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CRANES Newsletter - July 2000

Dear Everyone,

Hello once again. How are you ? Just to let you know that we will be playing some shows in Europe in August. They are :

Thursday August 3 - Portsmouth UK, Wedgewood Rooms -
Sunday August 6 - Bristol UK, Fleece and Firkin -
Wednesday August 9 - Arcos de Valdevez Festival Portugal -

We are especially looking forward to Portugal as we have never played there before. The show is part of a three day festival and should be really good. We are playing on day 2 and the headline band that night is 'Death in Vegas'. We will be on at around 9:00pm. Also we are really excited about playing Bristol since we haven't been there for years. We will be playing some more new songs and hope you can make it if you live anywhere nearby !

We had a brilliant time in Mexico . We felt so lucky that we were able to go there and play and we all stayed on for a couple of weeks after the shows and visited the coast and Oaxaca. We love it there. Thanks to everybody who came to see us in Mexico City and Guadalajara. It was something we'll always remember. We hope the shows went well and that you enjoyed the occasion as much as we did. Thanks also to everyone who came to see us in London. It was a great surprise to hear the the show was sold out and really encouraging for the future.

As for the new album, we have now demoed nearly all of the songs and we have set a release date of October 24th ! Also as a separate project Jim has recorded an album of instrumental /orchestral music (it sounds amazing ! ) and we are planning to release that very soon too. We will keep you informed of the latest developments and there will be an August/ September newsletter with lots more info. In the meantime we are really looking forward to playing some more new songs at the forthcoming shows and would love to see you if you can make it ! Hope you are having a great summer and hope to see you sometime soon !

Bye for now

Lots of love from cranes xxx

CRANES Newsletter - January 2000

Dear Everybody

Hello again !

How are you ?! Hope you have had a brilliant start to the New Year and that all is well with you. This letter is just to let you know that we will be playing a few dates in late February/March. We have been asked to play two shows in Mexico ! We are really excited as it is one of our favourite places to visit. The shows are going to be in Mexico City and Guadalahara. Also we are going to be playing in London just before we leave for Mexico which will be our first show in London in over two years. We really hope you can make it if you live anywhere nearby !

The dates are :

Saturday 26th February - London, UK - The Garage
Holloway Road, Islington (Opposite Highbury & Islington tube station)
Tickets available online at:
Ticket Outlets by phone:
TicketMaster - (0) 171 344 0044
Stargreen - (0) 171 734 8932
Way Ahead - 0115 912 9000

Friday 3rd March - Mexico City, Mexico - Hard Rock Live
Campos Eliseos 290
Col.Chapultepec Polanco
Mexico, D.F. C.P. 11560
Phone: 52- 53 27 71 60
Fax: 52- 53 27 71 61
Tickets also available at TicketMaster outlets or

Saturday 4th March - Guadalahara, Mexico - Hard Rock Live
Avenida Vallarta 2425 local A8 Col
Americana, Guadalahara
Jal. C.P. 44160
Phone: 52-3 616 45 64
Fax: 52-3 616 45 60
Tickets also available at TicketMaster outlets or

Thanks so much for all your support throughout this year. We had a brilliant time at the shows in Europe in September and met lots of people who had traveled from far and wide. It was lovely. We had really good weather at the festival in Belgium too, which was lucky ! Thanks so much to Jean-Phi and Herve who invited us and to everyone who made it along to the shows. It was nice to be playing again and everyone said that our new drummer Jon has settled in really well. Things are going well and we will be giving you an update on the new album soon. We played some new songs at the September shows and have been working on the album since then, and also talking to some distributors and other people who have shown an interest in our work.

Also thanks for all your orders for the lyric book and other items from Cranes Mail Order. We're glad you have liked it. Some new items will soon be available at the site so check it out when you have a minute.

Well, bye for now !

Hope everything is going well and maybe see you next month !

Lots of love

cranes xxx

CRANES Newsletter - July 1999

Dear Everybody,

Hello again ! How are you ? Thank you so much for all your kind comments and letters about the lyric book ! We're so glad that you like it and we are really happy that we have been able to make it available to you via the internet. Everybody has been very positive about it so far and we're really glad that we were able to make it ourselves. Hope you were happy with all the things that you ordered. We are pleased to be able to add some more of our back catalogue items to the mail order list this month so see the mail order page for some vinyl and other items which are now available.

Live Dates
We wanted to tell you that we are going to be playing in Belgium in September ! It's a new festival called 'Waremme Capitale' and takes place in Waremme (near Liege) on Saturday September 11th. Hope you can make it ! It's our first show since Switzerland last summer so we are quite excited. For ticket information please visit the Waremme Capitale web site at... (French Version) or (English Version)

Also we will be playing in Portsmouth UK, at The Wedgewood Rooms on Sunday September 5th. Please call (0)1705 863911 for ticket info, or check The Wedgewood Rooms web site at...

Other news
The song 'Leave Her to Heaven' will appear in a British film next year. It's called 'Urbane' and is to be directed by Frazer Lee. We are working on music for a new album but we are not ready to release anything yet so we hope that you will bear with us while we get ready. We have also been rehearsing with a new drummer John Calender on loan from the Portsmouth based band Vex.

