May 1, 1997
The Melkweg. Amsterdam, Holland.

Review and photos by Sabine Bevers. Check out the setlist.

ali Amsterdam, Holland - The first concert of the European tour was definitely one to remember. The Melkweg was packed and everyone was waiting in anticipation for Cranes to come on. Before they did, a band called Silkscreen were trying their best to entertain us all during a 30 min. set. Silkscreen are a three piece band from Amsterdam. Their music can best be described as guitar pop. I feel that it's a shame that the European fans won't get to see Rasputina. Unfortunately they are touring with Marilyn Manson right now.

Cranes were clearly enjoying themselves tonight. The big smiles on their faces told us that everyone was quite happy to be there. Mark and Manu were joking around and had to try to stop laughing when 'Sixth Of May' was accidentally started. Alison promised us that they would be playing that one later on in the show, and they did.

The band played Cloudless, Reverie, Jewel, To Be, E.G. Shining, Breeze, Let Go, On Top Of The World, Sixth Of May, Brazil, Angel Bell, Far Away and Adrift. Lilies was part of the encore. After the first encore Mark and Manu were heading for the stage again, but were called back and disappeared again. Afterwards Mark explained that he had wanted to do Starblood, but Alison thought it best to have some sort of 'build up' in the tour. She didn't want to do Starblood straight away.

Afterwards I had a nice talk with Mark (who was trying to convince passers by that he was regulating the traffic), and with Manu (who was trying to convince someone asking for an autograph that he can't write because he's a drummer), took silly photos and had a good laugh. Everyone agreed that this gig had been a good start of the Euro tour. Some band members quite enjoyed the Amsterdam night life after the show and had difficulty adjusting to the extremely sunny weather the next day :). Everyone was looking forward to the next gig in Eindhoven (Holland), renamed Hangover by Manu.

p.s. Pictures of the Cranes gig in Holland (Den Haag, Paard) last December can be seen at

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