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Dadaphonic-Cranes Newsletter December 2002

Dear Everybody

Hello ! Thanks so much for the great response to the news about the Cranes live album. Just wanted to let you know we will be going ahead with it and are now hoping to release it in January 2003. It was really nice to read all your comments, thanks for taking time to write ! Well, we have been working on the mixes and the sleeve is nearly ready too ! We've never released a live album before so we're quite excited ! We'll be sending out a newsletter with the release date and details as soon as it's ready !

Danish Tour

Cranes have been asked to play at the Vibration-CPH 03 Festival in Copenhagen, Denmark in February 2003. It's not quite confirmed yet, but looking quite likely with two more shows in Denmark to be added ! The festival runs from Feb 12 -16 and features electronic and indie music. If it goes ahead we very much hope to add a show in Hamburg, Germany as we are longing to play in Germany too. And we are very excited about going to Denmark again. Can't wait!

Carmen Rosa

Ben Baxter and Jon Callender (bassist and drummer from Cranes) will be playing with their other group 'Carmen Rosa' ( on Sunday December 22. The gig is at The Wedgewood Rooms in Portsmouth and they will be launching their new EP "Cool without Reason" on the same night. During the last Cranes tour Carmen Rosa music was played before each show just before we came on, so you might have heard some of their songs already ! Anyway, it should be a really good gig. Come and see them !

Mark Red

Also during the tour lots of people asked us what Mark Francombe is up to these days. Mark was the guitar player in Cranes from when we began until 1997. Anyway, he is based in Oslo now, has changed his name and has a new electronic music project called 'Mark Red'. He has already had several very well known dj's and record labels beating down his door about it, so expect to hear more about him soon ! Find out what he's been up to and hear some tracks at

Well, that's all our news for now !

Hope you have a really good Christmas ! Happy Birthday Mark !

Lots of love from Cranes and all at Dadaphonic

Dadaphonic-Cranes Newsletter November 2002

Hello again. A massive thanks to everyone who came to see us in Europe last month. We had a brilliant time and really enjoyed going back to Holland and Belgium again. Thanks so much for coming to see us...we also went to Austria and Italy on the tour which were were just brilliant ! And then at the beginning of November we went to Mexico for a show, one of our favourite places ever and so we also want to say a huge thanks to everyone who came to see us there and to all the people who looked after us so well while we were there. It really was great.

Cranes Live Album

During the recent European tour, we recorded all the shows ! We used a really good 24 track recording machine that we took with us on the whole tour ( that's why some of the the soundchecks ran a bit late sometimes !!!) Anyway, the recordings turned out really well, so for the first time ever we have decided to release a live album ! The album will feature 16 songs from the Cranes 2002 tour recorded live in Rome, Vienna, Pordenone and Amsterdam.

The live album is likely to be a Limited Edition release, available just through and The release date would be Dec 9th by mail order only. If you would be likely to want this release, it would be brilliant if you could let us know by filling in this short survey at....

It would probably be a small pressing which can be signed if you wish. We will be picking some people at random from those of you who answer the survey who will get their cd's free as a thank you for taking time to fill in the survey ! So let us know as soon as possible if you are interested in this release, so that we press up enough. Thanks very much for you help !

Moon City Single

Thanks to everyone who ordered the Moon City single ! Glad you liked it ! The original vinyl pressing is now sold out, but Elefant Records (who produced the single) are going to let us know if they re-press the single, and if they do, they would be ready in mid- December, they say. So we'll let you know !

Bye for now. Thanks again for all your support on the tour !

Love from

cranes and all at dadaphonic

Dadaphonic-Cranes Newsletter October 2002

Dear Everybody

Hello again. Here are the latest dates for the Cranes tour in Europe in October with ticket and venue info in case you'd like to come ! We just heard the first show in Liege is sold out throught the ticket agencies, but that some tickets are still available at the door from the venue on the night, if you still want to come. Also we're really happy to let you know that our show in Mexico City is now confirmed for November 9th. It's at Circo Volador, an old theatre near Metro La Viga. See below for details of all the shows.

