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Bastard :)
Netherlands - Wednesday, June 25, 1997 at 13:12:23 (EDT)
Hi! I am the new fan of this group. I buyed the new album 'Population 4' and it's very interesting, especially the voice of Alison!!!Incredible!!!
I'm a newbie about CRANES so if u want to tell me more about this group please send to me!
Delfino Gabriel <>
MACAU, - Wednesday, June 25, 1997 at 03:30:32 (EDT)
Funny girl, Sabine. You better behave yourself in here. Remember, I have pictures of you. Don't make me post those on the web (especially the polaroids)
USA - Tuesday, June 24, 1997 at 01:01:27 (EDT)
Hey Mike, your best mate Bob Al Ike says hi and is wondering if you'd like to borrow his lipstick and copy his fuzzy hairdo :)
Hi everyone by the way, (and especially to Ali and from the little Kimmo girl). Love, Sabine
Sabine <>
- Monday, June 23, 1997 at 16:36:35 (EDT)
Get all of them. All are really good: Self-non-Self, Wings of Joy, Forever, Loved, and Population4. You wont regret it.

BTW i love the 'real' Lemon Tree on the 'cant get free' EP...Fan-effing-tastic!

parsleyrascal <>
london, UK - Monday, June 23, 1997 at 09:26:45 (EDT)

I recently just purchased the album "Loved." I really do enjoy listening to it, though, at times, it certainly
does sound quite depressing. But I'm sort of into that "down on life" sort of music, ie. The Smiths.

Anyway, I was wondering what other Cranes albums are good and are worth



Sirimal Mukerjee <>
Piscataway, NJ USA - Saturday, June 21, 1997 at 11:39:59 (EDT)
heigh ho, its me again.
i forgot to add to my last post how much i like inescapable and SnS as well.

just got hold of the EP Cant Get Free.

I saw Scarborough Ahoy! quite a while ago, but i'll always remember it because of the music.

I know how much people have said M. Francombe's artwork is great, but i'm not really into it, i have to say i am still really into the artwork/design for the WoJ and Forever era productions. Anyone seen the aforementioned fellow's website? Weird.

..and i'm still the only person i personally know who loves the Cranes.
everyone else around me tells me weird and mad to like such things.
But i know what i like, and thats good enough for me!
tatafer now

parsleyrascal <>
london, UK - Wednesday, June 18, 1997 at 14:52:08 (EDT)
To be really honest, I haven't the slightest idea who The Cranes are, but they seem interesting!! So, if you would like to influence me, write me!
Beja <>
Dallas, TX USA - Wednesday, June 18, 1997 at 14:22:08 (EDT)
Hello Mark, Hello Alison !

Oh...that's very kind of you to send me a message, it's heartwarming because I really admire you a lot. I think you deserve all the good things in the world.

I missed you on tour this time, and I just feel terrible about it...Ummm !

Take care, and keep in touch if you want to. I would be very happy to hear from you again...You've made my smile won't go !

With love

Anne Forest

I have tried to send you this message by e-mail, but my **@"!!#~'' of a computer could not send it !!
PS: I am in touch with Perry and Roger from the cure, but I haven't heard from them in ages. I really hope we could meet up again one day...

Anne Forest <>
London, UK - Wednesday, June 18, 1997 at 08:44:43 (EDT)
Hello !

I just wanted to thank Mike Dare for that brilliant site. My comments are added a few lines bellow this one...

Cranes are brilliant. You all deserve the best in the world.

With love

Anne XXX

PS: If any of the cure/cranes is coming in here, I want to say that I think about you every day.
Anne Forest <>
London, UK - Tuesday, June 17, 1997 at 13:30:16 (EDT)
I just got infected with the CranesVirus by my cousin,who adores the magical Ali....
We'll see how I'll get on.
SaM <>
Europe - Tuesday, June 17, 1997 at 08:52:31 (EDT)
Well , this is the second time that I add myself to this "Guestbook" and I am just counting how many days I have to wait the Cranes since the day (April 2th) "we" met ...
Mexicans , SCREAM OUT LOUD WITH ME !!!!!!
Marco Salas <>
Leon, Gto Mexico - Monday, June 16, 1997 at 17:37:52 (EDT)
My first contact with the cranes was through the cure. Cranes were playing the first parts of the Wish Tour 92, and I first saw them in Lievin in 1992, where the set was exclusively instrumental, with the help of the cure's Porl Thompson and Boris Williams. Alison, if I can remember, had been injured in Paris during a concert.

