May 31, 1997
La Cigale. Paris, France.

Review and photos (#1-3) by Marie. Photo #4 by Kelly Randall and Alex Giarbini.
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Paris, France - The gig could have been all wrong in Paris but happened to be the best thing of the day and maybe the best gig of the whole tour. Everything started wrong. The tour bus had been towed away by the police after being parked on the wrong side of the road, the driver was missing till late, and they were afraid they couldn't get the bus back on time. Hopefully they did, but the bus was partly broken and they had to call for a mechanic. The people from the venue were quite obnoxious, and the venue itself was horrible. A typical cellar venue with a very low ceiling. This place was close to the New Moon where Cranes played their legendary gigs years ago.

Musically, we knew from the eve, that Mark was missing. He left early in the morning for England to attend his girlfriend Christine's art show. Paul and Simon, the tour manager (?), were supposed to play his parts. It happened Simon didn't play, but the drummer of Silkscreen, the support band, offered his services to play keyboards during "Lilies". Paul was quite nervous but all these changes gave a good mood inside the band.

As soon as the audience came in, the atmosphere became unbreathable, very hot with no ventilation, almost smelling... Parisian audience are usually very rude with support bands, and with these bad conditions, they didn't really give a good response to Silkscreen. Manu was trying hard to gather his family but in this crowded audience it was really difficult.

When Cranes walked on stage, people were already quite excited and the audience very talkative. It was really crowded and it changed from the day before. The band gave its best and the show was really excellent. Paul did his job perfectly. After the usual songs, "E.G.Shining" was really acclaimed and of course "Paris and Rome" made people delirious. I believe this marked the only time "Paris and Rome" was played on this tour.

They thought first they would shorten the gig because of Mark's absence but since everything was going fine, they decided to play the usual encore and come back for "Starblood", as people were asking for it during the show. Paul used the spanner as a professional mechanic. The end of the evening was coming, leaving Ali alone once again for another interview. All the worries were turned to whether they could reach Gent tomorrow for the expected highlight of the tour.

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