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Dadaphonic-Cranes Newsletter No. 4 December 2001

Dear Everybody,

Just to let you know that a special edition of 'Future Songs' will be released in USA and Canada by Instinct Records on January 8th 2002. The CD version will include three extra tracks, (two re-mixes and a new song). The full tracklisting is :

1. Future Songs
2. Submarine
3. Flute Song
4. Sunrise
5. Don't Wake Me Up
6. Driving In the Sun
7. Fragile
8. Eight
9. Even When
10. Everything For
11. The Maker of Heavenly Trousers
12. Fragile (Remix)
13. Don't Wake Me Up (Remix)
14. In the Reeds

A trip to New York in February is being planned for some promotion and maybe some low-key acoustic sessions, kind of like we did in Paris ! Check out our news board at or in the next few weeks for more news about this. And in April a tour of USA and Canada is being booked and we are really double excited about that !

We had a really nice time at the acoustic session in Paris and at the gig in Portsmouth recently. It was fun to figure out the new versions of the songs and it will be nice to do something similar in America too !

We've just added a new sized T.Shirt to the mailing list as lots of people have been requesting a smaller more fitted T.Shirt for boys, as well as the girls skinny and large boys shirts that we currently had. So now there's a fitted (size 32-38) version of the 'Future Songs' T.Shirt too for all you skinny boys out there ! And also a slightly larger girls skinny size medium for all the medium-sized skinny girls ! You can order them at

Also recently added to the mail order list (very limited quantity) are some special edition Shining Road CD singles in a special little box featuring Shining Road, Lilies, September, and Green Song 7.

Toke and Michael at who designed our album sleeve and our lovely dadaphonic website (currently featured at!) have invented a new and very brilliant website/application called 'moodstats'. It's an application which allows you to keep a diary of all your moods and emotions and and after a few days of entering in your data it gives you beautiful graphs and statistics to show you how your moods have been changing. And it's got a diary section and loads of other cool features. You can download it from

Well, that's all our news for now ! Hope you have a really brilliant Christmas and very happy 2002 ! Thanks so much for all your support this year. Looking forward to going to America ! Here's the Instinct website if you want to have a look

Lots of love from

cranes and all at dadaphonic

Dadaphonic-Cranes Newsletter No. 3 October 2001

Hello again !

Just to let you know (in case you didn't already !) that our new website for the dadaphonic label is now live at

It's got new MP3's, lots of cranes news, latest tour dates, info, photos, artist details and lots more all in a lovely new design by Toke, Michael, and Mike at

We've just added a new cranes t-shirts in the mail-order section ! Available in two sizes for boys and skinny t-shirt for girls. You can find them at along with lots of other items !

Just got back from Italy. What a gorgeous place ! We fell in love once again with Milan, Rome, and Florence , so beautiful and it was all sunny and warm and we met lots of nice people and had plenty of lovely italian food ! Thanks so much to everyone who came to see us ! Still waiting for a release date from our friends at Extra Labels/Virgin for Italy, but it should be mid November if all goes well.

The next gigs in the UK are :

Wednesday Oct 24th at The Garage - Islington, London UK

Thursday Oct 25th at Colchester Arts Centre Colchester UK

Really hope you can come !

Also just heard we are going to be playing some acoustic songs in the FNAC record store in Paris to coincide with the french release of Future songs. Album is released there on Nov 8th and then on Nov 10th at 1pm we will be playing in the record store at

FNAC Montparnasse
136 rue de Rennes
75006 Paris

Well, bye for now. Hope things are going well ! We are waiting for more details about the release for Future Songs for USA but it looks very likely that the album will come out there in January with a tour to follow in February ! So check into the dadaphonic or cranes site over the next few weeks for more info !

Bye for now. Hope to see you soon !

lots of love,


Dadaphonic-Cranes Newsletter No. 2 August 2001

Dear Everybody

Hello again !

Just heard that our show at CMJ festival in NY is confirmed ! It's on Thursday Sept 13th at The Limelight (6th Ave at 20th St NYC). Doors at 8pm. Tickets available at Ticketmaster or by phone (212) 307-7171.

It's our first show in America in over four years ! The show is part of the CMJ music and film festival. If you can make it, we would LOVE to see you. We have not been able to add any further US shows on this trip due to other commitments, but hopefully if all goes well, the album will be released in the USA in the next few months and it's possible a longer tour will follow. But if you are able make it to New York, we hope it will be a good show ! We have a 90 minute set time, so we will be playing lots of stuff !

Thanks so much for all your messages about the new album 'Future Songs'! It's good to hear that people are liking it ! We have definite release dates for France, Belgium and Holland now ! For Belgium and Holland, the album will be released on September 3rd through Dadaphonic - PIAS ( Phone +32 0 2 558 5811 in Belgium for details. The release date for France is November 8th through Dadaphonic - M10 - Musidisc. Phone +33 1 41 49 42 05 in France for details.

And of course you can still buy the album by mail order at Cranes Mail Order. We also have some gorgeous new posters of the album sleeve which you can get there too. Just had a reprint of the lyric book, so that's back in action again too !

We had a brilliant time at the festivals in Geneva and Belgium. The whole gig in Belgium was filmed by Belgian TV, so be on the lookout for that ! Sorry for the short set that day. Just as we were going on, our only acoustic guitar was accidentaly dropped and it smashed into pieces causing a bit of panic and delay ! It took us a few minutes to borrow a new one and tune it, so that's why our playing time had to be shortened due to the time slots. But apart from that it was a nice show and we had fun ! Thanks to everyone who came.

Here are some more shows scheduled for Europe in September/October...

