May 18, 1997
Huxley's. Berlin, Germany.

Review and photos by Robert Jamieson. Check out the setlist.

Berlin, Germany - This was the first time I've seen the Cranes play since the Cure's Wish which time I'd never heard of them yet. So needless to say the show was really incredible for me. Getting there was a bit difficult. I arrived in Berlin the night before and noticed there was virtually no promotion for the show. The venue "Trash" even had posters for events in May around Berlin, but did not include the Cranes gig. So I arrive at Trash about 9:30...doors were @ 9, and find the venue had been changed to Huxley's (later Darrin told me Trash had been closed by police two nights before). I missed the opening act, Silkscreen, so I cannot give any info about that.

Cranes started at about 10:45, in some intense heat. The place was quite packed and terribly hot that they had to bring Manu a fan mid-set that Ali was occasionally going back to enjoy. The roadies were also bringing out bottled water and cans of coke to those of us in front of the stage...something not usually seen...So the show was incredible!

My highlights were opening with Cloudless, which was beautiful. The end of the setlist, Adrift, was perhaps the most powerful song I've ever heard live. Despite the heat everyone was really into the show. Manu's drumming was excellent, and has varied the beats on a lot of the older stuff, making it a bit fresher live. Jim was playing guitar with what looked to me like a ball point pen during Angel Bell....Later he told me that it was a small metal file. In the first encore, everyone went crazy for Adoration, and they ended with Lilies, which again was super-powerful. Mark threw his guitar across the stage when finished. The last encore, finishing with Starblood, Mark used the wrench, and yes, beat the crap out of his guitar...chips were flying, strings were breaking...great ending to a great show.

I was right in the front between Ali and Jim, so it's difficult to get a great feel for the sound quality. The band didn't seem too frustrated with it though. After the show, I met everyone but Ali...who was out talking to fans, but only for a bit. The others hung out for quite a while drinking...and as said much before...they are completely down to earth. Jim had Darrin put me on the guestlist for Leipzig. The Leipzig show is apparently some Gothic Music Festival...Manu told me I must break out the white facepaint and lipstick...and both Mark and Manu were a bit curious why they were playing at such a thing, and didn't like the lingering goth label from the Wish tour.(no offense)....

on to Leipzig...

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