April 8, 1997
The Roxy, Los Angeles CA

Jim & Ali at the soundcheck
Review by Alison Shaw. Check out the setlist and pictures.

Phoenix Arizona, Weds 9th April

Dear Everybody,

Well, here we are in Phoenix ! Me and Jim are sitting by the pool at the Econo Lodge in Tempe and we have just been swimming ! It's so beautiful here. We just drove overnight from LA and have just had time for a quick shower (and swim ! ) before soundcheck. It feels like paradise to us with the birds singing and palm trees and warm breeze... can we please stay here?!!

Well first of all, thank you all a million times for making us feel so welcome at all the shows. Thanks so much for all your support over all this time. I know it sounds cheesy but we love you . You lifted our spirits at every show and we had so much fun. Thank you Mike for all the time and energy and support you have given us. Thanks to Jeff who helped our crew at lots of shows and to all the traveling reporters who worked on the reviews and pictures ! We can't believe it's the last show already!

....Well LA was really fun. Mike asked me to try to write something about our day so here goes ...

Well, I woke up early feeling horrible!! Stayed up too late after the Luna Park show and had the sorest voice ! But then my friend Du Vergne picked me up from the hotel to go to lunch. Du Vergne works for 'Rock For Choice' who made the 'O come all ye Faithful' CD to which we contributed our John Lennon cover. She also introduced us to our new managers Ted and Nikki and also she's a goddess ! So we had lunch with our friend Liz who's also a goddess and caught up with our news. I used to live in their house when I was in LA a couple of years ago, so it was brilliant to see them. Then Liz took me to Burbank where I visited my friend who works at Disney . He took me to the sound stages where some of the TV series are shot and when we came into a building a guy held the door for us and it was Henry Winkler ! He was cool !

Got to our soundcheck a bit late and had the usual stressful daily routine of 'Oh God what shall we play?!' 'This sounds horrible !' 'Turn down the bass !' etc etc ! Then my friends from the band Bluebird arrived and we went to get some dinner. It was really fun and we had vegetable stuff and Thai ice Coffee.. So by this time I was feeling really happy ! Got back to the venue just in time to see some of Rasputina's set. Weren't they cool ? Their CD is awesome. We're so glad they did the tour with us. Then Rodney from KROQ came and was really nice to us and introduced the show ! We visited him at the studios on Sunday night and played some acoustic stuff and things! It was fun !

Well , I think the LA show was one of our favourite days (... along with Montreal and Chicago and Portland and New York and all the other places which stick in our minds ...) Also it was brilliant to go to Texas which was beautiful and Seattle and Vancouver and Salt Lake which we haven't visited since the Cure tour ! Well, the tour was really happy for us and we hope we played alright when you came to see us. Some nights we might have been a bit sleepy so we apologize if we played a little slow or messed up sometimes...We're so unprofessional ! That's what we're always telling each other ! You suck ! Play faster ! Play slower ! We're hopeless ! If it seemed like we were a mess sometimes we're sorry but hopefully the shows were Ok from time to time !

It's later now and we are back in England ! Well at least it's sunny ! The first night back I went to sleep and didn't wake up for seventeen hours ! Well, we're all recovered now and it was Manu's birthday on Saturday so of course the boys all went out and got very drunk !

Well the European Tour starts on April 26th ! The tour is six weeks and then after that we don't know what's next... Maybe a little recording ! Maybe holidays ! Well we hope you have a good summer and if you happen to be in Europe, Mike has the tour dates so this is where we'll be...! Well thank you again for a lovely tour and see you soon !

Lots of love from Ali xxxx (and Jim and Mark and Manu!) xxx

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