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Long live jon Spencer! Hello Jim and Alison if you ever read this! And hello Mike, of course!
I just wanted to let any fans know that I took photos and interviewed the band yesterday, so if anyone wants copies of a copy of the interview (in the flesh)
send me mail to
As far as the show goes, it was fucking incredible..My friends and I were like,"Oh my God..this is amazing!"
Definetely a band worth seeing. The t-shirts are pretty good too!
Both Alison and Jim were sweet and very good to all that they met. They spoke to every journalist at the venue!<---Something they didn't need to do!
Oh yes and Mark was quite nice as well...They were all cool...
Well..take care all of you and I hope Manu's ankle turned out to be okay...
A bien tot!-Liz
Liz Sherry <>
Hempstead, NY USA - Thursday, March 13, 1997 at 21:04:42 (EST)
I got into the Cranes in 92 after I saw the Tomorrow's Tears video, I think that the new album was over produced.
Loren Fiedler <>
Mesa, AZ USA - Thursday, March 13, 1997 at 05:29:04 (EST)
who's been eating my nachos?!?!
jim shaw <>
nyc, ny USA - Wednesday, March 12, 1997 at 20:45:23 (EST)
i'm in the cranes dressing room at irving plaza eating nachos and drinking
red wine. if i'm not careful, there won't be any left for the rest of the
claire <>
nyc, ny USA - Wednesday, March 12, 1997 at 20:43:06 (EST)
I bought Forever on a whim cause the cover looked cool. I thought Adrift was the coolest cut. I'm writing this on March 12, and I'm about to check the show at Irving plaza. I'm pretty psyched.
Andrew Hagerty <>
New York, NY USA - Wednesday, March 12, 1997 at 17:46:34 (EST)
Me and Alison are now officially engaged. The wedding date will be
this Sixth of May. Jim is going to be best man. Mark is very
excited. We will be naming our daughter Lilie.

PS. Send Money to PO Box 144, Southsea Portsmouth
Manu Ros
London, UK - Wednesday, March 12, 1997 at 17:16:55 (EST)
Back in 199e, when I was 18 years old, i first listened to Cranes in a local record store. They had just imported things from the 4ad label. Because I love music from bands like Cocteau Twins, Pale Saints and also This Mortal Coil, they told me that Cranes sounded like a band from the 4ad label. i had no money to buy something from them that time. so, back in 1994, I bought Wings of Joy, Loved and another albu. I introduced this band to a mfriend, and now he adores them. He has copies of two ep's and last year he bought in London copies of self non Self, which we had been searching for more than two years. I also like The Young Gods and the Cure, as well as Joy Division, Nick Cave, New Order and Einstürzende Neubauten

José Enrique Plata Manjarrés <>
Bogotá, Cundinamarca Colombia - Wednesday, March 12, 1997 at 15:50:14 (EST)
I just saw the Cranes in Hotlanta and left very happy. They are quite
enticing live. I'm a manager at a record store and am going to try
to get some of there more rare stuff in. Anybody know where I can
get there import stuff wholesale?
Jhaysin Gilman <>
Marietta, GA USA - Wednesday, March 12, 1997 at 11:51:33 (EST)
I got into cranes when a friend of mine lent me Wings of joy (my favourite album of all but it's not in sale anywhere. Why ???)and since that day I always loved the childish voice of Allison and the mesmerizing muusic of cranes. I loved the lattest album altought I had diffficulty getting used to it at the beginning. I hope one day I will be able to found Les Mouches and Wings of joy in stores. I can't wait to go see them in 6 days.
Philippe Berard
Montreal, canada - Tuesday, March 11, 1997 at 16:52:38 (EST)
Conheço apenas dois álbuns do Cranes: Wings of Joy e Loved. É bastante difícil conseguir os discos da banda aqui no Brasil, já que estão disponíveis apenas nas importadoras e custam cerca de US$ 5 mais caros que os outros Cds. É uma das minhas bandas preferidas, ao lado do Sonic Youth, Dead Can Dance, Throwing Muses, R.E.M, Lush, etc. Acredito que todos aqueles que gostam do Cranes são pessoas especiais.
Tchau! Até mais
João Inácio.
João Inácio da Silva Jr, <>
São Leopoldo, RS Brasil - Tuesday, March 11, 1997 at 13:42:46 (EST)
soothing as milk, intoxicating as scotch whisky, the cranes are very nearly a perfect band. hearing a. shaw's sweet little-girl voice saying "where am i? where am i?" on "lilies" - good stuff, eerie, shivers. population 4 good, different, took some getting used to in a way that the other albums did not. even though i am usually a lyrics-man, i think the cranes might be the one band whose lyrics i would prefer not to understand, catching only little snippets here and there - thus my very profound affection for "la tragedie...". lyrics on p4 a bit too comprehensible. nonetheless, delightful, very, very good stuff. i cannot recommend the cranes highly enough to any and all persons who enjoy good music.
the lycanthrope
stockbridge, ma USA - Tuesday, March 11, 1997 at 12:07:18 (EST)
i first listened to the cranes on a mad cd shopping binge. i bought a copy of forever
and have been enjoying their music ever since. i enjoy the music so much because of
allison's wonderful voice and the lovely music. cranes is a fabulous band whose songs
hold a place inside my bipolar head.
j.m.vargo <>
flint, mi USA - Monday, March 10, 1997 at 19:00:11 (EST)
I first saw the Cranes live in Belgium ( hey, that's wher i live ) supporting The Cure in 92.
I neraly fell on the ground during " Adoration ". I bought " Forever" and immadiately fell in love about them.

