May 9, 1997
Hulen. Bergen, Norway.

Review and photos by Anders Avlesen. Check out the setlist.

Ali Bergen, Norway - Hulen (the cave) in Bergen was originally a catacomb. Not properly safe enough for eventual bomb-attacks, someone decided to use it as a concert venue. Nice idea, since it fits Cranes music well. Being a cool place for cool bands, it became a hot place for a hot band, in every way!

Silkscreen didn't really impress anyone this night, being a quite standard band (guitar, bass and drums). They played some chords, put some grunge-light vocals on top, and made some noise. Time for Cranes, people started to gather in front of the stage, making difficulties for the band, since they had to walk through the crowd to get on the stage.

The first notes of Cloudless dripped into the cave. Ali came to the mic, offering a shy smile and a little "hello". The evening was theirs. I forgot the fence in front of the stage which the crowd was pressing me against, and I forgot the jerk standing beside me, who'd been getting on my and the guard's nerves for a while.

Apart from a power loss during E.G Shining, and Manu complaining about something, the first half of the gig went quite well. The band seemed to enjoy themselves, and the crowd's enthusiasm increased for every song they played. But it was the last five songs from the main set that really made the show take off. Sixth Of May with its doomladden guitar solo, the delicious and sad Brazil, a excellent extended version of Angel Bell, and Far Away and Adrift coming as pearls on a line. By now, I felt really satisfied, but there was more to come!

Manu left the stage as the last sounds of Adrift faded out, complaining about the warmth inside the cave. The rest of the band settled for the first encore. Time to cool down with Tangled Up.

Tangled Up swept away everything they'd done earlier being simple, cool :), and emotionally the most powerful song they'd performed this far. Manu came back, and they played Adoration.

And then Lilies.

In between Lilies and Adoration, songs like Fuse, Starblood, and Lilies were requested. At the Lilies request, Ali looked into the crowd, giggled and said: "How did you guess!!?" And the whirlwind-guitars of Lilies started immediately. The crowd was transformed into a mosh pit, some people were jumping up and down and some did the "Beavis & Butthead rawk thing".

After a little discussion, the group made themselves ready for the grand finale, the death march of Starblood that was. And to see Manu bang away on the drums like a mad man, Jim looking at him jealously, and Mark hitting the guitar, scraping, bending and breaking the strings with a spanner, making bits of the guitar fly through the air (He actually changed to another guitar during the song, only to give the new one even worse treatment), it made the perfect end to an excellent show.

And Ali? I guess she broke about 300 living and beating hearts...

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