There was a music festival taking place in Belgium (Dour) during the summer 1994, and I went there exclusively to see Cranes. I don't regret it because they were absolutely brilliant on stage. It was my first experience of their music, added with the brilliant vocals from Alison. I bought "Self Non Self", the one with a special CD, and I absolutely adored it, so I got hold of all the others.

My favourite tracks are "Inescapable" "Adrift" "Data 331" "Give" "Everywhere" and "Beach Mover". The cure has helped Cranes on the album "Forever" and it was the combination of my favourite bands: who could ask for more !!

The new album is excellent, with very good songs, still a nice style, very professional. It's hard to use words to describe my feelings.

I am going to the Slimelight Club (London) regularly, and it is the only club I know, where you can listen & dance to the cranes songs. I have requested them so many times !! I introduced cranes to the DJ, who loved it, played it, and now, everyone can enjoy it.

They really deserve all this popularity. I wish them luck for the future, they are fantastic.

Congratulations to Alison and Cranes for all the good work you have done.
Anne Forest <>
London, UK - Wednesday, June 11, 1997 at 15:12:01 (EDT)
I got into the cranes just by driving in the backseat with freaks in high school.
CALLY!! RUSS!!!! You're the only other person I met who likes the same things as me
man, where are you? How come you're not on this page? Are you gone? Did you ever
get the rubber duck and dog leash I sent you in the mail? I mailed you 'parentally'.
Hm Alison is a jewel. Unfortunately I let my friend Michelle borrow 'loved' which was
my FAV and she hasn't given it back yet!! ahhhhh see, we traded Trainspotting
for Loved, and I gave her the soundtrack back but ...dangit... and she's moving
to Colorado soon too. Damn well. Cally, email me if you ever read this. You have my
home address too, right?

Pam Canevet <>
Grosse Ile, MI USA - Tuesday, June 10, 1997 at 16:36:14 (EDT)
When I first heard cranes.. I didn't like them ... but it's that sort of music that stays in your head. I think I was brain-washed. The first time I saw them was when they toured with the cure. A very long time ago I think ... 89 was it???? I'm too old to remember!
Anyhow ...... before .. the only cranes i liked were big yellow ones that lift bricks ... and the crazylegs one in the cartoon .... i'm still not a "fan" ... but i do appreciate them! ...honest!
Thanx mike for a really fab site .... somewhere i can chat to my friends (Arf, Val, Anders, M, sj, W, Fran, !R, xo, h, s, eden(eat your greens!)and anyone i may have forgotten ... please forgive me ...


Pontypridd, UK - Tuesday, June 10, 1997 at 12:48:46 (EDT)
just keep on singing, alison...
meri <>
finland - Tuesday, June 10, 1997 at 00:32:28 (EDT)
hey hey hey hey i missed the cranes show in dallas but my sister went and i
am still sick with envy.....there are no cranes fans in this part of the
world (or so it seems) so i'd be glad to get some email. thanks
star <>
la USA - Monday, June 09, 1997 at 20:45:35 (EDT)
hola mi nombre es ito ,soy de un pueblo cercano a barcelona y me encantan
los cranes ,los conocí en el tour 92 de los cure ,desde entonces me he comprado
todos sus lp,s y algun video y tambien tengo algun concierto grabado ,tengo
el FUSE su primer lp ,solo editado en cassete ,(pero un copia)si alguien sabe
decirme donde puedo conseguirlo que me lo diga ,tambien si hay alguien que
le interese cambiar algo de ellos que me mande un mail ,por cierto no se
porque no vienen a españa los cranes en la gira que estan haciendo ,estoy
trite por no poderlos y a ver ,ah!! me olvidaba apenas se escribir ingles
asi que si me entiende alguien que me escriba ,saludos a todos especialmente
a ti alison .....
ito <>
barcelona, spain - Monday, June 09, 1997 at 20:12:03 (EDT)
The first time I've heard of them was from MTV's 120 Minutes.I was and
still am so much into Cocteaus and stuff like that...I was quite happy
to see Cranes supporting Cure on their Wish-tour.I went to Munich and
the concert was excellent,but I did not have a chance to see them live
since..."Population Four" is far too accessible and happy-sounding,too
poppy in other words,I prefer their early stuff.
karlis zandersons <>
riga, latvia - Sunday, June 08, 1997 at 14:49:50 (EDT)
Hey, I'm Christine, Mark Francombe's girlfriend. I want to say sorry to the fans at the Paris show on the 31st.
Sorry Mark wasn't there. He came home to see my art show, bad for you but good for me!
If anyone see him before sunday, say hello from me and tell him that I love him!!!!!!!
And to Jenny: I miss you mate!!!!!!!!!!!
Thats all from me.
Love Christine
Portsmouth, England - Friday, June 06, 1997 at 15:17:04 (EDT)
How'd i get into the Cranes?I dont really recall, i think i subconciously heard them on the radio, and then while on one of my spending sprees, found Wings of Joy, i think.
Thought to myself, hey this looks interesting, names familiar, lets give it a whirl.
The 12" Adoration and the album Forever followed swiftly, and the two lp's (along with Pop4) are amongst my all time favourite love-every-single-track albums.
I love the Cranes, the music, the lyrics, stage presence, everything!!
I've always kicked myself for missing them in North London back in '93.
But i managed to see them at Kings College and Union Chapel.
Magical and moving experience!!

