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Hmm... I'm possibly the only brazilian in this list... (Am I?)
Well, I got into Cranes because of the Cure's Robert Smith's comments about the band. My friend Pedro showed me some songs from "Wings of Joy", in 1993, I guess, and I was amazed. My favorite album, though, is "Loved".
In February 1997, I was in the UK for the first (and only) time, and I was happy enough to watch them play live in London. I don't remember the venue, but it was a very small gig (well, you big fans surely know it...). The Cure's in the top of my list, but that Cranes concert really amazed me! I'll never forget the hypnotic power of the music... And I went completely crazy when they played "Brazil", for obvious reasons... ;-)
Marcos de Campos Ludwig <>
Porto Alegre, RS Brazil - Wednesday, May 27, 1998 at 21:37:25 (EDT)
i first saw the cranes play with the cure in 1992.i immediately bought "wings
of joy"and fell in love with it.who would have thought that 5 years later
i would be helping them on the road.thanks to the cranes i have began
establishing myself in the industry and am now the tour manager for a major
label band.thanks guys!!
jeff martin <>
balto, md USA - Tuesday, May 26, 1998 at 13:30:02 (EDT)
I saw the very first Cranes show as well as Tony below.
It was pants. they played three songs one of which was
'Fuse' in a very early incarnation. Jim played guitar. Ali
sang and pretty much everything else was on a open reel
tape machine sort of like the Cocteau Twins used to do.
It was a 2000 capacity venue (Portsmouth Guildhall) and
the band played to about 200 people opening for a further
seven local bands all of whom subsequently went on to
achieve bugger all. So much for a thriving local music
scene Tony. Cranes were never a 'local' band. They were
a part of the Portsmouth music scene in much the same
way that Microsoft are an innovative software company
with great ideas.
uk - Saturday, May 23, 1998 at 18:50:54 (EDT)
I saw their first ever show and remember seeing Ali and Mark around at parites. Love them to bits on so many levels, and there are still twentymillion things they can do musically. Am I allowed to say I wrote a book about the Portsmouth Independent music scene between 1977-1996 and that Cranes feature. Only a few copies left, but people are very welcome to them. Favourite show has to be seeing them at The Olympia, London with The Cure and the crowd just going crazy for Cranes and them coming from this rough little city and then towards the end of The Cure's set seeing Cranes join them on stage, and Mark wigging out to Hendrix's Foxy Lady. Would love to see them in Paris. Stay free, Tony R x
Tony R <>
Portsmouth, England - Tuesday, May 19, 1998 at 11:12:10 (EDT)
Me thinks that the Cranes fans and Cranes should get together and have a barbeque.
Seems pretty innocent and friendly to me, anyway. Just leave options for people who don't like meat very much.
Jorge M <>
S.A., TX USAaachoo - Tuesday, May 12, 1998 at 20:09:38 (EDT)
I was first introduced to the Cranes by my girlfriend at the time, she heard them
on a local alternative show and she went nuts trying to find the cd or tape that
belonged to the band, you see, she didn't know the name of the band because they had just finished
announcing the name as she tuned into the radio station...So for the next few weeks she and I spent
our days looking for the turned out to be a re-mix of the song Jewel that
she had heard...Well, we finally found it, or rather she did and she recorded it
for me, and I instantly fell in love with Allison...Andrea has since left me (That was my
girlfriend's name at the time) I guess my bohemian lifestyle was too much for her to handle, But
I still have all the tapes she recorded for me and a few of the CD's she bought me also,
So I will always be a Cranes' Fan...
Jake Reiger <>
El Paso, TX USA - Tuesday, May 12, 1998 at 10:07:23 (EDT)
To the message below :

You need to sacrifice the God of Corporate Consumerism!
Please, be my guest.
Anon. <Anon.>
UK - Monday, May 11, 1998 at 15:39:02 (EDT)
Well...I've got my last final of my college career due in 7 hours, and I am instead
signing the Cranes guestbook...Hmmm, priorities?
Many a year ago I heard a beautiful voice singing in french over the speakers at a
local coffee shop. I went and asked who it was, but had never heard of the Cranes.
