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Hi Everyone.
Well We`re back in the UK now, I`m a bit jet lagged at the moment and catching up on my letters, bills and bank account...GULP!!!
I`d just like to say Hi to everyone who came to our shows and made the tour a fantastic experience for all of us. I can`t really say what were the highlights for us as most of it is a blur, In fact while browsing the reviews I was reminded of things that I had completely forgotton. We`d all like to thank Mike for doing this site, and for the great photos he gave us in LA. We`d also like to thank Rasputina for being FAB, and wish them masses of success and fun on the Marilyn Manson tour. Also a big big thankyou to Marv our lighting guy who was doing the work of three people, and Lorin our Tour Manager who kept us from falling apart at the seams, and keeping us in check when we were being idiots!!!

Now we`re all looking forward to the Europe part of our tour and hope to see you all there. Now it`s time for me to go to bed as I`m going to be best man to my friend tommorow!!! Talk about bad planning!!

Thanks again

love Mark
mark francombe <>
Portsmouth., UK - Friday, April 11, 1997 at 14:20:41 (EDT)
It was a in 1992 that I had the experience of discovering Cranes and their incredible music. It was in Lausanne, Switzerland...and yes I was there initially to see The Cure perform. Of course, It was only Cranes that I eventually got to see as my cousin Sandra decided to faint on me after having met up with some New Yorkers and smoked some potent pot.(YUK) I spent the remainder of the concert in paramedics waiting for my cousin to revive. She's alright! Don't worry! It is funny to both of us now as we have grown a little older and wiser. This little incident hasn't tainted my emotional perceptions towards the affects of their music though. Since that episode I have seen them twice in Toronto (March'94 at Lee's Palace) and recently at The Opera House. Which in total, I have seen them 3 times and each time they are stronger and more inspiring to me. Their concert at the Opera House was stellar. There was a good crowd, but it could have been bigger. They are terribly underlooked! It's even worse to see that the press they received was less flattering. I am only aware of an 'idiotic' review by some looser critic from The Varsity paper...(University of Toronto) and a two-column article interview with Jim Shaw a week later (for the same publication)...that's where I found out about Jim Shaw being engaged....okay, I'll be alright about it *smile*. As for my opinions on the new album...I love it and it's heavily on rotation in my Cd player...Any idea where I can get the "Forever Mixes" cd? (that's pretty much all that I'm missing along with a cd version of Self-Non-Self...I found it, but I couldn't afford the $50 price that went along with it) blabbering on to something else...As I finish off my 3rd year of film studies I pray that they could maybe one day allow me to use their music as it has always visually inspired me (especially on a dramatic level)....bye! Thanks for the inspirations! Luv Rita
Rita <>
Toronto, ON Canada - Thursday, April 10, 1997 at 17:43:32 (EDT)
How come nobody in Michigan likes them?!?!?!? I've only found one true Cranes fan. Sure, I got some friends to go to the concert with me, but they don't own anything!!!
First got into them in 94... but too late for the Loved tour. :( Thought Loved was the greatest album in the world. But then I got Wings of Joy. Been hooked ever since. Well maybe not Self Non-Self that much. :) Still need EPs and stuff (tough to find around here) Oreste et Electre is AWESOME! Too bad my French isn't that good, but it is my favorite Greek tragedy.
Pop 4? Hated it at first. Some songs appealed. And then I saw it live. Now I'm totally in love with it. Best concert I ever saw. Wanted to meet Ali and crew badly, but my friends are idiots and didn't want to wat around. :( Oh well, there's always next time, right?
Jay Hicks <>
Detroit/East Lansing, MI USA - Wednesday, April 09, 1997 at 21:59:51 (EDT)
hey shanequa! why you frontin on me?
xxx shuwanda
canada - Wednesday, April 09, 1997 at 20:37:28 (EDT)
okay...i smell a couple of rats out there in covina. uh, you guys
took mark snowboarding? what the??? you guys are right..
he is a man of many talents. and you know what? when
there's car trouble he's your man. two pints please.
lots of love to you from me (still).
canada - Wednesday, April 09, 1997 at 20:34:49 (EDT)
Ya, I first heard the Cranes last summer so I guess I'm a relatively new fan. My friend brought their
"Forever" album along one day in my car and it was so wonderful. I haven't returned it to this day
(about 9 months later). I saw them play in Vancouver on April 2, 1997 and they were completely
enchanting. I couldn't help but stay riveted to the stage. I think they have an amazing ability to
say things through the simplicity of their music but ya, I'm not getting anywhere with this. All I
really want to say is that this band has given me a small piece of satisfaction (happiness?) through
their music. Thanks so much.
Jonathan <>
Abbotsford, Canada - Wednesday, April 09, 1997 at 04:25:06 (EDT)
WOW! that Mark sure is a great snowboarder, and a great musician in his own right...
and a computer whiz!! is there anything this guy can't do?
we're your number two fanatics! anytime youre in town, have an in-n-out burger on us!

