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Dadaphonic-Cranes Newsletter December 2004

Cranes at the Spitz

Ali and Jim from Cranes are playing at the Spitz in London on Weds Dec 22nd. It's going to be great as also playing are K&A, Ninki V and also a rare screening of underground 1980's film "Ladies and Gentlemen, the Fabulous Stains". And there's mince pies too and it's only 5 !

Here are the latest tour dates for January. We have added shows in Stuttgart, Cologne and Liege. Hope you can come !

Cranes Euro Tour January/February 2005
January 27th, 2005 (Thursday) Freiburg, Germany Cafe Atlantik
January 28th, 2005 (Friday) Bologna, Italy Teatro Polivalente Occupato
January 29th, 2005 (Saturday) Geneva, Switzerland Undertown
January 30th, 2005 (Sunday) Stuttgart, Germany Die Roehre
February 1st, 2005 (Tuesday) Cologne, Germany Kantine
February 2nd, 2005 (Wednesday) Liege, Belgium Soundstation


We've just added some songs from Particles and Waves to the free download section on the Audio Page. Hope you like them !

Hope you have a great Christmas and a very Happy New Year !

Love from Cranes xxx

Dadaphonic-Cranes Newsletter November 2004

Hello everybody !

Thanks for all your support during the UK tour in September. It was great to go to Glasgow again and the London gig at the ICA was one of our favourites for a while. It was great to see Rachel Goswell playing too. Thanks also to everyone who came to Bristol, Norwich, Colchester and Portsmouth. It was fun !

Ali and Jim from Cranes will be playing at the Spitz in London on December 22nd. The gig is part of the Wired Women series of gigs with the theme of electronica and they will play a 45 minute set of some unusual versions of their songs.

Dec 22 (Wednesday) - London UK - The Spitz
109 Commercial St, Old Spitalfields Market, London E1

Christmas Mailorder

Dadaphonic has a special offer for Xmas mailorder ! Check out mailorder for double packs containing any album and a T.Shirt, or any two albums for a lower price and half price postage. We have a small number of albums signed by all the group so please indicate in the comments box on the order form if you'd like a signed one. And please place any orders before December 2nd to ensure Xmas delivery ! Thanks !

Mexico - Particles and Waves Release date November 15th

Particles and Waves is released in Mexico from November 15th. The album is licensed by Raw Metal Records. It will be the same tracklisting and the same digi-pack sleeve design as the European version, manufactured in Mexico. The album will be available in many chain stores including Tower Records Mexico, Todoenrock, Hard Stores, Mixup, DVE, Tianguis del Chopo. We are also starting to plan some shows in Mexico too, for early next year. We'll let you know as soon as we get any info.

The album was also recently released in Italy by Goodfellas (see interview in Rockerilla this month) and in Switzerland by Namskeio distribution. (Tour dates below!). The album is also released in France (M10) and Denmark, Finland and UK. If anyone from any other country not listed here wants to license or distribute our album, please get in touch at

January 2005 Shows

Cranes are planning a few shows in Europe in January where the whole group will play. Here are the dates so far:

Jan 27th (Thursday) - Freiburg, Germany - Cafe Atlantik (tbc)
Jan 28th (Friday) - Milan, Italy- Rainbow Club (tbc)
Jan 29th (Saturday) - Geneva, Switzerland - Undertown (tbc)

There may possibly be some other dates to be announced !

Radio Shows

Cranes were recently the subject of a 45 minute radio programme/interview on national german radio. The programme was called Deutschlandfunk and the interview by Paul Baskerville. The programme (which is in German) can be downloaded from here if you want to hear it. (It is 43:51 min, 10mb, 32kbps@22khz)

John Peel

We were so upset to hear about John Peels death. John Peel played tracks from our first album Self Non Self in 1989 before anybody else would listen to us. We would never have got started without him. We recorded two sessions for him which were great experiences for us. We enjoyed listening to his shows for many years. He has helped countless other bands over the years and will be very sadly missed.

Love from Cranes

Dadaphonic-Cranes Newsletter August 2004

Hello again!

Just to let you know that the new Cranes T.Shirt is ready. It is a really nice dark brown shirt with a cream 'Particles' design. Available in sizes Youth (for girls and very skinny boys) and sizes Medium, Large and XL for other boys. Also the Submarine EP is back in stock. Also we have some new posters for the Particles and Waves album. All can now be purchased here.

The UK tour starts next week ! Rachel Goswell is supporting at the London gig (ICA on Sept 7th). The Dears will be supporting at Norwich Arts Centre on Sept 6th and there are also gigs in Glasgow, Colchester and Bristol too. All the venue info for the tour can be found here.

Thanks to everyone who wrote to us about the album so far. We really appreciate your support and kind messages ! Glad you like it ! Here are some quotes below from album reviews of Particles and Waves that appeared in the UK so far.