A couple days later I saw a copy of 'La Trag...' at the local CD place so I picked
it up. Little did I know then that this CD was very hard to come by, and I had gotten
extremely lucky in finding it. I liked it so much I bought all other of the Cranes CDs
over the next couple months. Finding that I truely liked each and every one. Never had
I found a band that I loved _every_ song on _all_ their CDs. Well, a couple years have
passed and some friend of mine ran off with my 'La Trag...' CD and promptly lost it. I
have been trying to replace it for about 9 months now, but have not had any luck.

On a different note, I very badly want to hear the Cranes in concert...but cannot afford
a plane ticket to Europe...What god do we sacrifice to in order to get them to come back
to the US?

Todd McDonald <>
Tucson, AZ USA - Monday, May 11, 1998 at 00:41:23 (EDT)
I've been a fan of the Cranes since 1991......I got to see them play Live in San Jose in 1992.....
I've seen them play Live two other times since......
They are amazing to see Live......I always enjoy listening to Alison's Lovely Singing Voice.....
The Cranes music has always had a Hipnotic effect on me......they take you to a place that few other bands can...
I will always have Good memories of The cranes Live shows....
And wish to thank them for all the wonderful Music that they have given us.....
Some of the other bands that I like include......
The Cocteau Twins, The Cure, Lush, Slowdive, Sundays, Enya, Ivy, My Bloody Valentine, An April march,
Shallow, The Smiths, Curve, Ministry, Depeche Mode, Siouxsie, The Cranberries, Ride, Blur......ect....
So If theres others out there who enjoys listening to these bands also......
Please E-mail me......I would Love to hear from you! :)
Terrence <>
USA - Friday, May 08, 1998 at 11:46:00 (EDT)
Like many others....i heard of the cranes when they were touring with the Cure on the wish tour..the first time that i heard them i ran out and got all of there cd's...and listen to them all of the time...i have never heard anouther group quite like them..and just love Alison's voice..i can adentify with the lyrics..they have also helped me get there some pretty depressing times...i just hope that they come around soon..cause i am dyeing to see them again!!
Resi <>
chicago, IL USA - Thursday, May 07, 1998 at 00:18:16 (EDT)
i just heard 'lillies' late monday (5/5/98) night and i was impressed and immediately loved it. they're just really good. that's all. but i do plan to get a cd or two or three or whatever
rita <>
Pittsburgh, PA USA - Wednesday, May 06, 1998 at 16:47:07 (EDT)
Well Ive heard about the cranes for about 4 or 5 years through friends, but never really had a chance to listen to them. Then when they came on their last tour(Cleveland Apr 97?) i said to myself that i had to go even if no one wanted to go with me. I went and saw one other friend and a friend of hers and loved it. Alison has like the most beautiful voice ever and is quite a lady also. As soon as i could i borrowed my frinds mix tape which had stuff from Loved, Wings of Joy, and Jewel i believe. It was awesome, so i bought Population Four and got a mix tape from that friend. I bought the ep collection a while ago and plan on getting the other cds sometime soon. I hope they come back to the us soon now that ive been listening to them for a year now. Im sad that i didnt buy a shirt at the show, but i was wondering how i could order some stuff from them. Im not sure how to exchange currency or whatever from us dollars to pounds, etc. or get stuff sent back and forth w/o knowing how to make the exchange. If anyone would like to get back to me by e-mail i would greatly appreciate it. j.
j. likavec <>
pittsburgh, pa USA - Tuesday, May 05, 1998 at 10:36:53 (PDT)
I've been a Cranes fan since I was 16 (I'm now 23), and haven't missed a single concert in Belgium since then. I hope they'll be visiting Belgium again soon.
"Adoration" has helped me through quite a few hard times. I wanna thank the band for making such great music.
