March 14, 1997
9:30 Club, Washington DC
Attendance: 392

Review and photos by Mike Dare. Check out the setlist.
Alison Shaw in DC

Washington, DC - The fifth stop of the Cranes US tour, and by far the "dodgiest" city yet. While walking the streets during the day, a car of rowdy girls drove by and shouted to Mark, "Wash your hair, honky!!"

'National Lampoon's Vacation' re-visited. Welcome to DC.

Although, the 9:30 club may be located in a scary part of town, the club is actually a very nice place. It had moved to a bigger and MUCH nicer place since the Cranes last visit to the States. Jim couldn't believe the difference in the two places. During the first opening band, he was just sitting there in awe saying, "This place is amazing. I can't believe this the 9:30 club. It's a tremendous improvement from the old venue. The old 9:30 club was more representative of the area that it was located."

Manu did make a visit to the hospital to get his ankle checked out, but that trip didn't go very far. Without insurance, they were going to charge him $600 just to take a look at him. Screw that. He'll be o.k., though. The ankle didn't seem to have affected his playing ability at all that night. However, his limp didn't make for a smooth stage entrance.

For tonight's show, there was another opening band before Rasputina called Tone. They had 5 guitarist, 2 bassist, and a drummer. A very odd band to be opening for the Cranes. They probably would have fit in better supporting a guitar god like Steve Vai, but Mark actually liked them. "This a very weird band. But I like that. I like 'weird' music."

As for the show...They finally got to play "Starblood" for the final song of the night. Manu kept the drum beat going for bit after the rest of the band left the stage. All in all, it was another strong performance for the Cranes. They are definitely hitting their stride in this tour.

After the show, they took a few minutes to come out and meet some of the fans and sign autographs. And here's a hint for everybody...If you want to get in good with the band, bring toys to show. "Mars Attacks" action figures would be cool. Ali wants a talking Supreme Martian Ambassador. Jim was lucky enough to get one, but he wouldn't give it to her. Mark wants the Martian Brain Disintegrator.

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