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USA Tour Postponed

We are very disappointed to have to let you know that the September/October tour has been postponed. We had hoped to let you know before the tickets went on sale, but a few shows had already started to make tickets available, so we are really sorry for any inconvenience.

It was a very difficult decision but due to the costs involved in getting a group over from England, we decided it would be better to wait til the Spring when both Particles and also a new album will be out. As a completely independent group we don't have anybody to pick up the pieces if things go wrong so we have to be careful that we don't bankrupt ourselves !

We have always been very lucky with great attendances in America. The 2002 tour was a really great time for us, and as we only get to come over once every three or four years, we wanted to make sure it was the best it can be. So, after a lot of heartsearching, we decided to wait a few months. Really hope you can bear with us a little longer.

On the plus side, we have started work on a new album and so will be writing and recording for the next few months, with the new album to be released next March if all goes well. When the new album is ready early next year we plan to tour in USA first, before Europe, to try to make up for the long gap since we last came ! We have also been working on some new (and kind of interesting !) versions of existing songs which may possibly form extra tracks or an EP at some stage, so we hope to have something ready for release soon.

In the meantime 'Particles and Waves' LP is due for release in USA and Canada on Manifesto Records on Sept 13th 2005. The release includes an extra DVD disc of four songs recorded live in London last year and comes in a beautiful sleeve, like the European version but with the additional disc in the pullout digipack sleeve. Hope you like it.

Love from Cranes xx

PS. To those of you who have tickets for the Truck festival this Sunday 24th July, we are on at 3:15 in the afternoon on the Acoustic Stage.

To those of you coming to the festival in Norway this Friday 22 July, there will be a group signing session at the festival. Please ask at the CD shop/stall at the festival for details about what time etc.

To those of you who came to the Spitalfields gig on Saturday. Thanks for coming ! We had a lovely time.

Once again really sorry about the American tour. We promise to come next year or sooner if at all possible !

Dadaphonic-Cranes Newsletter May 2005

A cranes song "Astronauts" from the album "Particles and Waves" is in an advertisement for American Express, starring Kate Winslet ! It's going to be on TV and in cinemas during the next few weeks and you can see the advert here :

USA Release

The USA release of Particles and Waves is set for August 23rd. It will include a four song extra DVD disc of some songs which were filmed in London in 2003.

Tracklisting is :

1. Vanishing Point
2. K56
3. Everytown
4. Here Comes the Snow
5. Particles and Waves
6. Avenue A
7. Astronauts
8. Far From the City
9. Streams
10. Light Song

1. Fragile
2. Future Song
3. Flute Song
4. Far Away

A tour of USA and Canada is being planned for mid September to October. More news about the tour coming soon !

There is a new cranes website at

Please feel free to visit and join our Friend space ! Some songs are available there for free download. Let us know what you think !

Euro Festivals

We might possibly be playing some shows in Spain in July. We'd love to go there again ! Also in July here are some more dates which are now confirmed.

Sat 16th July - Wired Women All Day Festival at the Spitz, London.
Jim and Ali will be playing a variation of the electronic/acoustic set that they did in December.

Fri 22nd July - Slottsfjell Festival - Tonsberg, Norway

Sun 24th July - Truck Festival - Oxfordshire, England (acoustic stage)

Hope you can come to some of the shows. Bye for now !

Love from Cranes

Dadaphonic-Cranes Newsletter April 2005

Dear Everyone

Hello again ! Here is our latest news re: USA album release and tour + European shows this summer !

Belgium and Holland

Particles and Waves will be released in Belgium and Holland on May 2nd with distribution by Konkurrent Records. There will be two gigs at the end of May, one in Amsterdam and the other in Brussels.

The dates are :

May 27th (Friday) - Amsterdam - Paradiso (upstairs)

May 28th (Saturday) - Brussels - VK

Norway !!

We are also very pleased to announce our first show in Norway for 8 years !! It will be at the Slottsfjell Festival in Tønsberg, a small town in the mountains south of Oslo (30 minutes drive from Oslo Torp airport)

July 22nd (Friday) - Tonsberg, Norway - Slottsfjell Festival

It is a lovely festival set among some ancient castle ruins with views over the sea and there is a site for camping.


Also, the same weekend we will be playing at the Truck Festival in Oxfordshire, UK (also a lovely festival !) We will be playing on the acoustic stage so expect some slightly different versions of the usual set.

July 24th (Sunday) - Oxfordshire, England - Truck Festival

USA and Canada !!!

We are really happy to announce Particles and Waves is to be released in USA and Canada. The album will be released by Manifesto Records on August 23rd. There will be an extra DVD disc included with the CD which contains a film of four songs filmed live in London in 2003. We are just starting to book a tour, our first in USA for three years and it will start around September 14th. We're really excited about this. Sorry it's been so long ! More news about this with all the details will be in the next newsletter, especially about this release, coming soon !!

Love from Cranes

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