September 18th, Tuesday - Brussels, Belgium - Les Nuits Botanique Festival (w/Divine Comedy)
September 19th, Wednesday - Paris, France - La Locomotive
October 11th, Thursday - Milan, Italy - Tunnel
October 12th, Friday - Rome, Italy - Blackout
October 13th, Saturday - Florence, Italy - Siddartha
October 24th, Wednesday - London, UK - The Garage London UK (To be confirmed)

More European and UK shows in October to be announced ! There's also a possibility we will be playing in Mexico in November.

Next newsletter will contain info all about the new DADAPHONIC website which is nearly ready ! It will contain lots of up to date news, pictures, information updated very regularly about new releases, and other info.

Bye for now ! Hope to see you in NY!

Love from cranes

dadaphonic-cranes newsletter no. 1 - may 2001

The new cranes album 'Future Songs' is released via internet on May 28th. The album features 10 new songs (eleven if you count a strange noise) and a 12 page booklet with colour coded lyrics. The album will also be released on vinyl at a slightly later date. The album sleeve (beautiful!) is by Toke Nygaard and Michael Schmidt of The tracklisting and cover art are...

1. Future Song
2. Submarine
3. Flute Song
4. Sunrise
5. Don't Wake Me Up
6. Driving in the Sun
7. Fragile
8. Eight
9. Even When
10. Everything For
11. The Maker of Heavenly Trousers

Advance orders will be accepted from today. You can order this cd by secure online/mail-order at Cranes Mail Order.


UK - The album will be released in the UK on June 4th on dadaphonic/SRD. It will be available in independent and chain record stores throughout the region. Tower Records are placing it on their listening posts in June.

Belgium and Holland and Luxembourg - The album will be released by PIAS/dadaphonic in late June.

Italy - The album will be released by Labels Virgin/dadaphonic in Italy. Release date is expected to late June.

Portugal - The album will be released by Zona Musica/dadaphonic in Portugal. Release date is expected to be September 2001.

USA - We are currently looking at distribution options for USA and hope to release the album there later this year. We can't wait to come back to the US and will tour there when the album release is arranged.

All other countries are to be confirmed. Any other interested distributors/labels or licensees from any other world wide destination please contact us at

The album will also be available at our new web site in a few weeks, but the site is not quite ready yet ! But is coming soon ! So our existing online mail order service at, Cranes Mail Order is initially the best place to buy the album online. If you don't have a credit/debit card, order forms can be downloaded and sent in by land mail.

Live shows

Album launch show at Mean Fiddler (downstairs from the Astoria Theatre) in London on Saturday June 9th. Ticket info at Ticketmaster or Mean Fiddler. Also, an additional UK show at

Tuesday June 5th - Roadmender Club - Northhampton. Ticket info by phone +44 (0)1604 604 222.


Sunday June 24th - Fete de la Musique - Geneva, Switzerland
Saturday July 14th - Arvika, Sweden (to be confirmed)
Saturday August 4th - EuroRock, Belgium
September 18-23 - Les Nuits Botaniques at L'Orangerie - Brussels, Belgium (exact date - to be confirmed)

More summer festivals to be announced. A European Tour is also currently being arranged for September/October.

Album reviews so far - Uncut, a UK Film and Music review magazine gives Future Songs 4 out of 5 stars and describes it as 'bliss " !

More news coming soon!

cranes/dadaphonic xxx

Newsletter April 2001

Hi Everybody !

Just to let you know that we have finished recording the new LP ! It's called 'Future Songs' and will be released in the UK on June 4th on our own new independent record label called 'dadaphonic' (DADA001 SRD). The album will also be available by mail order from our new dadaphonic records website which will be launched in May. The address will be The internet release for the album (via mail-order) is planned for mid May. We'll keep you posted and send you full details of how to order in a newsletter just before the release dates...

London Show

Next London show on Saturday June 9th at the Mean Fiddler!

The venue (formerly known as London Astoria II) is situated downstairs at the Astoria Theatre, Charing Cross Rd, London W1.

It's our first show of the year and we will be playing some of the songs from the new album for the first time. It's our first new LP for four years ! If you would like to come tickets can be found at or or tel +44 (0)20 7344 0044

Preview of 'Future Song'

If you'd like to hear one of the new songs from the album please visit our Audio page where you can listen to or download the first song on the album which is called 'Future Song' . Really hope you like it ! We have produced the album ourselves and although it has been a long process, we are really happy with the way it has turned out. There are 10 new songs plus a short link section making 11 tracks altogether. Very much looking forward to playing it live.


We are currently arranging distribution for the album via independent distribution companies, ie PIAS, ExtraLabels, etc (into record stores ) for several countries in Europe and hopefully America and other world-wide destinations too. Full information will be available on the dadaphonic website in a few weeks. The release dates for countries outside UK is expected to be September 2001.

Questionaire Re : On-line Mail Order

We wonder if you could help us with a short questionaire about the new album and back catalogue items ? It will help us to know what quantities to produce for dadaphonic website and whether you prefer vinyl or CD , what other cranes items you would like to see available there etc. Please visit the Pre-Release Survey! Thanks !

Thanks so much for your support and sorry it's been such a long wait ... lots of stuff has been going on ! The new dadaphonic website will include info about what we have been doing for the last four years etc etc plus more previews of songs and tour news and much more !! A big thank you to every one who came to see us at the shows last summer in Mexico and Portugal (and Bristol and London and Portsmouth.) It was brilliant to be playing again and we had a really nice time.

Well, that's all for now. Hope you are well and happy and we're really looking forward to playing in London again. Hope you can make it if you are anywhere close by and we will let you know when the internet release date is confirmed and when the new dadaphonic website is ready. Won't be too long, we promise !

Lots of love from

cranes xxxx

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