October 10th (Thursday) Liege, Belgium Soundstation Ticket Info Tour Flyer
October 11th (Friday) Brussels, Belgium VK Ticket Info Tour Flyer
October 12th (Saturday) Amsterdam, Holland Melkweg Venue / Ticket Info Tour Flyer
October 13th (Sunday) Tilburg, Holland O13 Venue / Ticket Info Tour Flyer
October 22nd (Tuesday) Berlin, Germany Knaak Cancelled
October 23rd (Wednesday) Vienna, Austria WUK Venue / Ticket Info Tour Flyer
October 25th (Friday) Pordenone, Italy Deposito Giordani Venue / Ticket Info Tour Flyer
October 26th (Saturday) Ancona, Italy Mamamia Venue / Ticket Info Tour Flyer
October 28th (Monday) Rome, Italy Black Out Venue / Ticket Info Tour Flyer
October 29th (Tuesday) Massa, Italy Baroanda Venue / Ticket Info Tour Flyer

Unfortunately the proposed gig in Berlin for October 22nd will not go ahead as the venue is double booked on that night. We have not been able to arrange anything else on that night at such short notice, so we would like to plan a separate short tour for Germany in the coming months, if possible. We'll let you know. If you live in Germany, look out for the November issue of Zillo. It's got a Cranes song 'Fragile' on the CD they give away with the magazine ! There's also interviews, reviews etc in Sonic Seducer, Szene, Tendance.

Mexico Cranes Show

November 9th (Saturday) - Mexico City, Mexico - CIRCO VOLADOR
Tickets: Ticketmaster or phone: + 5325.9000

Circo Volador
Calzada la Viga no.146 Col. Jamaica
(Afuera del Metro la Viga)


An Italian website (which has loads of good music reviews and features covering 'electro and urban musical avant-guardism') is running a Cranes competition and the prizes are a pair of tickets for each of the Cranes gigs in Italy. There will also be an interview with Ali. Should be up in the next few days ! Hope to see you on the tour if you can make it !

Bye for now

Love from Cranes and all at Dadapahonic xx

Dadaphonic-Cranes Newsletter August 2002

Cranes 7" Vinyl Single !

Elefant Records in Spain has asked cranes to contribute two songs for their 7" Vinyl singles club. The songs are :

1. The Moon City
2. It's a Beautiful World

The single is very limited edition. We have just a very small number of copies available here at dadaphonic mailorder. It is on white vinyl made in Czech Republic, with a heavy cardboard sleeve and is kind of a nice rare object. Please visit the mailorder section if you would like to place an order. It is £4.50 (GBP) + s/h and is available now !

Another way to get it is by joining the singles club at elefant records ( There you can buy the whole set of nine 7" vinyl singles in the current 2001 edition, including singles by Les Freres Checkolade and Greg Murray and Boothby for 46 Euros if you live in Europe, or 66 Euros if you live in the rest of the World.

The cranes songs were written in 1998 and are not anything to do with the current 'Future Songs' album, but those of you who have the 'Til The Stars Shine ' lyric book, might notice that the words to 'It's a Beautiful World' are included in it, even though that song has never been released....until now !! 'The Moon City' was written around the same time, but has never been released either ! If you would like your copy of the single to be signed, please let us know in the comments box on the order form in the dadaphonic mailorder section. Thanks !

Hyde Park !

Thanks for coming to see us at the Hyde Park show in London last Saturday ! It was brilliant to see the Cure again. We had a really nice time and Mogwai and Joseph Arthur sounded great too! The sun was shining all day and everyone was happy ! Thanks so much to the Cure for inviting us :) Full review and photos are available here.

And then on Friday last week (Aug 2) we played at Benicassim festival in Spain ! We were asked to play at the last minute and so we quickly found some flights and it was our first time playing in Spain for ages ! It was fun. We played from 8-9pm so we spent the rest of the night watching DJ Shadow, Four Tet, Muse, Supergrass and by coincidence once again, the Cure who sounded awesome. It was great to wander around watching everybody play !

La Route Du Rock Festival France (Sat Aug 10th)

Ali from Cranes will be singing a song called 'Your Sweet Love' as part of the group Trash Palace . This is a project by Dimitri Tikovoi, who mixed 'Driving In the Sun' on Cranes recent Submarine remix EP. Other singers involved in the project are John Cale, Brian Molko, Jean Louis Murat and Cozette.

European Tour

'Future Songs' LP (recently described as "true beauty, celestial atmospherics, with tender dub inflected percussion"- "experimental, languid, haunting, melancholic, hypnotic, rippling, dreamlike sound"- ) is to be released in Germany, Switzerland and Austria on September 16th, (on Dadaphonic, distributed by Neo/Sony). A European tour to follow is being planned starting in Belgium on October 10th. There will hopefully also be shows in Holland, Germany, Switzerland, Italy and maybe Spain again. For more information please write to us at Thanks and bye for now

Lots of love from

cranes and all at dadaphonic

Dadaphonic-Cranes Newsletter July 2002

Upcoming UK Shows

JULY 27th London, Hyde Park The CURE and MOGWAI and CRANES !

