Transcription: Mike Dare
Updated: March 5, 1997

Tune down 1/2 step to Eb

Verse: Am(002210), A9(002200)
Bridge: C(032010), G(320001), Am
Chorus: E(022100), Am

  Am        A9       Am     A9        C                 G         Am     A9
I dream for you.  To be for you.  But all the time your window is closed. 

  Am              A9        C               G                   Am                          
I see through the glass.  A reflection of myself maybe falls between us 

when the sum comes out


   E                Am                  E          Am
So give me life and soul to go when the sun shines bright

    E                Am                   E       Am
And give me love and lust and hope in the darkest night

     Am         A9              C                         G
Your blinds are blind, and your cats want the birds in my garden Heaven

          Am      A9            C                       G                    Am
where I'm lodging tonight.  The glass in your window is killing tomorrow for me.

E                      Am
Closer and closer, we can't get much older
I'm smashing but breaking, my heart has awoken
Theses windows soon shatter for me
Black on the outside, black on the inside
Together we'll make it, darkness sedated to gray

    C                       G                    Am
The bars at your window are killing tomorrow for me.