May 16, 1997
Vega. Copenhagen, Denmark.

Review and photos by Toke Nygaard. Anybody out there happen to get the setlist from this show?

Copenhagen, Denmark - The Cranes concert in Vega, Copenhagen on May 16th was nothing less than a smashing success. Starting very vague and feeble in Kolding in February, moving up even more convincingly in Aarhus two weeks ago, the third and concluding part of my Cranes-in-Denmark-97 Trilogy swept me off my feet.

Not being on the guestlist (again) caused some trouble, but waving around cameras, e-mails, and flashy names got me in soon enough to hear most of Silkscreens opening set. In my opinion they have got three quite catchy songs and a nice ending on their show (with their drummer going solo), and that is really it.

Just as in Aarhus not many people had showed up as Silkscreen entered the stage, but fortunately the crowd kept growing. Vega seemed perfect for this occasion, being a refurbished cinema, complete with old wooden panels and a balcony with a nice view from where I got most of my photographs.

There was a really good atmosphere from the beginning, and the crowd was already turned on. A bunch of die-hard neurotics in front of the stage had Ali smiling and laughing most of the evening. This was my fourth Cranes concert, but I have never seen the band so relaxed and playful before, constantly joking and improvising. I think they were changing the setlist as they were moving along; at one point they played a song that I've never heard before, which, according to the sound engineer's setlist was supposed to be Overdraft (?). Anyway, this one was a real treat. Bringing a video camera must have been my Move of the Year. I recorded the entire song, and to my amazement the quality of it was quite o.k. So hopefully Mike will let me share this little treasure and upload the soundfile for your entertainment.

Of course I couldn't stay and had to leave for the last train home long before the show had really started. I should have guessed that Cranes would get on long after 11pm. And I had even planned to save most of my film for Marks Guitar Demolition Circus, and I never even got a proper picture of Mr. Mysterious, Paul the Handy Man, who seems to stand-in on several occasions (he substituted Mark in Kolding, doing a major job there).

I do not know what went on later that night, but I'd like to think that Cranes played a hundred encores, tickled the crowd with Tangled Up and thrashed Lilies to death. I hope for you guys that this gig sets the standard for the rest of the euro-tour.

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