Let Go

Let Go

Transcription: Mike Dare
Updated: May 11, 1997

Tune down 1/2 step to Eb

VERSE 1: E(022xxx), A(577xxx), B(799xxx) 

            E               A     B
I'd like to go, go see what I can find
I'd like to get out of here, just leave it all behind 
I'd like to visit all the pictures I have in my mind
It makes me feel all right when I see how they shine

CHORUS: E(022100), C(8-10-10-9-8-8), A(577655) 

                        E      C           A            E
Somehow I always get it wrong,   I guess I knew it all along
The tide that pulled us is too strong
So now I must just move along

        E, C, A
VERSE 2: E, A, B (let out a full E chord every now and then.  you know what I mean)

I'd like to tear it all up, start it all again
I'd like to take you with me cause you're my only friend
Maybe we'll think up a plan to get us out again
Maybe we'll feel hope and have love til the end


Before you know it, it's all gone.  The happy dream we had is torn.
'Cos things get broken in the storm.  Pulled from you crushed against the wall.

OUTRO: G(355433), F#(244322), E(022100)