May 10, 1997
Rockefeller. Oslo, Norway.

Review by Tormod Eriksen. Check out the setlist.

Oslo, Norway - I left home around 7:00 to go to Oslo, a hundred kilometer drive from where I live, because this was where it all happened tonight. I arrived at the venue at a 8:45, being one of the first to show up. The doors were to open at 9:00. None were let in until seven to eight past though, as Magenta, one of the support acts, had to finish their soundcheck.

I got myself a seat in the back left of the place. Rockefeller is a venue taking around 1500 persons. There are some tables and chairs left and right of the stage. In front of the stage there is an open space. There is also a balcony in the back of the place, where one can hang out.

By the time Magenta went on stage, at 9:40, quite a few people had turned up. Magenta is a new Norwegian band, which got their debut mini-cd released this March. The two members Anders O. and Vilde are friends of Mark Francombe. Mark has also designed their logo together with Christine Red. On stage the two were joined by three others. Anders played guitar, Vilde sang, one played bass, one played drums, and another played keyboard. They played an interesting set, with a dark pop, rock type of music, lasting thirty minutes. They ended with the song Secret Sky, which has been played quite a bit on radio around here lately. Definitely a very interesting band to keep an eye on. If you'd like to know more about them, I suggest you check out the Magenta web page.

Ten to fifteen minutes after Magenta went off, the three lads from Silkscreen appeared on stage. The first song they played was quite interesting. Sadly most of the other stuff they played was not that impressing. They went off at 11:00. At this time I went almost in front of the stage, to get a better view of things.

Then it was just to wait for the main attraction of the night. And forty-five minutes after Silkscreen disappeared, at a 11:45, Cranes appeared on stage. At once, they went into the beautiful Cloudless, followed by the live classic Reverie. Alison was in a very good mood this evening. She smiled, laughed and waved to people in the front rows of the audience, in between quite a few of the songs.

The best part of the concert started with Sixth Of May, a very powerful version, being one of the absolute highlights of the night. Everything they played from that and out was excellent. This was when the crowd really started getting into it as well, and by the end of the main set there was a really good mood, both on stage and among the audience. Far Away was brilliant, and so was Adrift as well. After that everyone left stage, except Paul, who was walking around in the back, making everything ready for the encore.

Soon Jim and Ali came out to the cheer of the crowd, and was joined by Paul, for a good version of Tangled Up. After that Mark and Manu joined for an excellent version of Adoration, always a crowd favorite. Before going into Lilies, Alison said: "this is the last song we are going to play, it is called", then something happened, cause she looked down, and all she said was "uh..", before she struck the opening chord. A powerful end to a brilliant night.

The sound quality was generally good, except for some minor feedback problems. Nothing to talk about really, just 2 short instances during the early-mid part of the gig.

Interesting points to note on the evening...During the early-mid part, someone from the audience screamed things to the band, and especially to Alison, such as: "Alison we love you", and "Alison will you marry me?"...Angel Bell and Adoration were also requested... There was a drunk lad who screamed something like "fuck, get off the stage."...Toward the end of the main set one screamed "Jim, you are the best brother a sister can have", which made both Jim and Ali laugh.

At 1:00 they went off stage, having played for seventy-five minutes.

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