Since then, i've seen them 5 times ( 4 in Belgium ). I was at their last gig in Brussels and ran backstage. it was a great moment. J and A 's mother talking about Carmen ...

The foolest thing i've ever done about them : driving 400 kilometers, risking my life by taking the Shuttle ( under channel tunnel ), driving in London ( really scarry ) just to see them at Kings College : result ? I am even more in love with'em.

My favourite track is Adrift, altough my favourite album is " Tears of joy ".
Population 4 : Weird, brilliant.
Didier Lambot <>
Belgium, Belgium - Monday, March 10, 1997 at 14:50:28 (EST)
I finally got a chance to see the Cranes live this past Friday night (March 7th), and was it worth the wait! I also had the pleasure of meeting the band, and they are quite possibly the nicest band around. Great music, great people... what more could one want?
Matthew Newell <>
Atlanta, GA USA - Monday, March 10, 1997 at 13:28:26 (EST)
I discovered the Cranes at a record store in a small town in Connecticut. It was a long
gloomy day, and the weather was rather chilly. I walked into this record store assuming
that this would be like any other day and that I would probably find nothing as usual.
I mean after all, there is such a depression of good, creative, original music, I figured
that this day would be no different. I was stumbling through some of the new releases at
the time unimpressed, until something happened that changed my life. As I was browsing, I
heard the sweetest voice I had ever heard. At first I thought "She must be using either
helium or a pitch shifter of some sort to create that angelic voice"

"Do you know the way I feel tonight," she sang over a 5/4 beat. I instatly fell in love
with the music and bought all the albums of the cranes. I have but one request. Ali, if you're
reading please play "Pale Blue Sky" at Boston in Axis. I'll never forget thet day. Love Ty
Ty Braxton
Hartford, CT USA - Monday, March 10, 1997 at 12:59:00 (EST)
Et oui pour une fois c'est un petit français qui écrit ici... Tout ça pour dire que c'est injuste...Pourquoi The Cranes ne viennent jamais en France? Can somebody tell me why?
It is unfair, so unfair that i'm gonna kill somebody!
May the force be with The Cranes
Inferno le petit robot
Alexandre GATIER <not yet (sorry)>
DIJON, 21 FRANCE - Sunday, March 09, 1997 at 13:26:19 (EST)
One of my friends got me into the cranes and i think they are the greatest band. I really wish that i could see them live but they are not coming through here. But i guess i will keep on listening to them until that glorious day when i DO see them~!!!
Paris <>
USA - Sunday, March 09, 1997 at 13:20:57 (EST)
i first heard *loved* about a year and a half ago, and i fell in love right away...i only have *loved and *forever*, but i listen to them all the time...unfortunately, i can't get any of the cranes albums here, and i have to order them im, but that takes months...i can't wait ti'' i fet their new one...
sudbury, canada - Saturday, March 08, 1997 at 17:34:57 (EST)
I just want to say I saw The Cranes last night in Atlanta and it was
great!!!!! I had a wonderfull time and I can't wait until they come
Primary <>
Atlanta, GA USA - Saturday, March 08, 1997 at 08:17:11 (EST)
The best Cranes album to date, and it's not on the poll

I refuse to vote until it's there...

