March 20, 1997
Peabody's Down Under, Cleveland OH

Review and photos by Rob Wood. Check out the setlist.

cleveland Cleveland, OH - It was a chilly, clear, night on March 20th when Cranes played Peabody's Down Under in Cleveland. About 175 people crammed the small damp smoky club to pay homage to one of the most exciting live bands around.

The first half of the show was comprised of mainly newer material, which was much more guitar-pop oriented than the earlier days of dark songs like 'Espero' and 'Reach'. But, as the 18 song set carried on, the selection was quite varied, with songs from every album except 'Self-Non-Self'.

"Hello again," the cutesy-girl voice of Alison Shaw offered. She grinned to the audience and looked over to her brother Jim to start the night's opener 'Tangled Up'. This song, which is very sparse, was a great opener. Adding to the sparseness was the light show, which was also very simplistic. At times there was complete darkness adding to the atmosphere.

Every band member had loads of energy for the performance. Mark still had the most energy of all, though, bobbing around with his blond dread locks. Manu Ros kept the percussion going in an attacking fashion. Band-to-crowd contact was minimal. At one point, Jim was having problems with the DAT machine for Adoration, and with a smile grunted "American DAT Machines..."

Through their 65 minute set and 2 encores, the crowd was captivated. The definite crowd pleaser was the evening's last song "Starblood", a violent and explosive experience. When the band left, we were all just amazed at the sonic power encased in such beauty. All in all the 85 minute show was excellent!

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