Pale Blue Sky

Pale Blue Sky

Transcription: Mike Dare

Tune down 1/2 step to Eb.  

Technically, you don't have to do this, but tuning down 1/2 step for this song makes it
sound better because you can keep the same chord formation and just slide up and down the
neck for the entire song.  The chord names that I give below are the formations used if
the guitar were to be tuned down to Eb.  

Chords: G(355433)

Sliding in between the chord changes gives the true effect to the song.

Intro: G, Gm(xx5333)

G  B   G    B    
do you know   

    G                   B  G  B
the way I feel tonight?

G     F   G  B 
don't let go   

    C                A    Ab F
you couldn't fall tonight

    G                  F  G  B
you make me feel alive

     C            A    Ab F
it's beautiful inside

G   B    G    B
i'm safe here

G                  B G B
in a pale blue sky

     G            B  G B
it's beautiful inside

G        B   G B
fire in stars

G                    B  G  B
never catch your eye

G                    B  G B
didn't catch your eye

C                    A  C#  F
didn't catch your eye

     G            F   G  B
it's beautiful inside

C                A  Ab  F
didn't tears subside

G                       F   G  B  C  A  Ab  F
it's beautiful you'll find

G           F   G  B  C  A  Ab  F
touch me inside

G                   F
do you do you know?   

G            F    G
do you know?