shanequa la tonda
shitetowne, CA USA - Tuesday, April 08, 1997 at 17:25:58 (EDT)
i got into the cranes for the sheer pleasure of it all.
i love the fact that they can move such heavy objects all over
the place without much effort. it was such a great suprise to me to
see the bass player from the cranes jumping over an eight foot gap
on his snowboard the other day at snow summit in california.
what a versitile band! a record company really needs to drive a truck full of
money over to thier place and beg them to make some records, really.!
some good industial strength music creeping into your head. just what the planet
needed. like a dragon flying, the cranes are too great to speak of....
................SO I"LL JUST YELL. ydna 59
gunther thomson <>
covina, CA USA - Tuesday, April 08, 1997 at 17:17:48 (EDT)
JIM + JENNY. i love you guys. i hope you're together forever. can i sing at your
wedding? (yeah but you know my great voice between manson and courtney Love?).
hi jimbo! out in hollywood. nice talking to you last night on the horn. i'll see
when you get here! we're going out for to get you some tattoos champ. you gotta match me
and your little blonde wifey!
niagara falls, on canada - Monday, April 07, 1997 at 14:41:16 (EDT)
Having seeing Cranes two times at Loppen, at Valbyhallen opening for the Cure, at Roskilde and now soon in Malmoe, Cranes really rox my boat. Credit to that BOSS HOG-tee. Thanks to Juliette (?) at dedicated for giving me and my friend all those Cranes posters at Loppen!
Helena Ohlsson <>
Lund, Sweden - Monday, April 07, 1997 at 09:25:08 (EDT)
Who can get me a copy of the 'Fuse' cassette?
Willing to swap it for "Shining Road" 7"singles
kaynak <>
holland - Saturday, April 05, 1997 at 06:53:57 (EST)
USA - Saturday, April 05, 1997 at 03:16:58 (EST)
C`est merveilleux. Le chocolat aussi.
what ever <>
montreal, Qc, Canada. - Friday, April 04, 1997 at 09:11:03 (EST)
Hello World.
Glad I've found this site (and others) because it gives me
a break from working on my dissertation...
The Kings College gig was a good one back in February and we're
all looking forward to the Union Chapel gig in April.
Just one thing, WHERE THE HELL IS UNION CHAPEL?! Could anyone
from London give us a clue? It'd be much appreciated...
[Oh, and Mark wants to know if Cranes are going to go to the
Depeche Mode launch party in London next week, so if the band
are reading this (yeah, right) tell us, and get us on the guest
list! Oh, and thanks to the band for their hospitality after both
the Reading and London gigs in December and February.]
Alex and Mark
Reading, UK - Thursday, April 03, 1997 at 08:36:37 (EST)
I'm just so happy to finnaly sign this damn thing.
Jocelyn <None>
Nashville, TN USA - Wednesday, April 02, 1997 at 18:39:36 (EST)
well my sister got me into the cranes in 1992. my favourtie song is clear. and i really
like the new album population four. i saw the cranes in toronto and my sisters band tuuli
opened for them. it was wicked. my mum and sister are on the liner notes of pop4! yay!
love, julia.
ps jim is the nicest brother-in-law anyone could ask for!
julia <>
toronto, canada - Sunday, March 30, 1997 at 19:30:31 (EST)
I saw the Cranes already 2 times and I'm waiting for the 3rd one (Gent, 1st June!!!!!!)
They are great! Dead can dance is also beautiful !
Ann <>
Belgium - Sunday, March 30, 1997 at 18:28:11 (EST)
Last weekend I travelled to Chicago (5 hours) to see Cranes and it was sooo worth the trek. Wow what a fabulous performance! We met them all after the show as well and they were all incredbly nice and talkative. Well Ali was very shy but that's ok, cuz i am too... Adrift was especially faboo. :) It was nice meeting someone off the mailing list too. (Hi Brett if you are reading..)
My first exposure to Cranes was seeing them open for the Cure at the Rosebowl. ( I must say I liked them a lot more in a small venue). Then a week after that i saw them open for the Cure here in St. Louis. As they played, a huge black ominous storm cloud creeped up over all of us on the lawn. Imagine how well that went with their muzik! We were all sure we would get drenched but it simply passed slowly over us throughout the Cranes set. :)
Lisa Case <>
St. Louis, MO USA - Sunday, March 30, 1997 at 17:23:11 (EST)
A Chicago native, and a long time CRANES fan, I drove home from college in Michicagn
to catch them in my home town, and at a familiar concert venue. I was weary about how
they would sound live, but was pleasantly suprised. In general the older the CRANES
material, the more I like it. However, that may be the product of the fact that with each
listen I love what I hear more and more. If I had the time and money I would make a
roadtrip to see them again. Also, to Christine, I hope you enjoyed your introduction
to CRANES. - Peter