Bye for now

Love from Cranes.

.......this feels like a logical progression from Future Songs, these stripped down tunes constantly surprise me, subtle bleeps and twists with repeated sampled grooves add to the usual Cranes signatures. It shows a maturity and freshness, I love it, even after a few listens......... I really respect the bravery of not bowing to pressure and just recording what they feel, a comparison would be Radiohead with OK Computer to Kid A. Basically it is a pleasure to listen to the Cranes again, they have always astounded me with their originality, and they have done it again.....

INDEPENDENT ON SUNDAY (Newspaper) August 15th 2004
(4 Stars) The quietly remarkable Cranes are now 15 years into a career which has seen them become Support Band By Appointment To The Cure, and move from dark small g-gothic rock towards a sound so light it's barely there. Particles and Waves, the bands ninth album is a thing of fragile, featherweight beauty. Ali Shaw's helium vocals are more decipherable nowadays...... On the title track she sounds younger than Alizee, which makes the contrast all the starker when her brother Jim crops up with a country-ish growl. The perfect accompaniment to the insomnia hours of these hot summer nights. SIMON PRICE

COMES WITH A SMILE (Magazine) - Summer 2004)
........It starts off with the airy electronic pulse of Vanishing Point, topped with Ali Shaw's Hope Sandoval-esque vocals, creating a pleasant summer shimmer of a song. The following K56 and makes the grade as well, sporting a fathoms deep bass rumble under it's lacy exterior, and Here Comes the Snow, the longest and probably the best track on the album, all gently menacing guitar patterns and wispy vocals inter cut with moments of electronic dissonance, provides an interesting and enjoyable listening experience.......

UK Shows in September 2004

Just announced: 5 new UK shows in September!

September 1st (Wednesday) Glasgow, Scotland King Tuts Ticket Info
September 3rd (Friday) Bristol, England Cube Cinema Ticket Info
September 5th (Sunday) Colchester, England Colchester Arts Centre Ticket Info
September 6th (Monday) Norwich, England Norwich Arts Centre Ticket Info
September 7th (Tuesday) London, England Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA) Ticket Info

Special guest at the ICA gig in London will be Rachel Goswell (formerly of Slowdive / Mojave 3)

Contributing photographers for any shows, please contact

Dadaphonic-Cranes Newsletter June 2004

We have just been asked to play some shows with The Cure !! One is in Cologne, Germany and the other in Manchester, England ! The shows are :

The Cure + Cranes
(This was previously the Loreley Festival but it has been moved to Tanzbrunnen in Cologne, an outdoor arena)
Venue info | Ticket Info

The Cure - Elbow - Keane - Cranes
Ticket Info

We are so excited about this. Thanks for asking us :)

And great big thanks to everyone who came out to see us on the tour in May and June ! We had such a nice time and it was brilliant to go to Helsinki and to Berlin and Hamburg and Copenhagen, Paris and all the places that we haven't been to for ages in Europe. Bush Hall was really fun too. Special thanks to Oliver Blankenheim for all his help, and to Tommi at If Society and Glenn and Guillaume and Sabine and Laura and all the other people who made the tour possible ! It really was a nice time for us and we enjoyed seeing everybody again and visiting such nice cities.

We may be playing some more UK shows in September, hopefully at long last going to Glasgow ! We should have news by the end of the week, so we'll let you know ! The album release dates into the shops in UK and USA are to be delayed to give us a little more time to arrange things. We'll confirm what's happening as soon as we can !

But if you can't wait that long then the album is available here already !!

Thanks to everybody who ordered it so far and for your nice comments !! We're just about to do a new T.Shirt too, so that will be added to the mail order list soon !

'Particles and Waves' on Vinyl

We are thinking of making a vinyl version of 'Particle and Waves'. It would be a limited edition of 500 copies. Let us know what you think !

Thanks again for all your support on the tour. Also thank you very much to Velour who played with us in Copenhagen, and Michael J. Sheehy who came over especially to play at the Brussels show and thanks to Viola who played on the Finland part of the tour and Sennen who played in Den Bosch. We really enjoyed hearing their music.

Well bye for now ! Hope to see you in Cologne or Manchester if you live anywhere close by ! Also wanted to let you know we are playing at the Wedgewood Rooms in Portsmouth on Thursday 15th July too.

Love from Cranes

Dadaphonic-Cranes Newsletter May 2004

'Particles and Waves' now Available

We are very happy to announce the release of the new cranes album "Particles and Waves" ! The album has ten songs and comes in a beautiful digipack sleeve. The album will be available by mailorder from Weds May 12th and you can place a pre-order for your album by mailorder from today ! The album will also be released in the UK into shops on June 4th on Dadaphonic/SRD.

