April 9th, 1997
Gibson's, Phoenix AZ

Review and photos by Loren Fiedler. Check out the setlist.

Cranes in Phoenix Phoenix, AZ -The final show was held at Gibson's in downtown Tempe. We arrived at the club about an hour and half before the doors were supposed to open. While eating pizza, we heard the last two songs from the soundcheck. Later, Alison walked by and waved. Shortly afterwards, Jason from the L&B list showed up. Manu walked by with a box full of drumheads and sticks and we talked with him for a bit.

The doors were late in opening because the show's opening act, Vitamin, had to do their soundcheck. Vitamin, which was reminiscent of a poor man's Foo Fighters, was a highly inappropriate band to open for the Cranes. By the time they finished their set, the crowd, which had been pretty pathetic at first, had finally filled in.

The Cranes opened, as expected, with "Everywhere." Not a surprise, but well done. Overall, I would say they were excellent live this time around. Alison's voice endured the whole concert. Unfortunately, they had to perform a shorter set due to the fact that another local band was set to play after them. This pissed me off because Gibson's was a much better venue from when I last saw the Cranes.

After the show, we hung around a bit and took some pictures of the band. The security was less friendly than they had been after the Tempe show for the "Loved" tour. While overall it was a great show, it didn't compare to the 1995 show, one of the best I have ever seen.

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