May 2, 1997
The Effenaar. Eindhoven, Holland.

Review and photos by Sabine Bevers. Check out the setlist.

Jim and Mark Eindhoven, Holland - This show was quite good, although the previous one in Amsterdam was my favourite, as the sound was better there. After Silkscreen's set it took the band quite a while to go on stage, but it was worth the wait!

The band were having a great time on stage, although the sound wasn't quite what it should have been during the first songs and it took some time to adjust. They played Everywhere, Reverie, Jewel, To Be, E.G. Shining, Breeze, Let Go, On Top Of The World, Brazil, 6th of May, Angel Bell, Far Away & Adrift. Starblood and Lilies were played as an encore :), which gave Mark a chance to put the spanner that I gave him to good use. Two guitars had to suffer through Starblood. Alison was being filmed and photographed by lots of people during the gig. Someone even tried to propose marriage to her.

The venue was packed and everyone was having a good time. The audience had clearly been waiting to see Cranes perform again and had obviously had the chance to listen to the last album as new and old songs were received with much enthusiasm.

After the show I was invited backstage by Jim and had a great time with the band. Alison was enjoying her chocolates and was happy but tired. In between Jim's magic tricks and Mark's funny interview, I did my best to ask some decent questions. Alison left the dressing room at a certain point for a loo break or whatever and came back shocked, announcing that she had just seen a NAKED MAN (remember Alison?). The naked man might actually have been one of the Silkscreen guys, changing clothes. When Manu came back in the dressing room, he was asked to shut the door. One naked man surely was enough for one evening :).

Jim thought that it was a shame that Rasputina couldn't come with them on the Euro tour as they got along very well. The band would love to work with them again. Although the 'Tragedie' was quite well received it will be quite difficult to ever do something like that live, as you'd need a full orchestra to do it. Jim's still thinking about some sort of solution. He's happy to be able to say that they've got such a dedicated audience and thanks the fans who were there and who will be there during this tour.

I can only say that I was happy to be there for the first two dates of the European tour and would like to thank the band again for their hospitality. I can hardly wait to see them perform again in June, and am looking forward to the first Eardrum (Mark's band) album to be released this autumn. Thanks for the tape Mark!

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