Well, actually I first heard Cranes when a friend first bought something
by them, for the date and title look for Jonny Larsen, he's in here
somewhere. I have not listened much to the last CD, it's too popped up
for my taste.
Michael Jones <>
Langhus, Norway - Friday, March 07, 1997 at 18:13:39 (EST)
the crAnes, the cUre, and siousxie are about the only things you
can count on in this life. Leave Her To Heaven II. lost forever in a happy
crowd, or should I say ignorant.
COCOfuzz <>
trumbull, ct USA - Thursday, March 06, 1997 at 17:46:47 (EST)
I first heard Cranes when they opened for the Cure in Austin, TX. From the very first song I was completely enraptured! Since that time I have bought all the CD's and have listened to them thousands of times. Their music is so hypnotic and mesmerizing; it stirs up some pretty bizarre emotions!!
Kristin DeArmond <>
Stillwater, OK USA - Wednesday, March 05, 1997 at 20:47:02 (EST)
I must thank my sister for letting me hear the cranes. They sort of spooked me
in this wierd cool groovy way. Then i bought loved, then wings of joy, then
forever...and you know the in love with their music. one of my favorites
songs is starblood..or maybe sixth of may..or maybe lilies...
star <>
USA - Wednesday, March 05, 1997 at 15:57:27 (EST)
well a got into cranes with a friend of my, she is from paris, and she its like cranes music, muisc of angels.
Luis Sergio Zambrano <>
cuernavacamorelos, mmmorelos mexico - Tuesday, March 04, 1997 at 12:56:51 (EST)
Actually Cranes got into me..I borrowed(=stoled) their Forever & i still havent returned
it back yet (for 3 yrs). Cranes turn me on like no other bands do(well..maybe Radiohead
does). new CD? heard some tracks..i`m ph***ing conservative,y`now..byeeeeee,folks
Renars Zivers <>
Riga, Latvia - Tuesday, March 04, 1997 at 08:04:59 (EST)
I just discovered the Cranes. I had a chance to listen to their new CD,
Population Four, at a record store in South Side, Pittsburgh. I fell in love
with this CD and plan to buy all their other material. I wish they were
comming to Pittsburgh.
Jeff Foehringer <>
PA USA - Monday, March 03, 1997 at 04:23:03 (EST)
How I got into the Cranes is quite a simple story actually I just listened
to them on a progressive radio station in Albuquerque, NM. I don't remember
what song it was or any of that stuff, but I bought loved and I liked the
album at the time. I wasn't ready for it yet. I let the album fall to the
wayside and eventually I sold it to buy some other cd.
What's bazaar is how I got into them again...
Last Semester I was at a local Pawn shop looking through their cd collection
and I found "The Best Mix Tape Ever" I decided to buy it because I recognised
some of the bands on it. I heard the Cranes song "Tomorrow's Tear" and I fell
In love with the band I had writen off only two years ago. Later that day
I was working on some video editing at the campus tv station and a friend of
mine suggested that I look at a music video that someone produced on our
Amiga a few years ago. It was the Cranes "wish" the video was a 3d graveyard
that was comprised of a bunch of still images. Later I found out that the
guy that produced the video was a former roomate of my best friend here.
I decided that this was too much of a coincidence and I felt It was a sign
for me to go and buy a Cranes album. I ended up buying WOJ and Forever that
night in the weeks that followed I bought Loved and recently Population Four.

Troy Ross <>
Melbourne, FL USA - Monday, March 03, 1997 at 00:45:16 (EST)
saw the t.tear's video about a week before they came to town with the cure. i didn't even know they were touring with cure.
the new album is cool once you separate it from the other albums becuase it leaves behind all the characteristics found in the others (ie-repetitve keyboard melodies, layered tracks, simple programmed sounding beats, spanish guitar...)
its actually a really good album & shouldn't be classified as a pop/garage rock album becuase of a few tracks. even those pop/rock tunes surpass those who have been spending their whole careers doing it.
the vocal melodies are catchier & alison's voice is much stronger. i bet they had more fun with this recording. well, anyways they're a wonderful band & a very influential band & my favorite band.
"and remember whatever you do, don't let them see you eat spaghetti."-kevin arnold

Jaems <>
f-ville/raleigh, nc USA - Friday, February 28, 1997 at 00:20:21 (EST)
Well, I got into the Cranes when I saw them open for the Cure in August of
'92. Since then I've seen them play for the forever tour in 93, the loved
tour in 95 and I am going to see them on March 22nd of this year. As for
the new album. I liked most of the songs but I don't think its their best
effort. The album was great but for some reason I like their older albums
Rafael Andrade <>
Chicago, Il USA - Thursday, February 27, 1997 at 11:10:23 (EST)
So sweet and spooky. i love them a lot. can`t wait to see them one more time. and again...
Jonathan MALONEY <>
Montreal, Québec - Thursday, February 27, 1997 at 09:18:58 (EST)
...the first time i had consciously learned of the cranes was back in late '94, november,
i believe... i was on prodigy at the time, and had been talking to someone through chat
who was into a lot of the same music that i liked (the cure, joy division, nine inch
nails, etc.)... and she asked me if i had ever heard of the cranes.... i replied that i
hadn't, but the next day i was at a fairly lousy record store and out of curiosity checked
under "c"... sure enough, they had a copy of "loved"... so i picked it up and took it home
... and when i put it in the cd player... that voice... i was mesmerized and i don't think
the album left my cd player for two weeks after that... i began searching high and low for
other cranes material, but to no avail... my friend later sent me a tape with "wings of
joy" and "forever" on it... when i listened to that, i realized that i had known
"tomorrow's tears" from a local college radio station... "loved" will probably always be
my favourite, if only for sentimental reasons....

(as an interesting footnote, i have never seen another cranes album at the record store
from which i bought "loved")...
apathy <>
lindenwold, nj USA - Wednesday, February 26, 1997 at 13:42:02 (EST)
the first time i fell in love with the entrancing vocals and beautiful beats and whisps of cranes was many
many years ago when a friend of mine played it for me. since that day, everything seemed a little different.
anyone who is into cranes as much as i am feel free to e-mail me.....

kelly <>
shippensburg, pa USA - Monday, February 24, 1997 at 13:41:36 (EST)
I know Cranes from a radio transmission in 1993 and the following day i bought Everywhere CD ! The last album is obviously GREAT!
Agostino Galegati <>
Bologna, I Italy - Monday, February 24, 1997 at 12:59:23 (EST)
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