May 3, 1997
Kultur Fabrik Festival. Krefeld, Germany

Review by Marie. Check out the setlist.

Krefeld, Germany - 6.30 PM and the Kultur Fabrik is already surrounded by the strange fans of Die Form (or is it the fans of strange Die Form). The presence of Cranes in this festival is completely surreal. As soon as we heard the soundcheck of Lucarne (Lucerne?) we already know that something is wrong. Industrial noise with no musician except a singer who makes Lemmy from Motorhead looks like a little angel. What will people think when Ali sings 20 minutes after THAT? Indeed, all the group is extremely shocked to have been put on the same bill and everybody keeps asking what they're doing here.

After a couple of hours, we find the place full of people wearing minimum leather clothes with plastic and metal only; kind of a sado masochist way of dressing. None the less, a good opportunity of laughing all together.

As soon on stage, Cranes discovered that soundchecking has been totally useless after everything they tuned had been destroyed. This contributes to make them uneasy, trying to fight with technical problems (feedback especially) and the "Fuse" tape starting with no reason (they rehearsed it in Eindhoven but were not ready to do it).

Anyway Cranes have hopefully reached the professional level where they can deal with these problems. The performance is not that bad, although they felt very disappointed after the gig. The legendary very quiet (cold) German audience is only disturbed by some weird bloke wearing sun glasses and dancing (in what we will discover soon after) in a "Die Form way". Manu was laughing to death.

In this strange ambience, the regular set of the tour is shortened, with no extra songs. Typical for a festival where Cranes are not the main group. However, they bravely chose to play most of the new album, including the very slow songs, completely different from the ambience introduced by the group before. The dreadful silence leads Ali to announce "Breeze" in order to fill the blank void. But they finally couldn't put more into the show which ended after ten songs. Though they did come back for two songs, "Tangled Up" and the 1997 version of "Lilies". After the encore, the band gathered in the dressing room for pizzas, with only Manu drunk enough to care for watching Die Form.

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