"...'Particles and Waves' is the long awaited seventh studio album from Cranes and their first studio release since the highly acclaimed 'Future Songs' album of 2001. Ali Shaw's voice soothes perfectly over spacy electronic sounding waves of noise and acoustic guitars, Jim Shaw sings on the beautiful almost country sounding 'Every Town' while 'Here Comes the Snow' lures you gently into its blissfully distorted centre. 'Avenue A' is more upbeat and focused, while 'Light Song' ends the album sounding like something out of a David Lynch film about lost astronauts on the way to Mars... "

1. Vanishing Point
2. K56
3. Every Town
4. Here Comes the Snow
5. Particles and Waves
6. Avenue A
7. Astronauts
8. Far From the City
9. Streams
10.Light Song

The Cranes European tour starts on Tuesday May 11th in Helsinki, Finland ! The updated tour schedule, including a new confirmed show in Freiburg Germany on May 30th, can be found in the Tour Section. 'Particles and Waves' CD will also be available at the shows from Tampere onwards along with other cranes CD's and other items too.

European release dates (in record shops) for 'Particles and Waves'

UK on Dadaphonic/SRD - June 4th
FRANCE on M10 Records in June
ITALY on Extra labels/EMI in June
DENMARK with distribution by VME distribution - June 4th
FINLAND wih distribution by If Society in May

Please send any comments or distribution enquiries to

Thanks ! We're really looking forward to the shows ! Hope to see you there if you can make it !

Love from Cranes xx

Dadaphonic-Cranes Newsletter April 2004

New Cranes album 'Particles and Waves' available May 2004

We are really happy to let you know that the new album has been completed and is going to be called 'Particles and Waves'.

1. Vanishing Point
2. K56
3. Every Town
4. Here Comes the Snow
5. Particles and Waves
6. Avenue A
7. Astronauts
8. Far From the City
9. Streams
10.Light Song

Exact release dates to be confirmed in the next few days. Sign up on our mailing list and we'll mail you very soon with more details!

Cranes European Tour 2004

Just to let you know that more of the shows are now confirmed, including Zurich, London, Rome and Venice See the Tour Section for more details ! Also we have a new poster for the tour which is now available. It is full colour size 60cm x 42 cm and is now avaible for mailorder.

Thanks so much for your comments about the tour after the last newsletter. Lots of people asked if we will also be playing in America ?! Well, we really hope to play there in the autumn, we'll let you know when we have any news.

Bye for now

Love from Cranes

Dadaphonic-Cranes Newsletter March 2004

Cranes European Tour 2004

Cranes will be playing 20 shows in Europe in May and June, including shows in Finland, Denmark, Germany, Holland, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy and England. See dates below !

May 11th (Tuesday) Helsinki, Finland Tavastia Ticket Info
May 12th (Wednesday) Turku, Finland Klubi Ticket Info:
May 13th (Thursday) Tampere, Finland Klubi Ticket Info:
May 14th (Friday) Jyvaskyla, Finland Lutakko Ticket Info
May 16th (Sunday) Aarhus, Denmark Train Ticket Info
May 17th (Monday) Copenhagen, Denmark Vega Ticket Info
May 20th (Thursday) Hamburg, Germany Logo Ticket Info
May 21st (Friday) Hertogenbosch, Holland W2 Ticket Info
May 22nd (Saturday) Brussels, Belgium VK Ticket Info
May 24th (Monday) Strasbourg, France La Laiterie Ticket Info
May 25th (Tuesday) Zurich, Switzerland Dynamo Ticket Info
May 27th (Thurday) Rome, Italy To be confirmed
May 28th (Friday) Venice (Marcon), Italy Magic Bus Ticket Info
May 29th (Saturday) Bologna, Italy Cancelled
May 29th (Saturday) Milan, Italy To be confirmed
May 30th (Sunday) Freiburg, Germany Cafe Atlantik To be confirmed
June 1st (Tuesday) Paris, France La Locomotive Tickets at FNAC stores
June 3rd (Thursday) Berlin, Germany Knaak Ticket Info
June 4th (Friday) Leiden, Holland LVC Ticket Info
June 5th (Saturday) Utrecht, Holland Ekko Ticket Info
June 11th (Friday) London, England Bush Hall Ticket Info

Contributing photographers for any shows, please contact

New album release dates coming soon. More info about the tour, ticket information etc will be added to our websites in the next few days, or if you would like to receive more info about the tour and new releases etc by email please join our mailing list. Also check out our mailorder section where new items will be added soon !

We're really looking forward to the tour ! It'll be great to play in Finland and lots of places we haven't been for a while, and also to go back to some of our favourite places ! Hope you can come if any are near to you. Let us know any comments or questions at Thanks ! Bye for now !

Love from Cranes

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