We're really looking forward to this show. Can't wait ! Tickets for the Hyde Park show can be found on : NME Ticket Line +44 (0)870 1 663 663 or Ticketmaster

Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Mexico

Cranes 'Future Songs' LP is finally going to be released in Germany, Switzerland and Austria (via Neo-Sony) in August/September ! We are really happy about this and planning to play some shows in those countries in the autumn and some other gigs in Europe will be added if possible, hopefully Belgium and Holland. We'll let you know how the plan goes ! We've also been invited to play in Mexico in October. We are also really excited about this ! The show is proposed for the first weekend of October at Salon 21, a really nice warehouse venue. There may also be a show in Guadalajara too. These shows are not yet confirmed but could be soon if all goes well. We'll let you know !

USA Tour

Thanks so much to everyone who came to see us in America in April/May. We had a brilliant time and really would like to thank everyone that came to see us; the atmosphere at the shows was really special and it was great to be in America again. Thanks so much for all your support and big thanks to all the people who helped us to promote the gigs and to the groups we played with. "For Stars" from San Francisco were great and also Michael J Sheehy who played at the Philadelphia and New York shows was really cool. He has a new album coming out in October, called "No Longer My Concern" which includes some backing vocals on one song ('Dark Country Moment') by Ali from Cranes.

Submarine EP

The Submarine EP went well in America, getting into the Billboard Maxi Single chart at number 24 in May. Blimey ! We met Saru who remixed Submarine at the El Rey gig in LA and he was really nice. Also met the Thin Men in Dallas and they were really nice too...and really thin !! Many thanks also to Tripnotic, Dimitri Tikovoi, and Jack Dangers, Greg Long, Paul Smith and Dietrich Schoenemann for their mixes. We were really pleased with how they turned out. The EP can be found in USA in record stores or from dadaphonic mailorder.

Recently added to the mail order section are the new blue 'Submarine' T.Shirts that were available during the U.S. tour. The boy version is in slate blue with a special skinny version for girls in pale blue with dark blue cap sleeves. They look nice ! The black Future Songs T.Shirt is still available too, along with lyric books, posters, plus Submarine EP etc, and more !

Thanks again for all your support during the US tour. It was so nice to be playing there again ! We'll let you know about the European Shows and Mexico as soon as possible. Bye for now !

love from cranes xxx

Dadaphonic-Cranes Newsletter April 2002

Hey Everybody,

Here are the final confirmed dates for the Cranes tour in America, including recently added shows in Phoenix and New Orleans ! We're also playing a gig in England this week in Portsmouth on Thursday just before we leave. Hope you can come ! Here are the latest dates including the opening groups that have been confirmed so far.

April 18th - Portsmouth UK - Wedgewood Rooms (Thursday) - opening: Gilkicker
April 24th - Washington DC - The Black Cat (Wednesday) - opening: Phaser
April 25th - Boston, MA - Middle East (Thursday)- opening: Mistle Thrush
April 26th - Philadelphia, PA - North Star (Friday) - opening: Michael.J Sheehy
April 27th - NYC - The Knitting Factory (Saturday) - opening: Michael.J Sheehy
April 28th - NYC - The Knitting Factory (Sunday) - opening: For Stars
April 30th - Toronto - Lee's Palace (Tuesday) - opening: For Stars
May 1st - Cleveland, OH - Beachland Ballroom (Wednesday) - opening: For Stars
May 2nd - Detroit, MI - Magic Stick (Thursday) - opening: For Stars
May 3rd - Chicago, IL - The Metro (Friday) - opening: For Stars
May 4th - St. Louis, MO - The Galaxy (Saturday) - opening: For Stars
May 6th - Denver, CO - The Bluebird Theatre (Monday) - opening: For Stars
May 9th - Seattle, WA - Graceland (Thursday) - opening: For Stars, Tagging Satellites
May 10th - Vancouver - Vancouver Music Festival (Friday)
May 11th - Portland, OR - Berbatis Pan (Saturday) - opening: For Stars
May 14th - San Francisco, CA - Slim's (Tuesday) - opening: For Stars
May 16th - Los Angeles, CA - El Rey Theatre (Thursday) - opening: Trespassers William
May 17th - Phoenix, AZ - Big Fish Pub (Friday)
May 20th - Dallas, TX - Trees (Monday) - opening: Mercova
May 21st - Austin, TX - Steamboat (Tuesday) - opening: Mercova
May 22nd - New Orleans - Shim Sham Club (Wednesday)
May 24th - Atlanta, GA - Cotton Club (Friday)
May 25th - St. Petersurg, FL - State Theatre (Saturday)
May 26th - Orlando, FL - The Social (Sunday)

We will also be doing some acoustic/band performances in record shops during the tour. The ones confirmed so far are :

May 11th - Portland Music Millenium 3pm (Saturday)
May 13th - San Franciso Amoeba Records 6pm (Monday)
May 15th - Los Angeles Amoeba Records 8pm (Wednesday)

A flyer for the tour listing all the tour dates and featuring photos that we recently had taken can be found at

Feel free to print out copies of the flyers and post them around your town. Any help with letting people know about the shows is really appreciated. Thanks !

