June 1, 1997
Vooruit. Gent, Belgium.

Review by Tom Vandenbosch. Check out the setlist.

Gent, Belgium - when i arrived at the venue around 6.30pm, cranes were soundchecking. thrills already went through my body without even seeing the group. this would be a great show. cranes were announced on posters all around the place. doors opened at 7.00pm. of course, i wasn't on the guestlist. because i had heard about the guestlist problems on the other european shows, i didn't bring my professional camera, only a little one. I hope the pics will turn out well. the girl who was selling tickets at the entrance of the venue was very friendly and made a few calls. mike's name seemed to be the magic keyword. finally, she gave me a guest ticket. she also told me that there were around 450 tickets sold. i was in at 7.30pm. i was on the third row. some beat space jungle reggae ska music was being played.

at 8.20pm the support act opened. "hello, we are silkscreen from Amsterdam and we have been playing as support act for cranes since more than one month now" silkscreen are three and they play something in between radiohead and pearl jam, with a breeders-like bass-line. their album is named stay. i think they are quite good in their genre. they played around 8 songs, up to 9.00pm, which was much too long. from then on, seconds became centuries.

at 9.30pm, a huge blanket with blue-white clouds and a lovely sun was lightened. the crowd went nervous. at 9.36pm, cranes entered the stage, all together. ali looked great. jim wore a pop4 shirt and mark a slowdive shirt. alison wore a black twinkling dress like on the cover of pop4 and jeans trousers. cloudless was the first song. unfortunately, something was wrong with the sound. ali looked upset. during rÍverie, ali took the bass guitar and the sound was already much more better. rÍverie is such a dream of a song ! some bloke was shouting "alison, i love you" in between the song, which embarrassed her a bit in the beginning. but later on, ali couldn't stop giggling in between the songs, trying to hide how shy she is. next song was jewel, followed by to be. and the next one was announced by ali herself "this one is called e.g. shining" it was amazing to hear this song again. cranes seemed to enjoy their show more and more. after that, it was time for some pop4 stuff : breeze, let go and "this one is called top of the world", cranes cool song. "this one's shining road" happily surprised me. shining road was really hallucinating to hear and see, one of my favorites. next one was sixth of may. it is really amazing how cranes integrate their old songs in their new ones. and then came angel bell, the scraper, which of course destroyed many strings. "just one minute please" "it is nice to be here again" "tell us a joke ali" ali took the bass guitar and started far away, immediately followed by adrift, the ideal songs of course to end the first set with. it was great, great, great !

the first encore was started with tangled up, very emotionally played. after tangled up i went to the back of the crowd, where the sound was much more better than on the front rows. adoration and "this one is called lilies" were played perfectly. cranes were really enjoying the show, as was the crowd. "this was our last song, it was nice to be here again, bye ! " i took another pic from the back of the crowd, and that's were the trouble came. some bloke of the security took my camera and i had to leave the venue. i started explaining, arguing and acting like i don't know what. after lots of discussion with i don't know who and who, i got my camera back. i only could hear parts of the second encore, it was everywhere. i suppose cranes ended with starblood.

this was the 4th time that i saw cranes live, but i still don't know which show was the best. one thing however is for sure : i enjoyed them all and they were all different !

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