Meanwhile, the lyric book 'Til the Stars Shine', is still available through cranes mail order so if you want one let us know ! There's not likely to be a re-print in the foreseeable future so these are probably the last ones. Mention on your order form if you would like it signed ! The first batch of signed books went very quickly, so we signed some more so as not to disappoint anybody.

Anyway, we really hope everything is going very well for you wherever you are and want you to know that all your best wishes and support have been a great help to us lately. Hope you are happy and having a good summer. Bye for now !

Lots of love

cranes xxx

CRANES Newsletter - November 1998

To all our friends !

Thank you so much for responding to our September letter about our proposed new releases. Lots of you left messages and we are really happy to let you know that the book of lyrics is going to be available in December ! It contains lyrics to 50 Cranes songs and has some pictures and is hand-made. Really hope you like it ! As for the new CD we are still working on the music but are hoping that it will be ready in the Spring. We are waiting a little while before deciding whether to release the album ourselves or not, but we are thinking that it might be called 'It's a Beautiful World ' and lyrics to three of the new songs from it are included in the new lyric book...We'll send you some more details about it in the next newsletter so you can see how things are going...

Well, since we last wrote we have just spent some weeks arranging things for the book and working on some music for the LP. Thanks again for taking time to leave us a message. It was a great surprise to have such good response and it was lovely to hear from you again as we remember lots of you from previous tours and interviews and things. Thanks for all the offers of help and advice as well. It was really fun to be able to communicate in this way.

Of course, if anything else happens in the near future we'll let you know, but for now we're accepting pre-orders for the lyric book. It's called 'Til the Stars Shine' and will be available starting December 6th, but you can place an advance order today for a copy if you wish. We are going to sign and date the first 200 copies of the lyric book, so if you would like one of those, please indicate so on your order form. We also have a few other items available too such as our 1996 album 'La Tragédie d'Oreste et Electre', as well as some pictures, posters, and t-shirts. You can either place your order online via our secure server, or download a printable order form to send to us via postal mail. Both order forms are available at

Thanks again so much for taking time to reply. We hope that everything is going well and look forward to maybe meeting up again next year some time, perhaps on a tour or a festival maybe. That would be nice !

Anyway, thanks for being interested and many thanks to Mike Dare for all his help with setting up the new mail-order system and for making all these pages.

Bye for now, and Merry Christmas !

Lots of love from

Cranes xxx.

Cranes Newsletter - September 1998

Dear Everybody,

Hello again !

Thank you all very much for all the kind messages you leave us on these pages and for all your support in the last few months. Well, we wanted to let you know what is happening with cranes and to let you know about some releases that we have been thinking about recently...

We are considering starting up our own label and releasing a mini album which would be available directly to you, only via internet and mail order. There is also to be a little hand bound book entitled 'Til the Stars Shine' containing lyrics to songs from all of our albums. ( This has been requested many times over the years ) The thing is, we don't know how many ( if any ! ) people would be interested in such items, so we wanted to ask for your help. So, if you think you would be interested in buying either of these things, could you please fill out the Album Request Form.

We are not signed to any label so in order to make these releases a reality there would have to be a certain amount of interest. The CD and the book would be available in November 98. We can only proceed if you want us to, so if you would be interested in being able to buy these items from us directly , please let us know now !!! There would be a new web-page linked to all our other sites and we would be able to accept payment by Visa / Mastercard. That's the plan. But we can only go ahead with producing these items if there is a reasonable demand for them. So please let us know as soon as possible !

Well, here's our other news ...

In July we made some demo recordings for RCA records. We went to a studio in Surrey and recorded some new songs. However, we have now learned that RCA was looking for something more "radio orientated" than we were able to provide, so it looks as though we will not be proceeding along that avenue. We may get involved with other projects in the future but we would still like to continue with Cranes as well so that's why we are writing to you now about the possibility of doing things on our own label.

Also this year in June, Ali went to Los Angeles and had meetings with some film directors who are interested in using Cranes music in the future. We have been contacted with regard to possibly providing the soundtracks to two different film projects in the future and are very excited about this. In the meantime 'Shining Road' has been placed in a new feature film called 'Claudine's Return' which is due to be released in the USA this year, so look out for that one !

Jim has been working on a classical music piece which is very interesting. We are hoping to release it maybe next year, again, on our own label via internet and mail order if that becomes a reality.

Thank you to everyone who came to the Swiss shows in May ! We had a lovely time and it was lovely to see our friends again. Thanks to Oliver Blankenheim for the great live pictures he took (some of the best we've seen), and to Sabine, Jean and Marie, and Christophe for their support. The Zurich show was fun. Thanks so much for coming to see us !

And finally, Congratulations to our own dear Mark Francombe who was married to Christine in Norway on Sept 5 ! We wish them both a wonderful life together and send all our love.

Well, that's all our news. We really hope you are all well and happy and hope that we can bring you some new Cranes things soon. Don't forget, if you'd be interested in purchasing items via a new Cranes web-based label, please let us know as soon as possible !

Bye for now !

Lots of love as always ,

cranes xxxxx

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