April 7, 1997
Luna Park, Los Angeles CA

Review and photos by Mike Dare. Check out the setlist.

Los Angeles, CA - Nearing the end of the Cranes US tour. And what better place to be than sunny LA. Iron-man Mark Francombe decided to make the most out of his time. He got up at 6 in the morning to meet some friends, drove 2 hours to Snow Summit to go snowboarding all day, and then drove 2 hrs back to LA the same day to make it in time for the soundcheck and gig that night. But doing all that didn't seem to effect his performance at all. He was his same energetic self as ever on stage.

Luna Park is a really cool club. The place only holds about 250 people, but it has a really nice atmosphere. The Cranes, however, didn't exactly like their sound tonight. Ali felt that the vocals weren't loud enough on her mic, and thus had to strain too much in her singing. Also, during 'Brazil', I think Tim (Cranes soundman) might have been sleeping and forgot to turn on the keyboard. So basically, Mark was playing NOTHING during that song. At the end of the song, Mark humorously shouted to the soundbooth, "The keyboard's not on, Tim!!", as he banged away at the mute keys. But then Paul gave it a shot and it seemed to be working fine. So we still don't know exactly who's fault this one was.

No surprises in the set tonight. Although there were quite a few odd requests from many of the fans. Somebody requested "Paris and Rome" and Mark laughed in his face. And then there was a heckler who kept screaming for "Sun and Sky". It got really annoying. So much that Mark told the guy, "We don't even know how that one goes anymore." And the guy was like, "Give me the guitar, I can show you the rhythm."

Just a tip for everybody...It's really bad enough as it is to demand your favorite songs at the show. But to tell the band how to play it...

Personally, I think Mark should have given the guy the guitar for a bit. Mark's guitar is tuned in a very non-traditional manner, so the guy would have made a fool of himself if he tried to play anything.

But the story didn't end there. When Ali came back out for the encore, the heckler managed to get her attention. "Alison, come here," he said. She walked over to the side of the stage where he was at and stood about 5 ft away from him. But still he signaled her to come even closer to him and said he wanted to tell her something. It really spooked her (and I don't blame her), but the expression on her face was kinda funny. She put her hands up in front of her and timidly yet kindly said to him "Uhhh, why don't you just tell me from where you are?" And what he said was, "Can you pleaaaaase PLEASE play 'Sun and Sky'?"

Yes, it was pathetic. Ali still gave him a nice smile and said, "Well, we're just gonna do 'Adoration'." A weird situation, but she handled it very well.

But despite the sound problems and strange requests from the fans, I have to honestly say....I liked this show. It was cool to see the Cranes in such a small venue for such a big city.

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