May 19, 1997
Eiskeller. Leipzig, Germany.
The Wave Festival

Review by Robert Jamieson. Check out the setlist.

Leipzig, Germany - So, this was indeed a 3 day gothic festival...apparent immediately upon my arrival to Leipzig. I asked some girls about the Wave Fest...and they told me it was over...but pulled out the schedule book and found the Cranes gig. They showed me what venue it was at (the festival was spread all over Leipzig), and relieved I went on my way.

I found the venue much earlier this time, around 5 o'clock, to Manu and Paul playing basketball. There was a small park near Eiskeller. Manu immediately recognized me from last night. I hung out with them for a while. Paul is the unofficial 5th band member, playing keys and guitar on some songs while touring. He had never played basketball so was having fun with it. It was beautiful outside and lots of goths were hanging out in the park waiting for the doors to open. Manu started bringing out beers for he and I until the show started at 12am and we continued to drink and hang out, occasionally with Mark and Jim as well. Jim was also bringing out whiskey later, so by the time they finally played we were all really drunk (you should see my setlist notes!).

Eiskeller was a much bigger venue than Huxley's...with better sound, better lights and bigger stage...and yes, not so hot inside. But it was completely filled with Goths! Most of the fun we had sitting outside drinking was watching everyone come in all dressed up. I hope not to offend any of you, but the Cranes are not a goth band and the guys were really getting a kick out of the crowd they were playing for. They didn't know what to expect. Only a very small number of people approached Jim and Mark before the show. Ali, again only came out briefly, and talked with us for a bit before the show.

Again, I managed to work myself to the very front of center stage, Manu brought me out another beer...and then two more later just before they began. The setlist was nearly the same as the night before, with didn't surprise me from conversations with the band earlier, but did disappoint me. For instance, they will rarely play 'Paris and Rome', because there would be a huge part in the middle where music is playing but no band members are....everything programmed. Mark was really into this show...very animated on stage. Manu played pretty well, especially considering his state, and Ali sounded wonderful, of course. Jim, I noticed is probably the most low-key on stage of any of them.

Afterwards, I again met with the band for a while before I left. I didn't even get any signatures. It seemed so inappropriate. How do you ask guys that you've been hanging out with, drinking beer, and shooting baskets with all afternoon for their signature?

...Sorry, no photos from this show....although someone asked Jim permission in Berlin to videotape the Leipzig show...and he didn't maybe this is floating around out there.

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