perfect climate for good times.

It looked solitary and we anxiously waited for the bands to arrive. Finally fans startled to trickle in. Some came dressed casual with their plain clothes and others dressed up for the occasion. I liked the guy with the glitter shoes. They were cool. They all came to hear alternative music played by The Cranes, Mercova and Matthew. It got dark and by 9:00 PM most fans were waiting anxiously for the concert to start.

It was first Mercova, who sang. Her voice was crystal clear and her rhythmic backup originated from a computer controlled by her friend who also played the guitar. She played a song written by the Cranes, but also proved her worthy by playing her own songs and showing her own style. She was great and by the loud applauds from the fans; you can bet one day she will be a star.

Minutes after Mercova left the stage came a group of men from Chicago - Matthew. Their silhouettes seemed to be like Marilyn Manson. Their sounds were strong and vigorous and their leader who played the guitar and sang showed so much energy. This group also received a strong moment of applause and no doubt they pleased everyone.

After they sang, they packed up and left the stand, and finally the moment of truth came. The Cranes have arrived. They briskly came on to the stage and tuned their instruments. The fans became anxious and most gave up their seats to stand up close to the stage. They played their first song, and after hearing the previous bands you can tell the composition of their music was far beyond better. The quality of their harmonics was excellent and incredible. The voice of Alison echoed across the room. What a sweet voice. With the support of her brother Jim Shaw, who is the guitarist, made her sound even much better? All of their songs were so clear and accurate that you would think you be listing to them on a CD.

One of the most remarkable shows was that of Jon Callender, the drummer. We were all amazed by the way he would handle the drums. His hands would go up and down so fast, you could not see his hands beat the drums and you would wonder whether he is a man or a machine. He has so much energy in power in his beat. One fan by the name of Vanessa looked at him with awe. She was not the only one that was amazed. Other band member, Paul Smith tends to shy away from the crowd. He played in the back corner sometimes with his back against the crowd. His style of playing is so unique he will surely have many followers imitate him.

Upon the finale of the concert, the Cranes left the stage, with the fans screaming and yelling for more. Finally after much applauding the band came back for one more song. The Cranes are a great group and they are excellent musicians as well as having a nice personality. As always, the end arrived and all the fans left with a night to remember. They will always wonder, when will the The Cranes ever return.

Review by Cuauhtemoc Keer

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