Paul Smith reveals Cranes guitar secrets
* denotes official transcription
Self-Non-SelfWings of JoyForeverLovedPopulation Four
1. one from the slum1. watersong1. everywhere1. shining road 1. tangled up*
2. joy lies within2. thursday2. cloudless2. pale blue sky 2. fourteen*
3. heaven or bliss3. living and breathing3. jewel3. reverie 3. breeze*
4. beach mover4. leaves of summer4. far away4. lilies 4. can't get free
5. focus breathe5. starblood5. adrift5. are you gone? 5. stalk
6. fuse6. sixth of may*6. clear6. loved 6. sweet unknown*
7. reach(live)7. wish7. sun and sky7. beautiful friend 7. angel bell
8. nothing in the middle...8. tomorrow's tears8. and ever8. bewildered 8. on top of the world*
9. beautiful sadness9. golden9. come this far 9. brazil
10. hopes are high10. rainbows10. paris and rome 10.let go
11. adorationunderwater 11. in the night 11. to be*
september perfect world
wild yellow bloom
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