The photos were specially taken for us by Perou. He came down to Portsmouth recently and we spent a day at the beach and in an old Submarine scrapyard and at Portchester Castle taking pictures. It was really fun. To see more of his photos which are really amazing his website is More cranes pics can be seen there in 'archive' then 'music' then 'cranes'.

Submarine EP

An 8 track EP featuring remixes of Submarine, Don't Wake Me Up and Driving In the Sun will be released in USA on April 23. The songs include remixes by several producers and DJ's from Instinct Records and also two of our favourite European producers. The EP will be available in venues that we play on the tour, in selected records shops in America and from our mailorder. Orders accepted from today ! We also have a new blue t-shirt for the Submarine release, which will be available during the tour along with the Future Songs t-shirts, and there are really nice new skinny girls versions of both to be available on the tour too.

Track Listing for Submarine EP is

1. Submarine (Depth Charge Mix by Saru)
2. Don't Wake Me Up (Paul Smith Remix)
3. Don't Wake Me Up (Remixed by Tripnotic)
4. Driving in The Sun (Re-mix by Dimitri Tikovöi)
5. Submarine (Greg Long's Patina Mix)
6. Don't Wake Me Up (Wednesday Catnap Remix by Dietrich Schoenemann)
7. Submarine (Jack Dangers Remix)
8. Submarine (Thin Men Remix)

Well, that's all the news for now ! Thanks for all your messages about the tour ! It's great to hear from you and looking forward to seeing you soon ! We have been figuring out lots of songs for the tour this week and can't wait to play.

Bye for now

Lots of love from Cranes

P.S Hoping to confirm a special gig in London in July very soon !

Dadaphonic-Cranes Newsletter No. 5 March 2002

Cranes U.S. Tour !

We are really happy to let you know that the new Cranes tour for North America has now been confirmed ! Cranes will be playing 23 shows in America and Canada between April 24 and May 26 2002. The venues include two nights at The Knitting Factory in New York and shows at Chicago Metro and El Rey Theatre in Los Angeles (also Seattle, San Francisco, Vancouver and many other cities!) Here are all the dates confirmed so far ! Latest info about the tour, including news of opening groups etc can be found at or in the next few weeks. It's our first tour in USA for 5 years ! We'll be playing some acoustic sessions at radio stations along the way, and maybe including some in-store acoustic sessions too, so will keep you posted as things get confirmed.

Cranes 2002 Tour
April 24th - Washington DC - The Black Cat (Wednesday)
April 25th - Boston, MA - Middle East (Thursday)
April 26th - Philadelphia, PA - North Star (Friday)
April 27th - NYC - The Knitting Factory (Saturday)
April 28th - NYC - The Knitting Factory (Sunday)
April 30th - Toronto - Lee's Palace (Tuesday)
May 1st - Cleveland, OH - Beachland Ballroom (Wednesday)
May 2nd - Detroit, MI - Magic Stick (Thursday)
May 3rd - Chicago, IL - The Metro (Friday)
May 4th - St. Louis, MO - TBA (Saturday)
May 6th - Denver, CO - The Bluebird Theatre (Monday)
May 9th - Seattle, WA - Graceland (Thursday)
May 10th - Vancouver - Vancouver Music Festival (Friday)
May 11th - Portland, OR - Berbatis Pan (Saturday)
May 14th - San Francisco, CA - Slim's (Tuesday)
May 16th - Los Angeles, CA - El Rey Theatre (Thursday)
May 17th - San Diego, CA - TBA (Friday)
May 20th - Dallas, TX - Trees (Monday)
May 21st - Austin, TX - Steamboat (Tuesday)
May 22nd - Houston or New Orleans - TBA (Wednesday)
May 24th - Atlanta, GA - Cotton Club (Friday)
May 25th - Tampa, FL - State Theatre (Saturday)
May 26th - Orlando, FL - The Social (Sunday)

Please visit the Tour section for venue and ticket info.

If you are interested in taking photos at any shows for Cranes Fan Forum, please contact in advance.

Submarine EP

We have just completed an EP called 'Submarine' scheduled for release on Instinct Records on April 23 containing remixes from 'Future Songs' LP by Instinct Records/Shadow Records artists and producers from Europe. Full tracklisting and info coming soon.

Hope you can make it so to some of the shows. Let us know what you think at Thanks ! Bye for now.

Lots of love

Cranes xxx

PS - A really big thank you to all the college stations who have been playing Future Songs. It got to No.7 in the Top 200 at CMJ !

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