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Dadaphonic-Cranes Newsletter December 2003

Hello again !

Thanks for the great response to our question about releasing Cranes in Scandinavia. We were introduced to a company called VME (who also distribute all the WARP artists, 4AD artists and many more in Scandinavia) and are happy to let you know that they will distribute 'Live in Italy' LP and 'Future Songs' LP in Denmark too! Those two albums will be in the shops there in about a month. We have also contacted by an indie label in Finland called 'If Society' so those albums will be available in Finland too ! We've been invited to play in Finland and Denmark and so this means we will possibly be touring in Northern Europe next spring. We'll let you know more in the next newsletter.

The new album is coming along. Not finished yet, but lots of new songs starting to come together.

We recently came across a few boxes of vinyl and some CD's at Dadaphonic that we have decided to add to the mail order list. These things are in very limited numbers but might be of interest to collectors, so we thought we'd add them to the list. You can order them at Dadaphonic Mailorder.

Cranes - Vinyl

ESPERO EP (1990)
12" Vinyl Promo Copy (Plain black sleeve)
Track listing: 1. I Hope 2. Cha Cha Escueta 3. EG Shining

12" Vinyl EP (In full colour sleeve)
Track Listing: 1.Tomorrows Tears 2.Casa Blanca 3.Sixth of May 4.Dreamless

JEWEL Vinyl 7" Single (1993)
Side One: 1. Jewel (LP Version) 2. Clear (Pepto Bismol Mix, by
J.G.Thirlwell) 3. Cloudless (Thais Mix, remixed by Ivo Watts Russell)

SHINING ROAD 7" Vinyl (double single set) (1994)
Part one in gatefold sleeve, plus part two in single sleeve.
Disc One: 1. Shining Road. 2. Lilies 3. September.
Disc Two: 1. Shining Road (Brauer Mix) 2. Lilies (Flood Mix) 3. Don't Close Your Eyes

Cranes - CD's

SHINING ROAD CD Single (Part Two) 1994
Track Listing : 1.Shining Road (Brauer Mix) 2.Lilies (Flood Mix) 3.Don't Close Your Eyes 4.Organ Song

POPULATION FOUR CD Album (Ltd Edition White Box version + bonus track)

Any of these items can be signed if you wish. Just ask in the comments box of the order form. All the other more recent dadaphonic releases are available there too of course, but if you want any of the above they will only be available for a short while as we have less than 30 copies of each thing.

Bye for now and hope you have a very Happy Christmas !

xx cranes xx

Dadaphonic-Cranes Newsletter October 2003

France : October 15

Cranes- 'Live in Italy' + 'Submarine Remixes' (Double Album) Cat No: 323182

The french label M10 Records are releasing a special Cranes double CD album. Disc one features the 'Live in Italy' CD (track listing is the same as original 'Live in Italy' CD- 14 songs). Disc two is the Submarine Remixes EP. (Tracklisting as per original Submarine Remixes EP) If anybody would like one, we do have a limited number of the double CD available here at Dadaphonic by mailorder. Orders can be placed from today. Apart from the quantity that we are importing for the mail order section, the double CD version of the album will be available only in France as it is manufactured there and distributed by M10 Records.

Italy : November 14

We are also happy to let you know that 'Live in Italy' is going to be released in...Italy !! The album (original version - one CD with 12 page booklet) will be released by Labels-Virgin Records/EMI Italy and will be available in Italy in shops from November 14th. This is our first proper release in Italy since the Population Four album and so we say a BIG thank you to all the people who came to see us at the shows we played Rome, Milan, Firenze in 2001 and Ancona, Pordenone, Massa and Rome in 2002. Thanks so much for all your support ! Really hope you enjoy the album !

We are currently working on songs for a new album. No release dates as yet, but we will keep you informed. Also we will let you know about a possible DVD release which is not definite yet, but might happen in a couple of months time.

In the meantime, the live album is released in USA on Instinct Records/Rykodisc. Its also out in the UK on our very own dadaphonic !