I have to say i love Pop4 more than Loved, but WoJ and Forever will remain my all time favourites.

Cheers to the Cranes!
parsleyrascal <>
London, UK - Thursday, June 05, 1997 at 09:28:18 (EDT)
i have always like celtic history which include ockultism , and when I for the first
time listen to Cranes I was hooked !!! I have seen them four times in Stockholm.
(Gino & Studion) If you could supply me with info I would be very happy. Gerro.
Mats Gerraent Ulfsparre <>
Stockholm, Sweden - Thursday, June 05, 1997 at 06:43:37 (EDT)
Well the first I had ever heard of the Cranes was at the Cure Wish tour when they opened up for the Cure. I even got to meet them. It was like blind luck because we(my friend, her aunt and I) had gotten to Phoenix real late and alot of the other hotels were pretty much booked. The only one that wasn't really full was the Omni Hotel which was downtown.So we just said the hell with it we'll stay at that one 'cause we were tired. Well suffice to say the lady that was working the front desk happened to have graduated from the same school I was going to at the time. Well she told us that a certain group was staying there and it just happened to be the Cranes. So it was like a total coincidence that we ended up there. To make a long story short (I know: too late) we got to meet them,get some autographs and pictures and even swim with them. Alison was like the sweetest girl. Well that's about it. By the way I loved your homepage.

Fred Ramirez
USA - Wednesday, June 04, 1997 at 22:49:47 (EDT)
who the hell are the cranes i stummbled onto this site i love the cure nothing but the cure so help me god i am not a trader to my group like some people i also like siouxsie and the banshees which was one of the same as the cure many years ago but the cranes i do not know sorry!
san jose, ca USA - Wednesday, June 04, 1997 at 07:51:58 (EDT)
I am in total agreement with Martin from Burnley. Get the Cranes up North in the UK. The only times I've been able to see them have been when I've been at Reading at the University: Reading Alleycat, and London King's College and Union Chapel. Even it was just Manchester, I'm sure Cranes would have a large audience. I would certainly persuade my friends to go along. And to Val further down the page...Curve are supposed to be releasing an album and touring this year, but I was told that before Christmas, so don't count on it. I've found their last single (Pink Girl With The Blues) a bit difficult to find. It was released last summer some time. Anyway, viva Cranes and Curve!
-Alex, Preston via Reading.
Preston, UK - Tuesday, June 03, 1997 at 06:15:57 (EDT)
Thanks for the beer Mark!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A little comment to the review of the concert at Rockefeller in Oslo 10th of may. Great concert... I was standing right in front of the stage and was able to makeeye contact with Mark Francombe. I had a bottle of beer in my hand and we made some cheers during the concert. After we had been making several cheers during the concert, my beer was finished. Mark noticed this and took one of the beers they had on the stage, came down to the front of the stage, and gave it to me (Thanx Mark, If you read this) !!
Offcourse we made some more cheers during the rest of the concert.
And to top the evening, i got up after the show was finished and got the setlist.....

I Have seen Cranes live 4 times here in Norway. The first time was in '92 at when they warmed up for the Cure in '92. I have been a big fan since then.

And last a request: Have anyone taped part 1 of Cranes Live at Sentrum Scene 18 Oct 1993, sendt on Roxrevyen(P3) ??????
I taped the second part, but missed the first........ (Another great concert!!!) Please E-mail me !!!!!!!!!!!

Cranes forever,

Thomas <>
Oslo, Norway - Monday, June 02, 1997 at 03:41:09 (EDT)
Well I can't really say much more that Cranes rule and the new album is amazing. Forever has to be the best but the word "Cranes" just says it all. I heard about them from a friend who always raved on about them so I decided to buy an album and have been dedicated ever since. I've never seen them live but dream about doing so. They should play in the North of England more often in my opinion. Cheers for reading this anyone.
Martin Guppy <>
Burnley, UK - Sunday, June 01, 1997 at 19:53:24 (EDT)
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