Friday May 15, 1998
Balelec Festival. Lausanne, Switzerland.

Review by ValÈrie Montusclat. Check out the setlist and photos.

15th of May - University of Lausanneth, Balelec Festival.

Cranes in Lausanne The second show didn't take place in a small club this time but in a big spacious area with many stages. I was told that I'd better be early if I wanted to find a place for my car. The doors were supposed to open at 9:00 and when I arrived it was about 8:00 and many people were there waiting already.

I went in and walked around trying to find something to eat. However, I was unsuccessful in my quest and instead found it easier to find something to drink! I didn't really notice that the crowd was getting bigger and bigger by the minute. Cranes played on the main stage just after the first band named the Favez Disciples, a local punk band from Lausanne, which meant that there would be even more people by time Cranes would go on stage. This was not a bad thing for Cranes at all, however it didn't make things easy for Tim (Cranes soundman, a.k.a The Magnet) who had to wrestle with sound level rules.

As it was a festival, there was quite a tight a schedule and unfortunately Cranes were late. Paul was trying his best to get the stage ready in time (yes, Paul is indeed that blond long haired guy that you see running around frantically on stage before and during every Cranes show, also an excellent guitarist). At a certain point Mark, Jim, and Tim went on stage to help him out. At the start of the show, some drunk people shouted some of the all too familiar comments that you hear at Cranes gigs ("Alison, I love you" , "Alison, will you marry me", etc.) while pogoing up and down. Cranes of course kept their cool and kept to their performance, and eventually the 'screamers' finally shut up.

The Cranes performance was very energetic that night, Mark was murdering his guitar every time the songs allowed him to do that. This man has been known to smash guitars into walls, creating lovely but most of the time weird sounds, and he was on a roll in Lausanne! Due to the tight schedule of the festival, Cranes didn't get to play any encores. They ended the show with a long and powerful version of Lilies.

It had been a very short but strong gig, and each Crane seemed to have given it more than they could in these circumstances. Some members even tried to enjoy the fun and frolics of a short techno party after the show before they had to leave for the next and last Swiss gig in Zurich.

And so had I. After little sleep I drove on to Zurich for another Cranes experience...

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