Eva <>
Belgium - Sunday, May 03, 1998 at 14:39:43 (PDT)
cerco corrispondenti italiani per scambiare opinioni e materiale...a presto
luca di gloria <>
catania/sicilia, italia - Monday, April 27, 1998 at 14:45:43 (PDT)
se qualche italiano leggerà mai questo messaggio..può contattarmi per scambiare opinioni
e impressioni su questo grandioso gruppo
luca di gloria <>
catania/sicilia, italia - Monday, April 27, 1998 at 14:35:35 (PDT)
Ciao,sono Barbara, mi chiedo se qualche italiano ha visitato questo sito dei Cranes; in tal tal caso potrebbe mandarmi un e-mail. Ciao.
Barbara <>
trieste, ts italy - Monday, April 27, 1998 at 09:23:36 (PDT)
I was very lonely at that point in my life when i happened to read an album review of "Wings of Joy" and was curious about the description of the band. On the way to a Moz concert, my friend and i stopped in to check the place out. I happened to notice the cassette of "Wings of Joy" and bought it, thought "why the heck not?". Ever since thatn I've been in love with their music. Its the soundtrack of my life.Their music somehow expresses what i feel on the inside even when i can't seem to find the words to describe myself. The Cranes help me to cope with the void i so often feel inside. I hope to someday meet and become friends or penpals with fellow Cranes fans. More to come at another date.
Zoila <>
CA USA - Monday, April 27, 1998 at 01:30:46 (PDT)
Well, you know, it really is rare to bump into a cranes fan inadvertently. I was buying a CD and of course, I target-locked on the Cranes section immediately (what else do you expect?) whereupon this tall good-looking fellow was eyeing self-non self. So I asked, "Hey, you're a cranes fan?" "Yeah, saw them on their tour, not this one, but the one before." "Loved?" "Yes." "Rare CD to get around here." "Actually no, they rereleased self-non-self just recently. And they also released a double CD of B-sides and a couble rarities or something, except Canada seems to be the only place who doesn't have it yet. Hmm, rare that you meet cranes fans around here." At this point, he didn't want to talk to this boy anymore so I turned away. Just thought it was rather interesting, hmm?
Brian <expiring soon>
Toronto, Canada - Friday, April 24, 1998 at 20:09:31 (PDT)
well, i have been coming to cranes now for over a year-not too long,
but it seems like a long time for me. i feel like i was adopted into the cranes-family!
anyway, i must honestly say that i missed the cranes when they opened
for the cure on the wish tour of 1992 (i wish i hadnt) but i did get the
opportunity to see them last march at the 9,30 club in washington, dc.
i was so excited before i got to the show, and it was definately an
amazing time. it felt indescribable finally listening to this music i
had been listening to for years live. i shouldnt have waited so long as i
did. but anyway, i swear that during that set, i wasnt really there in
that club, and they werent there either. in fact, no one was really there
at all. but we were together, in some far off place that no one else
could get to. i felt alone, i felt like i had a thousand brothers and
sisters with me. in between songs, it was like a few seconds of strange
reality hitting me, but it was so short, i hardly even recognised it at
all. thankfully...
so i wanted to thank cranes for all the good feelings, the excellant mind,
the best friends i could ever imagine, and everything, everything
i think it is time to go listen again...
Jolie <>
MD USA - Thursday, April 23, 1998 at 22:45:22 (PDT)
Hello I'm Paul, I got interested in the Cranes about one yeat ago when I
was in the Village in Downtown New York. I was looking for a gothic dress
for my beautiful girlfriend when i heard this beautiful sweet voice in the
background. I fell in love with this band immeadiately, I asked what was
the name and went on a search to buy their albums.
The first album i purchased was "Forever" and what a great album. I
introduced this enchanteness to my girlfriend, my life "Ligia" she
loved it as well and became the melody to our love. The Cranes brought
us stronger together through our hardships and the seasons that went by.
I remember every beautiful moment that i spent with my Ligia listening
to the Cranes.
We also had the pleasure watching them perfom live in Irving Plaza in
New York city in the beginning of the 97 year. They played beautifully.
Hopefully they will keep on playing for a long time and keep on creating
more enchanting music.
P.S. Let me know if you know anyway of getting the french album here in
New York, either way let me know.