Scandinavia ???

Does anybody know any record labels in Scandinavia that will release Cranes ?! We would love to have our albums released there. We have had very good support there on previous tours in Norway, Sweden and Denmark and we played in Copenhagen at the Vibration Festival in Feb 2003 and also in Aarhus. Please contact if you can help. Thanks !! Anyone from other countries, feel free to write too !! Thanks again !

Bye for now

Lots of Best Wishes

Cranes xxx

Dadaphonic-Cranes Newsletter July 2003

Dear Everybody,

Thanks for the great response to the live album ! We're really glad you like it. It has been nice to receive all your messages. Thanks ! We had a great time at the gig in London last Saturday too. The venue (Bush Hall) is lovely, like an old theatre, and it was a really nice evening, with Michael Sheehy playing too. We filmed the whole gig on three cameras and so sometime later this year we may release a DVD of the show plus some other cranes footage from other tours and things. We'll let you know how it goes!

Also wanted to let you know that 'Live in Italy' is now released into shops in the UK and USA. You should be able to find it at major chains in the UK, like HMV plus some independent stores but if your local shop doesn't have it, please ask them to order it in for you! The catalogue number is DADA002. (dadaphonic/SRD). In USA the album is released on Instinct/Rykodisc (Cat no INS617-2.)

Album is also available thru Dadaphonic Mailorder. Other cranes CDs, vinyl, books etc can be found there and also a new set of postcards has just been added. And the Future Songs T.Shirts are only 10 now, so check it out if you'd like one, as we won't be making any more of this one ! Thanks !

We recently updated the site with some new pictures on the front page etc, and have added some new free mp3's from the live album and Submarine EP to download from the audio section. Hope you like them ! Please send any comments to Bye for now !

love from Cranes and all at dadaphonic

Dadaphonic-Cranes Newsletter May 2003

Cranes - Live in Italy - DADA002

Cranes - Live in Italy

Well, we are really happy to let you know that the live album is ready !

It has 14 songs recorded in Italy (and Holland and Austria) on the Cranes 2002 tour. The sleeve has a 12 page booklet full of photos from the 2002 tours. The album will be available by mailorder from Dadaphonic Mailorder from Weds May 14. We can accept pre-orders from today ! Orders will be processed on May 14th. The first 200 cd's will be signed by the whole group, so please mention in the comments box of the order form, if you would like your copy to be one of the signed ones. The price for the album is 9.00 + S/H

The tracklisting is :

1. Cloudless
2. Fragile
3. Future Song
4. Submarine
5. Flute Song
6. Sunrise
7. Everywhere
8. Jewel
9. Far Away
10. Adrift
11. Paris and Rome
12. E.G.Shining
13. Shining Road
14. Adoration

The album will also be available as a limited release in record shops in UK, USA and France in July and September.

In the UK the album will be released by Dadaphonic/Southern Records Distribution and will be available in record stores from June 23 2003.

In USA the album will be released by Instinct Records/Ryko Distribution in July 2003. The tracklisting will be the same as the UK version, although the booklet may be a slightly slimmed down version.

In France the album is to be released on M10 Records in September 2003. More news on this release date soon.

UK Show in June

Saturday June 21 - Bush Hall - London Cranes will play a special one off show at Bush Hall in Shepherds Bush, West London Tickets for the show now available.

Opening for Cranes will be Michael J.Sheehy who also played with Cranes at the Knitting Factory in New York last year. Michael has an album out on Beggars called 'No Longer My Concern'. Ali from Cranes sings backing vocals on one song, which is called 'Dark Country Moment'. It's a brilliant album ! (,

Cranes - Moon City 7" vinyl single

The Moon City single is now back in stock ! It is available now by mailorder from Dadaphonic Mailorder.

Sorry for long wait for this news. Hope you enjoy the live album ! Thanks to all the photographers who contributed to the sleeve and to everyone who came to see us on the tour.

love from Cranes and all at dadaphonic

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