Peter Burkiewicz <>
Ann Arbor, MI USA - Sunday, March 30, 1997 at 00:47:42 (EST)
I heard the very first EP Inescapable back in 1990, adored everything they have done ever since.
A truely wonderful band.
Adam <>
USA - Saturday, March 29, 1997 at 11:29:46 (EST)
love it.......
g.sin <>
huntington beach, ca USA - Saturday, March 29, 1997 at 10:47:27 (EST)
saw the cranes alot on the wish tour. moved far away after that and just got to see them again
on the latest tour. their new album is intense...... comparable to wings of joy.
return to original goth!
jer evatz <>
madison, oh USA - Thursday, March 27, 1997 at 17:33:06 (EST)
Saw the Cranes for the first time ever last weekend. I had only heard a few of their songs before I went to the show, but now I'm a fanatic!!
Gordon Reid
Chicago, IL USA - Thursday, March 27, 1997 at 14:45:03 (EST)
I learned about Cranes on #thecure on IRC. After hearing Jemal talk about them so much I bought Forever, and became a Cranes fan overnight.
I soon bought Wings of Joy, and Loved also. Loved is definately my favorite album, but for a long time it was Forever.
As far as the new album, I like Fourteen a lot, and also stalk. If anyone is going to see them in Austin please email me, maybe we can get together before the show and such.
I am also on irc often under the nick name "cold"
Allison is a goddess.

Jonathan Royer <>
Austin, TX USA - Saturday, March 15, 1997 at 22:48:04 (EST)

randomly bought Wings of Joy ---loved them ever since.

At first, I was a little taken aback at the new sound.....I really like it now that I've
listened to it a few times ( theory of familiarity? )

I'm going to go to Chicago to see them at the Metro -- Can't wait..
ryan black <>
kansas city, mo USA - Saturday, March 15, 1997 at 22:33:28 (EST)
I have a phrend hoo werx @ a record store, upon waiting 4 him I killed time by placing a listening station's headphones on. I presefd the button to thre album cover that caught mya attention, & was initially impressed. I skipped on & heard a song that scared me. I felt the song was too "me" so I stopped listening anmd left with my phrend (who suprisingly knew the group and gave them props.)

However, as time went by I found myself wanting to hear them again: the dark atmosheric guitars, the overwhelming mood, her candy sweet voice. I foundmyself drawn to the listening booth again, jonesing 4 another fix of their haunting ambiance. I listened 2 "Shining Road" 4 a second but skipped to the song that I thought was too "Me". Upon listening to it again I fell in love.(Yes a much cliched phrase in this guestbook!) Although not my favourite song-it's "Beautiful Friend" that gives me goose bumps-it was "Lilies" that pushed me to buy "Loved". I realized that there was no reason to fear what it said to me musically. I guess it struck a certain chord in me that had never been touched by ANY other song.

If someone were to kill me after the concert, I probably wouldn't mind.

I also like The Cure, Curve, Garbage (Yes Garbage!) Tool,
Slowly Going Deaf, JD, NIN, MM, Depeche, Wu-Tang, & JungleTechnoRaveTranceTrip-hop (As long as it's dark & moody) If anyone out there likes what I like or not, check me out. Peace.

Lateef <UniversalKnight@>
Montreal, Quebec Canada - Saturday, March 15, 1997 at 20:34:01 (EST)
After a LONG night a a rave I fell asleep to the cranes. It was the first time I had heard them. I fell in love that night. Not on;y with the cranes but with a very good friend.
Lara Reif <>
Tucson, Az USA - Friday, March 14, 1997 at 02:15:32 (EST)
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