Paolo Aquino <>
New York , NY USA - Thursday, April 23, 1998 at 19:20:56 (PDT)
I first heard the Cranes in 93, when my college roommate brought home the single to Jewel
he thought it was weird music, and sold the single to me. It kind of got shelved for
a couple of years as I finished college and then I happened to pass the CD in the rack
and I bought Loved, Wings of Joy, and any others I could find. I just picked up the EP
Collection (1&2) and Pop 4.I am listening to POP 4 as I write this. It is really good.
I hope they plan on touring the US again, I can't believe I missed it. If anyone knows
when they plan on touring again send me a line. Thanks.
Matthew <>
San Francisco, CA USA - Tuesday, April 21, 1998 at 16:50:11 (PDT)
Love POP 4 and dying to get into the rest of their work (hard to get in US right now).

My Cure obsession led me to the Cranes (ie '92 Wish Tour)....

Jeffrey Kovalski <>
Chattanooga, tn USA - Saturday, April 18, 1998 at 16:21:24 (PDT)
It would be easy to fill a lot of space talking about how receptive everyone here is to the captivating sounds of the Cranes. The more I read, the closer I get to shedding some tears. I don't need to get into what I like so much about the Cranes' sound because my interest has already been articulated by so many others. Suffice it to say, never have I heard such a magical, musical blend of beauty and the beast. Thank you, Cranes, and thank you JeNn, for being the one to bring me such a gift. JeNn, I can see so easily how you can relate to such wonderful sounds and ideas. So I write this for JeNn as much as for the Cranes and their proud, inspired legion, because of your delightful quality of remembering all your special moments with such a sense of wonder. I love you for that, and for ways I know I haven't even yet been able to explain. Here's to unforgettable introductions.
P. Grant Murphy <>
Waterloo, ON CAN - Tuesday, April 14, 1998 at 20:10:58 (PDT)
Well the first time I heard of the Cranes was in the village downtown in NY city. It was some
gothic apparel store that i was looking for some dress for my girlfriend. Well anyway the
Cranes was playing in the background and it just caught me. I loved it I believe it was a
song from the " Wings of Joy". So I went on a search for their albums.
My first Cranes album was "Forever" and it was the most memorable because it was the
beginning to something great and meaningful. This wonderous music brought me and my
beautiful girlfriend "Ligia" closer together, this music stirred up feelings inside of me and
made me love this wonderful being even more. Ali's voice is just too beautiful, it cuts right
through the air.
All the albums are great but I especially like "Forever" and "loved" the best. Do not get me
wrong the rest are great also. I went to their concert they had here in NYC in Irving Plaza
last year. It was phenomenal and i got to experience it with the one I love the most. I hope
the Cranes keep on creating their beautiful music for quite a while and may continue to
take part in me and Ligia's life.
PS: I cannot seem to get the french album. I hope you can really help me in finding it, it is
the only one I'm missing and i would love to have it Thanks>
Paolo Aquino <>
New York City, N.Y. USA - Monday, April 13, 1998 at 23:29:05 (PDT)
How I got into Cranes.. Hmm. It was almost 3 years ago, a friend came
over just to hang out. He brought two CD's with him - one being
"Wings of Joy." It was his stepmoms. :) I put it on, first song
just amazed me. Her voice was captivating, and the music itself was
so beautiful. It made me feel all weird inside. I played the song
over and over before listening to the rest, but it was all just as
amazing as the first. I taped it off him until I could find the CD,
good thing I did because it wasn't until a year and a half later that
I finally freakin' found the thing. Never thought to pick up another
one of their CD's or anything, ;).. my heart was set on WOJ. Shortly
thereafter I picked up Loved and Pop4. "Loved" I loved immediatly,
although "Pop4" took some getting used to. If I wasn't such a poor
girl, I'd give my opinion on all the CDs. ;) I'm absolutly dying
to see Cranes live. Every single time I hear about them playing in
Toronto, it's always a week or two AFTER they've been here. :/ One
daaaaay. :)
Michelle <>
Toronto, ON Canada - Wednesday, April 08, 1998 at 21:54:18 (PDT)
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