May 30, 1997
L'Aeronef. Lille, France.

Review and photos by Marie. Check out the setlist.

Lille, France - Located in the second floor of a shopping mall, the venue was quite strange with its multicolour view of the outside from the dressing room windows. Ali and Jim were quite busy today before the gig doing 6 interviews for French and Swiss fanzines. Mark was busy organizing his trip back to England which will lead him to miss the Paris gig. Consequently, Simon (tour manager) was trying his best to play "Angel Bell" in the dressing room in order to be ready to replace Mark.

The place was huge and far to be filled. The ceiling was very high, thus giving a strange atmosphere of emptiness, accentuated by the quietness of the people who were not very dynamic. For an unknown reason (though I kinda suspect the record company has to do a lot with this fact), Cranes have never reach the popularity they deserved in France. Even a city like Lille, near Belgium where they are really famous, failed to attract a lot of people.

However, the show was very good. Everybody was in a good mood and Ali, always smiling, was talking to the public in a very relax atmosphere. The show was enlightened by a brilliant and very acclaimed "Shining Road" which really awakened the audience, followed by the always appraised "Sixth Of May". As the crowd was starting to shout and to be ready for more, the show was yet finishing with the usual encore.

The band was leaving straight to Paris to begin the last week of the tour....

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