Angel Bell

Angel Bell

Transcription: Mike Dare
Updated: July 13, 1997

CAPO on 5th fret (if your guitar is tuned down to Eb).

Intro: C#(x44000), Em(022000) (bend the C#)
       Am(x02210), C#, Em

Verse 1: C#, Em
There's a bright full moon in a sky of jewels
To light the way of all God's fools
There's a beaten path towards the truth
Way past the clouds on the road through youth

Verse 2: Am, C#, Em
So tired now as she walks down the road
For the burden of love is a heavy load
Through the forest so her soul to sing
For now she knows it didn't mean anything

Chorus: E(022100), A(x02220)

Verse 3: C#, Em
Years go by, now is then, 
The sun will rise and fall again 
For whom she waits, she does not know
Maybe love, maybe hope

Verse 4: Am, C#, Em
Yeah she's just waiting for the bells to ring
For her heart to cry and her soul to sing
Why, listen to the sound of the angel wings
Let's just see what the angel brings

Chorus: E, A
Did it mean anything, did it mean anything?

Bridge: G(355433), F#(244322)
Did it mean anything, did it mean anything?
One slots out and another slots in 
They'll stick when it's thick, then they'll split...